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  • poll: Tampon Users

    I flush them, who wants to handle THAT?

    I toss them, you can't expect it to go down the pipe without problems

    I have reusable ones that I take home and wash

    Other...although we're all going to be terribly curious

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    Blushing bee

    I have never heard of so many ladies flushing! Everywhere I go there are places to toss the business. Ya know. And ever since I can remember I’ve been told that they (among other non-TP products) can cause issues.


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    People are ruining the earth no matter they toss or flush. Use reusables if that is the debate. I do! Divacup and cloth pads are what I use, and they are soooo much better, and much healthier. 


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    Buzzing bee

    @Nona99:  I don’t flush them. Ever. Who the heck does that?!?!? Just wrap it up and throw it away.

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    Ok, for me at 50+ this is a bizarre… but interesting convo

    I have been using Tampons since my late teens… and have always flushed them as that is how they were originally marketed…

    A discreet personal feminine hygiene product… you use it, and no one knows.

    Infact a good lot of them with their paper inserts (the fine print that many don’t read) have Instructions on use… and clearly says BIODEGRADEABLE & FLUSHABLE

    That said…

    I do know that:

    (a) They can be problematic in places that are on septic and not City Sewers (as ya, eventually they will have to be “sucked out” of the reservoir)

    (b) Buildings that have older plumbing… Lead Pipes build up more gunk inside cause of “metals oxidizing” than smooth edged plastic… so they tend to clog more frequently

    (c) And some municipalities really hate that all this stuff ends up in their Sewage Treatment Plants (TP – Tampons – Wipes etc).  As another Bee said, this “gunk” has to be filtered out and sent to a very specific hazardous waste facility / dump (landfill)

    I have always flushed… Unless there was a sign that said not to.

    Not Flushing for me (putting this stuff in the trash), has always been an experience beyond GROSS… part of the reason I’m not a Pad Fan.

    — — —

    As for Applicators (plastic or cardboard), Pads & Diapers… ummm no that stuff doesn’t belong in the pipes at all as they are too big or not able to break down the same as TP or a Tampon

    Actually, I’ve heard that when many places say DON’T FLUSH they do so because they’ve had previous issues with their plumbing, because evidently a surprising amount of women actually flush the applicators


    Infact there was a HUGE movement back in the 80s & 90s to get people to stop doing this… especially as many of the plastic ones were eventually ending up in the waterways of the world (Rivers & Oceans) and washing up on shores & beachs (ick)

    Here is an out-take from a 1994 publication on that issue…


    I am now wondering if that campaign to get people to stop flushing applicators… is part of what has sparked people by extension to assume that Tampons in general are not flushable.

    As I said, interesting convo.


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    @Nona99:  Considering the girl’s bathroom back in high school flooded and was closed for two weeks as they gutted the septic system… yeah, I definitely toss them. I actually did not know anyone did otherwise until that happened.

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    I’ve always been a flusher, except for when I’ve been in super old buildings with signs that tell me not to. I’ve never had an issue and I was taught that it was okay to flush them. So, sorry? Gosh, there are some really sanctimonous tampon-tossers in here.

    Now I feel guilty, though I don’t want to start tossing them because my dog is already a tampon applicator thief. I’d hate to see what he does to actual tampons in the trash. Since I don’t want to deal with my tampon-thieving dog, but I also don’t want to continue being a horrible person, I think I’ll go buy myself a DivaCup now.

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    right?? Wth I never knew you weren’t supposed to flush em…

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    Okay I just reread direction on box and it just says “do not flush plastic applicator” and “frequent flushing of tampons is not recommended for septic system” or something like that. In the years I’ve used tampons (5 years at least) I’ve never clogged a toilet.

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    I usually flush, unless I’m in an establishment that specifically posts not to (mostly old buildings with 100+ year-old systems), or when I’m in a house with a septic system. 

    I do have a question, though, what do all the tossers (ha, no pun intended) in your office think happens to the tampons they throw away? They don’t magically get picked up by the Used Tampon Fairy and recycled into rainbows and puppies. They go straight into landfills. So, unless they’re using natural sea sponges and rinsing them out at home they have absolutely no moral high ground to stand on. 

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    I always toss, but I grew up originally in rural areas with septic so it was just a habit, even in a very big city suburb in my teens we had a septic tank.  So I never really gave it much thought.

    I think the problem lies in technicaly they are perfectly fine to flush, but then the whole sewer system (pipes and treatment plant) has to deal with all that mess.

    I read an interesting article earlier this year (ETA: last year! as it’s now 2014!), it’s really aimed at the “flushable wipes” but mentions feminine products… also condoms and cat litter (who flushes cat litter???).

    I think this quote sums up the problem:

    Nicholas Arhontes, director of facilities support services in Orange County, CA, has an even simpler rule for what should go down the toilet.

    “Only flush pee, poop and toilet paper,” he said, “because those are the only things that sanitary sewers were really designed for in the old days.”

    Link to article if anyone is interested: http://www.cbsatlanta.com/story/23508880/flushable-wipes-clog-sewer-lines

    And I couldn’t help but think: “Your tax dollars at work!”.  Because, well obviously part of my tax dollars go to clean up stuff people don’t want to deal with putting in a trash can lol.  ETA: even in my head this was amusing to me as I read the article, so no offense meant to anyone!




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    @peachacid:  Just so you don’t think your crazy those signs are posted everywhere in Australia as well and are on all the sanitary bins which are in most workplaces, schools and shopping centres.

    And on the U by Kotex website (one of Australia’s largest tampon companies) “You should never flush tampons down the toilet as they may block the plumbing system.” and from the carefree website “Don’t throw pads, tampons or liners down the loo. They can clog the system and are really bad for the environment”

    I also googled top 10 things not to throw down the toilet and it was on the list of every website that came up and these were from across the globe (UK, USA, Canada, NZ, Australia).




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    I  do both.  I rarely ever see signs about not flushing tampons,  and if there’s a bin,  I’ll toss it in there.  However,  if that bin is full or there isn’t one in the stall or nearby,  I’m not carting around a used tampon.  No way,  no how.  My work is notorious for REMOVING the bottom part of the bins, which drives me crazy and you have to walk out of the bathroom area through a door into a washing/sitting area where there may/may not be an overflowing trash can and 10 women applying make up and avoiding work. 


    What I think is REALLY gross is my mom’s friend.  She saves her used tampons for her husband to use during deer season.  Apparently it’s a great , uhm… trick (?) to lure in a big buck.  He attaches them to his boots so they’ll track his scent.  Gag. 

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    When I used them, I used to flush them unless I was in an old building that said not to. I never had a problem.

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    @j_jaye:  I checked the tampax box too. It says to NEVER flush the applicators and wrappers and to throw away the used tampon, applicator, and wrapper.

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