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It can definitely be frustrating, especially when everyone else is having babies and annoucing those pregnancies. But you never know, some of them may have also gone what you’re going through (I’m not sure if that makes it any better). I wouldn’t assume they got pregnant on the first cycle, so maybe try to imagine that they went through the same thing you are going through in order to help jealousy a little bit. (might not work, but could help). It is really hard to go through disappointment month after month. You’re going to try opks right? I would definitely start charting as well to get an idea of when you ovulate so you can get your timing as best as you can. 

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@Max04092010:  Jealousy is hard, especially when you feel left behind and can’t figure out why it’s not working. It’s completely normal (and I’m sure that doesn’t help) that it’s taking this long…I mean a lot of things have to be perfect for a baby to be created (and surprise pregnancies don’t help it seem that way). Babies are blessings and it’s awesome that so many people are expecting, but it does make it harder to wait when you want to join the party! FX for this month!!!!

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OMG I know exactly how u feel!  We’ve also been trying for 8 cycles and its so frustrating. I’ve become so bitter and jealous that its making me depressed… I’ve always been a happy and upbeat person but this is one of the toughest things to go through. It seems everyone I know is getting pg or just had a baby. My sis also just had a baby a couple weeks ago and my friends are all posting adorable baby pics… Its so hard watching everyone get ahead in life and here we are unable to move forward. I’m sure u know what it feels like – as if we are stuck.  Also with every month I feel I’m getting older and its getting even harder to be positive and hopeful…  But we don’t know what those other girls had to go through to get their BFPs maybe they were once like us, jealous and waiting and praying for their BFPs. 

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Awww, it took us 15 months to get pregnant so I definitely know the frustration and hurt that it causes.  Have you been having any other issues?  Pain, irregular cycles, sudden weight gain, weird hair growth etc?  For me, some of those things on top of not getting pregnant we’re enough to be sent to a specialist just for general health reasons as issues like pcos or endometriosis can have a huge effect on your day to day life.  

I went to the gyno 7 years ago just for some of these reasons and they did basic tests and diagnosed pcos. Then I at least knew what the issue was even before we started ttc. But if everything seems fine it could just be taking time… Check out the 6 months + thread. Those ladies were a sanity saver for me. 

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@Max04092010:  Please feel free to vent away! I know how frustrating it can be. I’ve been TTC for a long time now (9+ years) although most of that was with my exH.  DH and I have been trying since before our wedding so over a year now.  

And as long as I have been TTC, I can say that EVERYONE I’ve ever know TTC eventually DID conceive….except me of course. Someone told me once that everyone having kids has to do with your age and where they are in their lives.  I personally quit counting after 47 babies born. 

I’ve tried to ignore it but since being overseas, there have been at least 6 babies born in our small group of friends. 

Darling Husband is younger than me (I’m 36, he’s 32) and ALL his friends are going through the baby explosion…we got 3 baby announcements with his friends’ Xmas cards…I’ve been through it and just shrug my shoulders every time I hear a new one but it IS really affecting him now and I can tell he’s sad.

Oh and I did see a fertility doc with my exH after 3 years of trying….male factor. And Darling Husband and I went after 9 months to a RE….they think its male factor again since they CANNOT find anything wrong with me and his SA results weren’t good.

PM me if you need to vent some more…..

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I know its so frustating when you see people around you (specially when they are younger than me) that are preggos and meanwhile you are still trying.  I am there.  I havent been tyring as longs as 8 cycles.  I am only in my 4th cycle, but you expect to get it on the first try, at least i did, because everyone around me did ( i think) i know my sisters didnt have to suffer trying and my friends all got preggos by accident.  Maybe i should start drinking and getting drunk and ill get preggos lol (jk) but i know how you feel, our time will come and then others will hate on us for being preggos.  Just try to relax.  Ill keep my fingers crossed for you πŸ™‚

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@Max04092010:  My whole family is full of accidental babies.  Teenagers having babies. I spent Christmas with 15 kids under the age of 5.  3 of them were planned, and 6 of them were to teenaged mommies and daddies.  I’m only on cycle 3 of trying but even being around those mom’s and all those kids was tough for me.   Then the next day at breakfast, my sister cracks a joke about how her boyfriend “breathed” on her and got her pregnant.  The ongoing joke in my family is that we would win most fertile family of the year (6 babies born in 2012).  I told my Darling Husband if we don’t get pregnant by next year we will have to go away for xmas cause I wouldn’t be able to handle this. 

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