(Closed) Seriously how do some people smell so bad? Ugh vent!!

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ! ! ! ! You’re so funny & I don’t know! ! ! ! !

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@Barbiestylez:  Vicks vapor rub under the nostrils? Maybe offer some complimentary tic tacs and cologne baths 😉

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@Barbiestylez:  Ugh, some people are so disgusting. I work at a hospital so I’m totally familiar with foul smelling persons. A shower doesn’t require all that much effort. You can purchase shampoo, soap, deodorant, and toothpaste together for under $10. I just don’t understand…

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I used to work where a majority of customers smelled. They were hard working men who came in after work so I never thought poorly of them. I also used to get the occasional person in after the gym. The one and only time I did anything about it was an elderly gentleman who was messing himself. I called his family as there was an obvious health issue and they were all out of state.

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Haha! I would always wonder the same thing when I worked in a small coffee shop…the smell of coffee was overpowering but some folks would walk in and I would almost pass out from their stench! I don’t know what makes people smell that way…although I can say that a lot of men that I know who smell worse than others are alcoholics, and I wonder if the alcohol has anything to do with it…especially since I can smell the difference in my own body when I drink.

ETA: Not saying I stink lol!

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I went to the movies around Christmas time and we had to move because the people sitting in front of us stank to high heaven. Several people tried to sit where we had been sitting and gave up, too. It was AWFUL.

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I think it breaks down into 4 primary categories:

1- People who are lazy.

This category is the FIRST ONE that everyone assumes.

2- People who don’t know any better… cause they have never been taught.  There have even been examples of that here on WBee… where women write about their BF’s poor hygiene habits.  YES you have to shower regularly… YES you have to change your clothes regularly… and they need to be laundered as well !!

3- People who have mental health issues… who may KNOW the basic stuff but aren’t practicing it due to their current circumstances.

4- And People who have physical health issues… who may KNOW the basic stuff, but find themselves unable to practice it, OR worse in a condition that makes it difficult to deal with (control) even tho they are practicing good hygiene.

Example… if you have a particular condition / taking a certain medicine / receiving Cancer treatment (Chemo) etc

I agree that it sucks when you come across people who smell bad… but not everyone is an AUTOMATIC # 1 above… Lazy

If I come across someone in the general public and people I don’t have to be around every day, I’ve learned to cope for the short period of time that I must interact with them.

Cause in my view… everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

I try to tell myself that there could be a lot more going on with them (ie 2/4 of the above reasons) than I may be aware of.  And that “there but for the Grace of God go I”…

Maybe something to think about / consider for future reference.


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There is a customer who is, unfortunately, one of our regulars. Luckily, I switched off night shift, which is typically when he comes in. You can smell him as soon as he walks in the door. Literally, I’ve been half-way across the store and could smell him coming in. His hair is always nasty, greasy, and matted. Sometimes he reeks of marijuana, sometimes he just reeks in general. Sometimes he has an equally nasty friend with him. At least he’s generally nice…

Then we have another customer who typically reeks of urine and stale sweat, and her mouth is the nastiest thing I’ve ever seen/smelt… Her teeth are all brown and shrivelled, like they’ve been so neglected they’re melting. To top off having to stand in her vicinity, she’s downright rude and condescending, always giving me and other associates these condescending sneers (which I REALLY wish I didn’t have to see). Lady, I’m turning blue in the face helping you, think maybe you can stop acting like we’re beneath you?

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Judging from when I’ve been really sick and not bathing (I had a fever for two weeks and was too weak to stand in the shower) it takes me at least 4 days to work up a funk that sticks to things. By that time my hair is disgusting though and I can’t wait to get cleaned up, I’m pretty sure I made Fiance hold me up in the shower so I could get clean.

I do recall that there was this one day during puberty where I just smelled really bad even though I showered that day. I had been picking up my bass from the music store and it took me months to get the smell out of my fabric case. It only happened that one time; I assume it had something to do with hormones.

In school there were two kids that had extremely noticable BO problems, a guy and a girl. Around middle school the guy figured out what was going on with him medically and once he started recieving proper treatment the smell went away entirely. The girl never figured out what her issue was and just tried to cover it up with perfume which made her end up smelling like a gag worthy mixture of BO and mothballs. If she had been nicer I might have tried to endure the smell, but she was also stuck up and catty (as in she thought she was too popular for us) to the few people who tried to befriend her.

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@Barbiestylez:  As a nurse in a psychiatric hospital… all I can say is “I KNOW, RIGHT?!!?!?”


I say this ALL the time… I know it makes me sound like a stuck up bitch, but I cannot imagine going out in public like that LET ALONE to a treatment team meeting iwth psychiatrists/social workers that are treating my kid who is in acute psychiatric care. Some people just really can’t be bothered it seems. I’m just blown away by it though because how do they NOT smell themselves?!?! I have a sinus infection right now and I am SO self conscious about my breath (post nasal drip can cause a sour breath smell). I just… I don’t know. NOt all of these people are depressed (which I can understand losing the motivation for self care…ok, well I can’t…but I guess I can lie?)….and I just don’t know how you can be like that non stop?!??! If I can smell you across a nurse’s station desk….your partner who has SEX WITH YOU (you’re pregnant) absolutely can too!!!! I Just cringe and want to die a little. SO glad I’m not the only one ahaha

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