(Closed) Settle this debate: How do pronounce the name Xavier?

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  • poll: How do you pronounce the name?
    ZAY-vee-er (and I'm from the US) : (150 votes)
    26 %
    ZAY-vee-er (and I'm from Britain, Canada, Australia, or elsewhere) : (79 votes)
    14 %
    eck-ZAY-vee-er (and I'm from the US) : (273 votes)
    47 %
    eck-ZAY-vee-er (and I'm from Britain, Canada, Australia, or elsewhere) : (73 votes)
    13 %
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    Blushing bee

    Im from Australia and I have heard both.  Although, I think it rather silly saying ecks-zay-vee-er because since when does one say the first letter like a letter in a name? Like Rachel. Arr-aychel instead or ray-chel?? 

    They could be my thoughts alone though haha. 

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    Helper bee
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    I have a student with this name and he pronounces it Zay-vee-er. Xavier University in Cincinnati prounounces it the same way. This is in the U.S.

    Apparently there is also a basketball player who pronounces it completely differently: Za-vee-ay (Xavier Henry). 

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    Blushing bee

    I’m from Cincinnati, the home of Xavier University. Everyone I’ve ever known says “zave-yer”

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    Honey bee
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    Canadian Bee here!

    I say the ‘X’ but Darling Husband doesn’t. Sorry I can’t be more help!

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    Buzzing bee
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    I know a Spanish man called Xavier. His name is correctly pronounced ‘zav-ee-ay’.

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    Canadian here. We pronounce this name as eck-Zay-vee-er.

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    It has three options Ha-vee-air, Zay-Vee-air, or Ex-ay-vier I would say it however the person prefers. 

    I do know a girl whose name is Kayleigh her mom calls her Kay Lee and her dad calls her kaley. The difference is a lot closer but funny that her mom says it more like two words and her dad runs it together. 

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    First of all it’s like anything, pronounce your name how you like if it’s your name.  However, If you want to properly pronounce Xavier it is just Zavier with the sound of a Z.  Definitely not X-Zavier.  If your Name is Mark you wouldn’t pronounce it M-mark right?  I went to college @ Xavier University and trust me EVERYONE there pronounces it correctly.  The etymology of The name Xavier is Spanish and is a Basque baby name. In Basque the meaning of the name Xavier is: Owns a new house and even in Spainish it is properly pronounced ZAYVIER and definitely not X-Zavier. However, If your a person who likes to be original and bastardize or adulterate words for your own pleasure, then by all means, say it how you like.  

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    Helper bee

    I know this post is 5 years old, but Zavier is the only correct option. X before a vowel makes a Z sound.

    You don’t play the egg-zylophone or use an egg-erox machine to make copies. 


    Xavier University grad 

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    Busy bee
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    It is “ZAY-vee-er.” I suppose you COULD say “eck,” like you could say “po-TAW-to” or “ALL-mend” or “ex-PRESS-oh” but you’d be “wuh-RONG.”

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    Busy bee

    I’m a teacher & all the students I’ve had with this name (3 total) have pronounced it eck zay Vee er. This could definitely be a regional thing though. For reference I live in Tennessee 

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    Anon721 :  Thank you so much for someone, FINALLY, with both a correct and sensible explanation!  I get so frustrated and verbose when I try to explain this to people on the correct and proper way to say Xavier. – Thx Gus

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    mandakay0021 :  As a teacher it’s important to point out that saying it one way may be ok in the dialect of your region of the world, it is far different from what is proper and common to the root of the word linguistically.  Even with my own name, Gustavo, gets butchered here in the USA.  Most people who say my name here in Michigan say Gustavo with a short U like they were saying Bus or Fuss.  The proper way to say Gustavo however is Goostavo with a long U.  I get tired of correcting people and now I usually let it slide.  I think it’s for this reason that many words get new pronunciations.  It’s the difference between English and the Queens English or Spanish in Mexico and Proper Spanish spoken in Spain.  I was told that the best rule to follow linguistically is the old adage, “When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do.” When it comes to your personal name it’s always your prerogative to pronounce it however you like, just remember that in other parts of the world it may not be considered proper.  So if you’re ever in Cincinnati Ohio, home of Xavier University, you would be correct to pronounce it ZAYVIOR and everyone would love you for it! 🙂

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    Bumble bee

    I say it eck-zay-vier but without much focus on the “eck”.like the zay has stronger intonation. 

    In my experience I would say that’s the most common in Australia and England. 

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