(Closed) Severe anxiety….can't tell anyone, not sure what to do

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@temporary: definitely see a doctor not connected to your job. I’m not sure why a medical professional would need to divulge it to your work though? We have a counselling program at my work, and you can see the counsellors for anything, and it’s completely confidential.

Anxiety can hit anyone, at any time. Don’t let it control you – get help. You could have Generalised Anxiety Disorder, and it’s an illness like any other that needs treatment.

I used to be a worrier – about everything. My Mum used to say to me – there’s no point worrying about something until it happens, then when it happens, worrying won’t change it anyway. My doctor told me that I was so skinny because I used a lot of nervous energy. These days, if a worry pops into my head, I make an effort to push it away and think of something else, or do something else. But I didn’t have an anxiety disorder – I was just a worrywart.

If all the self help treatments you’ve tried aren’t working for you, it’s time to seek professional help with your doctor – it’s nothing to be ashamed about. It can be managed and treated. Don’t suffer with anxiety needlessly.

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I also suffer from anxiety ~ I attribute a lot of it due to my health issues, but I was diagnosed with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder).  I agree w/ everyone else, please seek a dr’s help and confide in your husband.  Counseling is also an excellent help.  I started on medication about 8 weeks ago for anxiety and really have noticed a difference.  Your dr can also give you an as-needed medication for more intense panic attacks.  If you decide not to go the medical route, there are some natural things you can do.  My counselor has introduced me to meditation and mindfulness, breathing exercises, and exercise (just a daily walk) can help.  I also journal, which helps me release what I’m feeling if I’m upset about something.  I know it is hard to sometimes confide even in your own husband about this ~ it was hard for me because I felt ashamed of it and didn’t want him to think less of me, but your Darling Husband really is your strongest supporter and he can learn about the issue along with you so he doesn’t blame himself and sees this for the illness that it is.  Huge hugs & I really hope you will find some relief soon!

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I went through about 2 months of debillitating anxiety recently… all of december and january… couldn’t stop worrying, missed work, couldn’t eat or sleep, threw up, lost 20lbs, crying every day, it was AWFUL!

i went to see my dr. and I started a mindfulness yoga class, started some SSRI’s (a prescription anti-anxiety med on the lowest dose), and started seeing a counsellor.  I don’t know which of those things helped me, but I know that after about 2 sessions with my therapist and a week on the medication, I suddenly felt… fine.  I’m still going to yoga, still taking the meds, and still seeing the therapist… but It was like night and day.


I also know that my mom and sister have battled severe anxiety for years and my mom went in last year bawling one day to our dr when she didn’t have an appointment and just said she needed help.  He prescribed her something (can’t think of the name) and she said after being on these meds that it’s the first time in YEARS she’s felt like a normal human being again.  My

My grandmother went into a deep depression in september this year after my grandfather died… she started the same medication in october or november and said the same thing – that within a week she was able to make it through the day without crying, was able to get groceries, etc.  I used to be so anti-medicating… but once I felt how debilitating it can be, I think if meds help you even just get your body under control so you can deal with your thoughts more rationally and realize they aren’t so scary, then go for it!


Side note – why do you have to disclose to your work that you see a therapist?  That should be confidential and no one’s business but yours…

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I’ve heard that acupuncture is really helpful with anxiety. It certainly cannot hurt. I’m going for the first time tomorrow for various reasons. I have struggled with anxiety or what I call the FEAR for nearly 10 years. It is something that comes and goes with your life situation. You must keep trying different things and you must let your husband konw. A lot of what I’m reading from you is pressure. You have too much pressure on yourself and that makes anxiety worse!

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@temporary:  I also suffere from anxiety and panic attacks. It becomes more frequent at different times and it can be quite scary. My fiance knows about it and it there to support me so I suggest telling your husband. My anciety does prevent me from during certain things in my life but I’m slowly trying to work through it. I also suggest seeing a doctor..there is no shame in seeking help

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Hello there! Fellow anxious person here. I have GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) along with OCD and hypochondria. It got really bad a year ago, and since then I have been doing my best to work through it.

But let me tell you, it is NOT easy, and it is something that will take a lot to get through. But it’s worth it, because anxiety can absolutely be debilitating.

It is a chemical imbalance that you should definitely see a doctor for. But I will tell you this much…almost everyone in my life knows about my anxiety. And it is a HUGE help. They support me and calm me down when I’m panicking, and they help hold me accountable (i.e. make sure I am doing my best to relax, eat well, get enough exercise, etc.) Your husband will likely be your biggest supporter, so definitely clue him in. It helped my SO understand me a lot better, and the weird things I do!

Good luck!

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