(Closed) Sex after period ends, what's the risk?

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Technically, if you are a normal ovulater, no you can’t get pregnanct. However, there is a small group women who do ovulate more than 1 egg at a time, that is the exceptional instance.

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@soyjoy222:  Do you know when you ovulate?  Sperm can live up to 5 days so you can do the math… for example, if you had sex on cycle day 5 (with day 1 being the first day of your period) you’d have to ovulate around day 10 (or earlier) to have a chance of becoming pregnant.  Day 10 is earlier than average.. I think most women ovulate between day 14-18.

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It’s not super likely, but it’s of course still possible. I would suggest not stressing about it too much until it’s time for your next period. There is not much you can do for at least a few weeks anyhow.

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@soyjoy222:  sperm CAN live for 5 days (although many sources suggest 3 is more likely) so if your period lasted for 7 days, and you had sex on day 10, and you ovulate on the “normal” day 14 – then yes, it’s possible.

But it’s unlikely you’d feel “off” until at least 10 days after that, or probably until your period is due – and even then many people don’t have symptoms until week 6.

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That is how my mother got on this planet :-). My grandmother ovulated more than once a month. From what I heard, they had sex right after her period and she got knocked up then. It was a surprise, but not the only one. They had 5 kids in 6 years and 1 week.

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Never heard of anyone this happened to so can’t say much.

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@DDG84:  what? where did you get this info? Almost anyone can ovulate more than once, but ONLY within 24 hours of the other egg… that’s what causes fraternal twins!

@Pollywog:  Just b/c someone gets pregnant right after their period doesn’t mean anything. Sperm can live up to 5 days inside a woman, and in fact, it has been documented that they have lived as long as 10 days with the right kind of mucus. It is interesting that it was your mother, since there is scientific evidence that “female” sperm tend to live longer, while “male” sperm swim faster. It’s likely the sperm just lived long, and/or she ovulated earlier (day 11 or so, which wouldn’t work if they were trying to use the “rhythm method” which was common back then.) Sounds like she had lots of super-fertile mucus with all those kids! I’m sure some ladies on here would love to have some of that…

@soyjoy222:  The *most* important thing is what kind of mucus you had. You probably aren’t charting, but if you were “dry” that day, then it’s very unlikely that you are pregnant. But the more “fertile” (like, slippery) type of mucus that you had would enable sperm to live longer and you might be pregnant. Yay, charting! (How close to the end of your period really doesnt matter at all, since you could always ovulate early, and some people’s periods are extra long.)

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you are probably not pregnant. most likely the ‘off’ feeling you feel is in your head because you are worried about the possibility of being pregnant. but if you really want to test, wait until two weeks after the day you think you may have conceived.


as mentioned by others, if you were charting you would know whether you need to worry or not. charting is not only for people trying to conceive. it’s also great help for prevention! also… you learn a lot about your own body. it’s nice to know what’s normal and not normal for you instead of everything being a mystery.

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@rosworms:  +1 

@red_rose:  +1 to the multiple eggs released thing… it only happens within 24 hours of the first egg being released

I’m going to echo what pp’s said.. Yes you could. Actually a lot of people trying to not get pregnant that think that you can’t get pregnant during or right after your period end up pregnant from early ovulation. Since we do not know when you ovulated because you aren’t charting, we won’t be able to know for a bit of time. The only way of 100% confirming ovulation is through temping. If all the factors lined up (early ovulation, fertile mucus, and long living sperm) then yes you can be pegnant. I’d just wait and see until your expected period date and test around then. Good luck and hopefully you get the wanted result.

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@soyjoy222:  You’ve been given a lot of great answers. I was wondering though, how long are your cycles normally? If you have short cycles but menstruate for several days it’s possible that you could O right after AF or at least very shortly after (as in a regularly or fluke early O before the “normal” 14 days).

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