(Closed) Serious baby fever..how to stop it?

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Ugh, I feel ya!! Yesterday, I saw a little girl wearing high heels and carrying a miniature purse and I had to stop myself from going up and hugging her. I’m not even married yet, and still on the pill! I will hopefully go off it in the next year, but it seems so far away. Just try to think about the sleep loss and stretch marks and how expensive daycare is…

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Take one of your friends kids overnight.  Not the 4 year old that’s fun .. the baby, where there are LOTS of diaper changes.  it helps

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I had baby fever, and then babysat my niece, who was so upset that her parents left, that she projectile-vomited all over the intricately carved front door, the cat, all the shoes by the front door (including mine) and the carpet there.

Later that night, she had a diaper explosion.

Problem solved.

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@crayfish:  I’m so sorry how your night went … but omg it made me laugh.   I’ve actually had to deal with a bunch of …. grossness.. .from nieces.  I’ve caught puke in my hand and been pooped on while changing a poopy diaper all in the same night.



@roweboat:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWiny8noUbY

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Have your husband break a few bones. Then stay home all day and night trying to help him with that.

He wakes up every four hours because he’s in pain and needs another Vicodin. Or a glass of water. Or to go to the bathroom. Or for the pillows to be adjusted. Or to go to the bathroom again. Or to moan in agony.

That’s what I’m dealing with right now and I no longer want an infant.

My fiance is really lucky that I love him a lot.



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Having raised my godson with his mother… babies aren’t as amazing as they look on the outside. Temper tantrums, snot, explosive diapers, constant screaming, waking up at ungodly hours of the night…

I love kids, but only when I can give them back to their parents and go back to my quiet, vomit free home.

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I always knew I wanted a baby. I was my SIL’s regular babysitter (by regular I mean I was the only one she used, not that she used me with any great regularity- sometimes it would be months in between babysitting jobs) from the time her baby was about 5 months until two years, when I had my own baby. My nephew started his terrible twos right on schedule, but up until that point, he was the perfect baby. No tantrums. No vomiting. No over the top explosive diapers. He hardly ever cried. Nothing like what @crayfish went through (and on that note, while I’m sure your night totally sucked, please don’t be offended that I laughed at your post). I lived for the days when I got to babysit him (which, if you read my previous post on my SIL, could be dicey).

All that being said, despite eagerly waiting week for Saturday and being so excited to watch him, I was always SO ready for him to go home. He was well behaved, funny, and I’d always take pictures and videos of him and watch later, but OMG he was so much work. A 2 month old baby is easy if you don’t mind the constant diaper changing and the high pitched screams when they are hungry or gassy. But a mobile older baby or toddler wants to be entertained and that is just friggin exhausting. There’s also a certain mental boredom that comes with spending all day playing toddler appropriate games, reading toddler books, and watching toddler videos.

I remember at one point, talking to my neighbor who was a stay at home dad. I don’t remember if I was pregnant yet or not but having kids was definitely on my radar. I remember telling him that I was so nervous because I wanted kids so badly but my healthy, well behaved nephew exhausted me and I got to send him home- what was I going to do when it was own kid? He assured me it was different when it was your own kid. I have to say, for me anyways- that’s really not true. I love my daughter to pieces and wouldn’t want to go without seeing her for more than 24 hours (which can happen if I work late and she’s in bed when I get home) but I am frequently exhausted. Sometimes, she and I will go to Target or the grocery store and walk up and down the aisles, just to escape the monotony of our house and the endless readings of Barney Goes to the Farm or watching Elmo’s World on Netflix. I have never been so excited for spring.

The point of all this is that babies aren’t just cuddles and sunshine and a lot of parenting is just downright monotonous. And that’s when you have a healthy kid with no complications!

Anyways, I agree with the others. I have always found babysitting to be the best birth control ever (even when I truly loved the kids I was sitting for).

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Borrow someone’s newborn baby for a few days. That will probably totally kill any baby fever you have for a while, if not forever.

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Get only a few hours sleep on a Friday night then Saturday afternoon go to your local Chuck E Cheese….

That’ll cure you for a while!!!!

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