(Closed) Severe anxiety….can't tell anyone, not sure what to do

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I would seek an actual doctor as opposed to an acupuncturist. Psychological counseling would be my first step and try to identify where your anxiety is stemming from. Just because you go see a therapist doesn’t mean they’re going to dope you up — your treatment could just be “real world” therapy, conquering your fears and such.

If you’re struggling this terribly, I definitely think some serious action should be taken. The first step is always admitting to someone you need help, but after that, it’s downhill.

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I second the suggestion to see a mental health provider.  Also, you should be able to tell your husband.  He can go about educating himself on anxiety disorders and may even be able to go to some appointments with you to get a better understanding of what you’re going through and how he can help. 

Take care of yourself, ask for help, and follow the treatments suggested and you CAN and WILL get better 🙂

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I agree. Your husband will be your biggest supporter. He’ll be your cheerleader. He will cheer you on with your good days, and he will lend you a hand on your bad days. He may think it has to do with him, we always internalize things when people we love say they have a problem. Reassure him that it is nothing he did, you don’t understand it yourself, but you want to find someone who can help you understand it.

We all rally for people we love, regardless of their problems. You can’t help yourself alone.

I’m sure your husband will do everything he can to educate himself and make every step for you as easy as possible. That’s what husbands do.

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Anxiety is a medical condition. Your husband will not feel he is to blame if he understands it in that context.

You NEED to tell someone, and get professional help from a therapist and possibly a doctor.

If nothing changes, then nothing changes. It obviously isn’t going away on its own!


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Yes, anxiety is a medical condition and you need to see preferably a mental health professional but if not that, at least your general doctor.

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I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder over 10 years ago, I believe it was due to post traumatic stress of an incident that happened when I was 17.  After 4 months of doctors not knowing what was wrong me, I was finally diagnosed.   

I did not go to therapy, I tried acupuncture, meditating, hypnotherapy,  was on pills for 2 years, and the only thing that helped me was my own research and learning that I had to deal with it head on and learn to control it through my own mind.   Since then, I have been very successful in controlling my panic attacks and thank god I don’t need medication anymore.

i feel your pain, it is quite scary, but it CAN be dealt with and you really need people around you who can support you.

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@temporary:  I don’t know your husband’s issue and frankly it’s none of my business, but perhaps there are ways you could be intimate that are different from what you are lacking? There are people who specialize in this sort of thing. Usually they are psychotherapists with a specialization in intimacy and sexual problems. Maybe it’s worth a look, regardless of your husband’s checkup?

I’m sending him all the best, though. Hopefully things will come through.

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I suffer from an Anxiety Disorder, it’s nothing to mess with. It’s a serious medical condition, nothing to be ashamed of or hide. Tell your husband, his support will do wonders.

Also, as eveyone else has said.. see a doctor.

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As someone who suffers from GAD, I think it is absolutely absurd that you are making it seem like your family will support you or blame themselves. That isn’t an excuse not to tell them. You need help, hon. This is NOT safe and not something you want to mess around with. You need to seek counseling. And again, there is NO shame, even if you have to disclose it with your job (although I don’t see why. Is there not a law that covers this? I always thought there was).

You need to see a counselor or doctor and ket them help you get the the root of the problem and how to properly deal with it. You are putting great stress on your brain, heart, and other parts of yourself. It isn’t healthy or safe.

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@temporary:  Your employment contract should have a contingency for seeking counseling in it.  Just ask for a copy of your employment contract if you don’t have one and read over it.  I guarantee you there is an option for counseling in it that will have minimal effect on your job.

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@temporary:  I have struggled with anxiety and depression for as long as Ican remember, so my heart goes out to you. About 8 months ago I made the decision to start seeing a psychologist and it helped, but I was still struggling and I really felt like it was impacting my ability to function. So 2/3 months ago i started medication and it helped a huge deal.

Go see your GP, talk to them about your options. No one has to know about that.

Good luck! *BIG virtual cuddle*

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I also suggest that you see your doctor. Anxiety is often caused by an imbalance of the chemicals in your brain, and your doctor may prescribe councelling, medication, or some other treatments. It would also be helpful if your husband researched it, so that he is able to better understand it, because it is an illness. 

Also, it would be good to tell your family, so that they are able to be mindful about what they say and do, and that they can help you through it. The best thing to do about mental illness is to talk to someone, it makes it so much better when you are able to express your fears. It’s not yours or your husbands fault, and he will not think that it’s his fault. Also, your employer cannot legally fire you. If you are performing well, and it isn’t interfering with your job, they should understand, and will also be able to help.

Also, write down a list of what makes you anxious, and ways in which you would be able to cope. You need to figure out what has brought this on, and what your triggers are (eg, crowds, noise, unfamiliar situations etc) 

And, keeping a journal is really helpful. When I feel anxious I’ll write down my feelings, and I have a book of inspirational quotes that I read and write down. 

remember, it will get better, you just need to find the right help. Support groups are good, reading, painting, and other hobbies that help distract you from your thoughts. And, mental illness isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign that you’ve been too strong for too long.

Excercising is also really good as it releases endorphins, and all of your extra adrenalin. 

If you have any other questions feel free to PM me. I suffered from severe anxiety for 5 years, so I know what a struggle it is. Good luck, things will get better, 

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