(Closed) Severe Stomach Issues with Dog- not for the faint of heart!

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I feel your pain! My yellow lab went through this awhile ago. It was awful…constant diarrhea (like every 20 minutes) for about a week. We called our vet and he told us to discontinue all food for 24 hrs and to give him Pepto Bismol (like a child’s dosage). Then to just feed him boiled chicken and white rice until the diarrhea stopped. Apparently it’s fairly common and to only really worry if he was passing blood or became very lethargic/feverish. Poor pup 🙁 Hope this helps!!

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That sounds exactly like Colitis (sp?) but yes its a bacterial infection and he needs meds- which needs a trip to the vet to get it.

It’s easy to treat but go to the vet now!!!


If you can, take a bag of the mucus poo in case he doesn’t crap there.

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Like PP, I have been told fasting (24 hours-ish) and then introducing a VERY mild diet is best.

We actually just had an issue similar, though the opposite.. My oldest dog (age 3) kept vomitting up a few minutes after she ate. :/ I got a little freaked out thinking it might be bloat where the dogs stomach flips (don’t google this, if it gets bad enough just go to the vet).

And yes, small dosage of Pepto is totally OK for dogs. We’ve done it once and they were fine, though when they went again it was funny colored, lol.

Have you changed food recently or has he maybe gotten into something? Have you noticed him trying to eat grass while outside?

Good luck, it will be fine! You’ll know if it get to a point where you need to seek medical advice. In general I wait 24 hours and do the fasting before heading to the vet, but Darling Husband and I always put them on “doggy watch.” Not that they don’t stick next to us all the time, haha.

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How old is he? If he’s older, you can try giving him a bland diet of boiled chicken and rice for a few days and see if that helps anything. I’ve also given my dogs vanilla pediasure to make sure they were staying hydrated. If he doesn’t show any improvement within 24 hours or so I’d just take a fecal sample to the vet. Could possibly be coccidia or giardia. If this is like a baby puppy I’d take him to the vet right away.

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YES! Been there done that. My dog had such GI issues, mucosy poop that had a smell i can’t describe, sometimes it looked like it had coffee grounds in it, throwing up bile, etc. Her stomach would make these horrible noises, she was so miserable. I was at my wits end, finally bit the bullet and had her scoped. Turns out she has Inflammatory Bowel Disease, a mild case.  She take a medication once a day and she has been fine ever since, that was about 2 years ago now.

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Look into trying Blue Wilderness food. They sell it at petsmart for dogs and cats.  It’s a bit expensive, but it worked for my pets.

Even my cat, who had stomach cancer, stopped vomiting after I gave her this food.


BUT — I would definitely visit the vet. You just never know what’s going on until they check them out.

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@Mrs_Amanda:  we just went through this with our 4-year old rescue.  Out of the blue, she started having very runny poo (water consistency).  we took her off all dog food and put her on a boiled chicken + boiled rice + 1 T. canned pumpkin (twice a day).  A couple capsules of slippery elm are supposed to help too (but I didn’t try it at the height of her diarrhea).  She was acting normal (energy wise) and was always hungry.  I’d cal the vet and see what they recommend, though!

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Pumpkin is a god send. When they’re having diarrhea, it firms up the stool. It also loosens it if they’re constipated. Just don’t give them too much, and make sure not to get pumpkin pie filling.

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No, as long as the chicken is bland it should not irritate his stomach.

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Let him rest up , get fluids and keep him off food for a day.

I use Imodium anti diahreal and it works wonders! Road trips , super hot weather and change/stress can bring on the runs!

Then start mixing plain white rice with his kibbles or just rice and boiled plain chicken meat. Or pumpkin , really whatever he takes a liking to! A few saltines here and there.

Also, yeah they have a crap out where basically they go till they can’t go anymore. Even phantom pooping like squatting but nothing coming out. Its okay its normal.

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Yellow, mucousy stools in young dogs are often signs of Giardia, as is nausea. You’ll want to make an appointment to have his stool tested, which means collecting a sample to take to the vet. They will give him meds to treat the protozoa infection (possibly an anti-biotic which is effective against it), but you will need to watch for signs of re-infection. LOTS of young dogs get this because their GI tracks are more sensitive and they eat lots of poop/soil/etc and drink dirty dog-park water, etc. Giardia is present lots of places (unclean water particularly).

It is possible for a dog to clear Giardia on its own, but with a young dog and symptoms that severe, I’d definitely have him checked by a vet.

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