(Closed) Seriously thonlimg of breaking it off…

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Busy bee
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@feelinghopelessguys:  what a jerk! Sorry you have had to put up with this too long already! Stay positive. It is hard and it hurts but think of the life you Could have if you moved on. That will be a fun, happy life.

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@feelinghopelessguys:  OK, really?

First, your relationship started with a guy who LIED ABOUT BEING MARRIED. Red flag, anyone? Being afraid of scaring you off is nowhere close to a legitimate reason to keep someone in the dark about something so huge.

The rest of it? Dear gosh, just leave him. This guy is cheating on you, isn’t interested in committing to you, etc. It could not be more clear.  Run for the hills, really. NOTHING good for you will come from interacting with this guy anymore.

Also… not to be a snob, but could you break your post into paragraphs? That is quite the wall of text.

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Sugar bee
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He keeps cheating on you. I have no idea why you would stay. You deserve better!

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Definitely break up with him.  He has man boobs anyway so fuck him!!

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@feelinghopelessguys:  Sweetie, for pity’s sake dump this loser already.  I’m amazed that even now you can describe him as “a total sweetheart.” You mean when he’s not using you to cheat on his wife, not cheating on you, not lying to you, not abruptly breaking up with you, not using you for sex before going back to his new girlfriend? 

understand this – he’s kind to you when it benefits HIM. This guy doesn’t love you and he doesn’t care about you. He cares about him. He has no character or empathy. He lies to get what he wants, acts how he wants and gives not one shit who he hurts.  He tells you what you want to hear to get what he wants. 

He’s a liar, he’s selfish a user and unless you want a lifetime of being jerked around, you need to get gone. 

Cut.  Him.  Off.

Tell him you want him out of your life. No more seeing him, no more “talks.” Block his phone number and email and don’t open the door if he shows up. 



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Sugar bee
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RUN. And in the future, don’t date liars. They are… liars!!!!!

Enjoy your new life without him!!!!

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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@feelinghopelessguys:  He lied whe you met and he lied again while you were on a break but still seeing each other.  I didn’t need to read anything else after that.  He’s a serial liar and cannot be trusted.  Stop wasting your time with this POS.

I would start looking for a place to move to now and move as soon as you can.  Sticking around for 2-3 more months means you’re wasting your time and risking that you’ll just put up with his bad behavior because it’s easier than leaving.  Leaving sucks but the sooner you do it, the faster you can grieve, and then move on and find a guy you can actually trust.  When you do finally move out, cut off all communication with him so you aren’t tempted to hook back up with him.

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Honestly, I have been in the exact same situation as you. I felt extremely weak and so alone but wanted help so bad. One of the guy’s exes actually contacted me as well but she helped me out so much and as funny as it seems now she gave me step by step process and we became really good friends.

She did the exact same thing to get rid of him. Change your phone number and whatever you do, do not contact, reply or see this guy. Ever. It really doesn’t matter what the guy says at this point. He will cause a lot of damage and just wastes your time in the end. You’ll be fine and all those feelings and thoughts do fade and eventually when you’re ready you will be able to forgive him. Don’t worry about it! 




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Helper bee
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@feelinghopelessguys:  If someone or something isn’t adding to your life in a positive way then they are taking away from your life. This guy is just bringing you down and wasting your time. Ditch him ASAP. I know it’s awful but you so NOT need a man to complete you and you deserve so much better than this guy. Good luck. 

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Busy bee

I’m sorry but after the thing in September you should have left. He has been showing you his true colors SINCE THE BEGINNING (the whole I’m just lying about being married because I have to beat women off with a stick at work. No wait *whoops* I lied. I actually am married but seperating).

You need to leave NOW. I cannot believe you found all this stuff out in January and that this man still has a place in your life. He has cheated on you again and again, let you be the other woman, treated you like crap (saying he’s finally a “real” man with the other girl, what was he with you? Pinocchio?)

Do NOT wait until May when the lease runs up. He needs to be gone. He is treating you like a doormat, and frankly (and my heart breaks saying this!) he isn’t wrong… you are acting like one. BUT you don’t have to be a doormat. You can be a strong independent woman again you just have to let this man go.

I don’t think this man is going to marry you, and if he does, NOTHING will change. You’ve been together for five years but, honey, the amount of drama you guys packed into those 5 years is insane. It’s time to let him go and find a REAL man.

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@sara_tiara:  This is my thought exactly, but it’s missing one step. You have to learn to respect yourself. THEN you will find a real man. Letting this jerk walk all over you the way you have shows you don’t have as much respect and love for yourself as you need. You need to build that up before any more relationships, because when you feel like that about yourself (I speak from experience), you will only attract more lowlifes.

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Bee Keeper

Get rid of this loser now!!!!

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