(Closed) Seriously about to lose it over my dog…

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I don’t have anything helpful to say… but <3 (hugs)

What about the pet training classes at petsmart? If your Darling Husband feels that they are a waste of money, wake him up to put the dog out/ clean up the messes. If the dog is keeping you awake, keep him awake. That might be mean, but it will get the point across.


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definite dog training is needed here, four and still not house trained? i hope the training classes work for you! (hugs) and definitely make your Darling Husband get up more, it is his dog. i have to admit though, i treat my dogs like babies (let them sleep on my bed, cuddle them, hate crates, etc) but they are most definitely house trained!

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your Darling Husband needs to be involved with this dog as you are, what happens if/when you want children? are you going to be the only one getting up with the baby throughout the night? i understand letting him sleep through on his birthday, but half the nights, wake  him, tell him it’s his turn with the dog and try to get some sleep!

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perhaps a dog door might help too, train him to go through it on his own, so you don’t have to let him out all the time 🙂 

also if you get your Darling Husband to clean up the messes that the dog makes he will see how many there are, so maybe he will be more willing to have training classes

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if your Darling Husband is as attached to his dog as i am to mine, trying to give away his dog would be like someone trying to give away his child, and you certainly don’t want to do what his ex did

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Training is definitely needed.


For the peeing have you thought of seeing a behaviorist? I think it’s certainly worth it.


Four on the floor needs to be implemented, STAT. Only give the dog attention while he has every paw on the floor. Treat him like a puppy. Time out/no attention if he starts getting too worked up. Reward him with lots of attention for being polite.


What kind of dog, out of curiosity?


Oh, also, make sure the dog gets taken out immediately if he pees in the house. You’ll probably need to employ potty training from the beginning and go with it until he’s 100%. Tethering might be a good idea. Clip the leash to you throughout the day so he’s never out of sight to pee. Constantly take him out and throw a  HUGE party with lots of tasties when he goes outside. 

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Geesh – I feel for you. I was the same way with my rescue dog -fingers crossed that I have gotten the issue taken care of. Let me tell you what I did because I had the exact problem.

I went out and bought a “clicker”. (It was maybe a couple bucks? very cheap!) As silly as that sounds – it really does work wonders. You need to spend a couple days associating the dog with the sound – and that when he/she hears it – you immediately treat. Make the treat something AMAZING – I used hot dog or cheese I think. Then walk a couple steps away from them and act nonchalant and click again then treat. Keep doing this about 10 times to where the dog expects that when he hears the sound – he gets a treat. Hide the clicker in your pocket in the mean time. Keep doing this for another day. Your dog will catch on quickly. Next – physically go out with your dog when he/she goes to the bathroom. This was my biggest pet peeve because it was stark cold winter here when I had to do this – ugh! The SECOND that your dog stops going to the bathroom – click and say “Good POTTY!” (or whatever term you use – just make sure you use the same on each time). I just kept clicking and repeating each time outside – and my dog actually started to expect the treat when she went to the bathroom because of the sound.

The second thing I found was that my dog really needed a place to be comfy and not just in her crate when she slept. So I went out and bought her an awesome dog pillow…like she was the queen of the castle. Before when she was in her crate – she would howl, cry, and wimper all night because I knew she kept waking up because she wasn’t comfy. We put her pillow in our bedroom and put a baby gate up so she couldn’t leave the room in the middle of the night. I had to associate the pillow with her sleep spot – so I again used the clicker for this. I went to her little pillow and actually laid on it (I was desperate for sleep!!! LOL!) and when she came over to it to investigate – I clicked her and said “Night Night” (which is our key word) along with a treat. I just kept laying on it making it seem like it was amazing…and it totally worked! After a couple days of doing this…when we say “Night Night” and point to her bed – she goes to the bed and sleeps for HOURS!!!

Good luck – I know how frustrating it is. I put our dog thru obedience training, contacted several local trainers, paid to join message boards where dog trainers give advice…I have been there and done it all. Feel free to PM me if you need any more tips!

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Have you tried a thunder shirt? if he is having anxiety they are supposed to really help. check out their website!

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what a naughty little dog! my suggestion would be doggy daycare. he will be SO WORN OUT. or just a playdate with a dog in the neighborhood. this is the only thing that wrings all the energy out of my boy.

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I totally agree with the poster who gave you the tips with the clicker – it does work!!

As for peeing, I’m sure its because ti still smells like his marking, so he continues to do it. You really have to deep clean everything, get rid of the carpet if you have to. We have an about 10 month old pup, who is housebroken, but he’s peed in the house twice (luckily we have hardwood) since we got him, and we would clean it up and then immediately spray it with Nature’s Miracle cleaner to take away the smell of it.

That’s where I would start. I also agree with making their space comfy. We have a large dog bed, and we currently have 2 crates for him, one in the living room and one in the bedroom. Have you tried putting his crate in the bedroom with you to sleep? Our older dog is not crate trained, but she sleeps on our old bed pillows on the floor next to the bed and his crate is right next to that. I put an old pillow in there, covered with an old blanket, and also have a blanket covering the cage except the front. I read that it will help keep them comforted, and it seems to work. As a matter of fact, he is currently upstairs snoozing in his crate with the door opened while I am typing this in the living room,and our older girl is sleeping on the dog pillow in the same room as me.

I would also pay attention to your tone and voice inflection. I talk to my dogs a lot, have conversations with them, and I think the tone of your voice says a lot to them. When they do something good, they get lots of verbal and manual praise (toy, pets, hugs, etc) with a sweet soft voice. If they do something wrong, my tone gets deeper, and I get short with them. As for jumping on people and licking them, the pup does that too. What works best for us is to put him in the crate when people come to the door, let him sniff them through the crate, and then once he’s calm, he can come out and greet them. Also, if you are standing and he jumps, turn your back to him with your arms crossed, and ignore him. Keep doing this, even if you are turning in circles, until he loses interest. Then turn to him and if he jumps, do the same thing. If not, then give lots of praise and pet him. Our pup realizes that we only reward good behavior, so he has learned a lot in the last week and a half we’ve had him.

Oh, and the crate in the living room is not covered, so if he is in it, he can still see what’s going on. That way, he will be more willing to go in there when needed, knowing that he will not miss out on anything.

I hope some of these tips help. I promise, you CAN teach an older dog new tricks. Our older girl is 9, and she never ceases to amaze me with her adaptability and ability to learn new behaviors

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I agree with @MrsSl82be…this dog is almost certainly smelling his own accidents and it is encouraging him to continue to soil in the house.  You yourself say your carpets are awful…imagine what it smells like to a dog, with a nose much more sensitive than ours.  It probably smells like one big bathroom to him.  So yes, he understands he needs to potty outside, but I don’t think he understands he is not supposed to potty inside.  Your first step needs to be throughly cleaning all flooring with an enzyme cleaner specifically labeled for removing urine stains, (like Nature’s Miracle).

What breed are you talking about?  I would really recommend finding breed-specific advice on potty-training, if you haven’t already done so.

Obedience classes may or may not help with the soiling problem, but it will help with the other behavior problems.  If your Darling Husband think it’s a waste of time and/or money, go without him, (though it really helps if all family members are on board with the training program).  Investing in a behaviorist would probably also help, especially with the potty problems.

Since he only potties in the house when unsupervised, he needs to not be allowed to be alone.  He should be on a leash and tethered to you at all times, (umbilical training).  If you cannot supervise him, he needs to be crated.  

Wee pads are unsanitary, but they do make doggy litter boxes and potty stations for use in the house.  You may want to consider investing in one, (or two).  The AKC has a version, (you may have seen the commercials for it), as do a couple other companies, (petloo.com is one).

I don’t understand how your Darling Husband can be so apathetic about this.  It’s disgusting, and if my dog was doing this, I would have been doing everything I could to stop this problem from day one.


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Definitely recommend crate training, as others have. 

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