(Closed) Seriously thonlimg of breaking it off…

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@feelinghopelessguys:  I couldn’t even get past the part where you found out he cheated on you and lied to you AGAIN in September. DTMFA!! He’s walking all over you. Don’t be a fool.


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Haha. No. Show him and his titties the door. 

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Put his shit in the yard, change the locks and change your number STAT. 

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Wow! This guys is the sterotype of “Once a cheater, always a cheater”. He picked you up when he was still married and lied about it and your relationship has been marred by his multiple infidelities. He even broke up with you and kept you on the hook making you the other women while he cheated on other people! OMG! I wouldn’t believe one word he says about the conversations being innocent. He’s proved over and over that he can’t be trusted. 

What this all adds up to his that he doesn’t have a single shread of respect for you. He’s treating you like s**t!! It’s time to turn the tables and kick him out on his ass. Get him out, cut him off and move on. 

If I sound harsh it’s because I grew up in this situation and I cannot stress how horrible it was. The same thing happened in my parents marriage. My dad was a serial cheater and my mum put up with it for 35 year before they finally got divorces. Now she’s met someone wonderful and they are going to be married this year (she’s 60). It’s never to late to leave and find someone better! 

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@feelinghopelessguys:  If he will cheat with you he will cheat on you. OP, eave. This relationship has been over for a long time. Pack your shit or his–one of you needs to leave–and don’t look back. He’s endangering your health by having sex w other women, and it’s obviously not emotionally healthy either. 


Also, cut contact after one of you leaves. No texts no calls no email or FB. Nothing. Keep the past in the past and going forward, don’t re-date people. Never goes well. 




Good luck! I’m mad at him FOR you. But it’s going to be okay; you have better things ahead 🙂


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Internet hugs! I hope everything goes well as you move on. 


Try tracking down the number for your local women’s support/shelter and give them a call – they probably have advice on the steps you can take to make leaving work. 

@feelinghopelessguys:  you are sounding a little overwhelmed, but it’s going to be okay. Take a deep breath and one step at a time. <3

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If you had a poll you wouldn’t get one single person that says you should stay with him. I PROMISE when you find a guy that treats you right (it took me yeeeeeeears to figure this out) it is f’n AMAZING. I know you’re sad and hurt, but you won’t be for long. Tell yourself you are done and BE done. Go do things with friends. Go see movies. Go do things you love to do. That will help you feel less sad and then one day you won’t be sad anymore and you’ll see how very very smart you were to end it.

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I can’t believe you’ve spent 5 years with this &#*!head. 

Your relationship started with a lie, so it’s no surprise it’s ending with one! The only person he cares about is himself. Women, including you, are objects & puppets to him. He will continue the puppet show as long as you keep playing along. Please have enough respect for yourself to cut him out of your life ASAP. 


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@feelinghopelessguys:  Kick him out TODAY. You should have broken off everything the time he got another girlfriend.

If it’s his house, move out. If it’s your house, kick him out. If necessary enlist a trusted person to help. e.g. a brother or father.

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Just DUMP him or kick him out of your life. This make him realised that IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO DO THIS STUFF BEHIND YOUR BACK TO SEEKING OUT OTHER WOMEN!!!! Clearly he is dickhead. He is not worth man to be in relationshp with. He is toying your feelings and other women too… 

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@feelinghopelessguys:  do not wait until May. The jokes on you and I bet all his friends know it too. You need to stop being sad and start getting angry. You deserve better, in fact anybody with a heartbeat does.

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@feelinghopelessguys:   Please listen to what @HappySky7:  said. It’s puzzling to me why anyone would take a cheater back into their lives numerous times.  I think you need to build up your self esteem and realize that YOU DESERVE BETTER And yes someone else will treat you the way you deserve to be treated.  I find it saddening that people accept shitty behavior from others because they’re insecure. Work on respecting yourself and once you’ve accomplished that you will accept nothing less from anyone else! 

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Kick his ass to the curb. No more talking, no more questioning. There is literally nothing he can say to fix this.  You know how you know he’s lying? His lips are moving.  Why give him a chance to defend what you already know are skeezy actions?  People only treat you the way you let them, and he’s treating you like poo. I’d rather be single than be with someone that consistently betrays me, disrespects me and doesn’t think highly enough of me to at least let me go if they don’t love me.  Do yourself a favor dear and take the upper hand here. It may take some time, but you’ll feel hugely empowered later on down the line looking back….. oh, and as an added bonus, be less likely to put up with this sort of bullshit in the future. 😉

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Let him go. He’s lied to you from day 1. Day 1!

I married a man like this, and you WILL question EVERY thing he says to you! This isn’t the life you want! Trust me on this! It was my life for 10 years and there IS happiness after the pain!

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