(Closed) Sex in the 3rd trimester… who’s having it and how?!?

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Ok, I’m not even pregnant but I just have to tell you that your post title made me laugh!!  Er, good luck with figuring this out. πŸ™‚

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So you want to have sex to spur your baby on to comming into the world or you want some lovin in general?

The best thing would be to be up front and communicate with your husband! Work as a team to find a position that works. I’m sure its just yourself being self concious πŸ˜‰

Perhaps the shower is a good spot or a candle lit room to set you at ease. You could aslo manually sitmulate each other etc etc.


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I love the honesty in this post!  We need to open up about this stuff more. πŸ™‚  I’m not/haven’t been pregnant, but I do have a few friends who went through this.  They mentioned on your side with you in front (him behind) has helped b/c belly isn’t so much in the way.  Also, he can “please you” with hands while….you know. 

I’ve also heard from others that it’s a good thing for baby.  That there is the love/closeness that baby can feel too.

Hope this helps you.  At least these are the two things I’m going to hold on to (and hope help!) when I’m in the spot.  Good luck, and congrats Momma! 


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Nope. We tried at 28 weeks and that was an epic fail.

My doctor told me to have lots of sexy time too to encourage the little one to come earlier and I don’t think it’s going to happen. :

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well, I just started my 3rd trimester like yesterday, but as of now we are having sex about six days a week with no problems at all.

Being pregnant has significantly increased my sex drive, and my stomach is not big enough to get in the way. we still do it missionary style, as well as lots of other positions and i notice no difference from the size of my stomach or whatever. i am sure that we eventually won’t be able to do it missionary once my stomach grows larger, but there are still lots of other positions that work.

What about “spooning” with him laying behind you? You don’t feel as self conscious in this position and he does not penetrate very deep from this angle. just a suggestion!

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*raises hand*

I would go crazy if I didn’t have some atleast sometimes! Darling Husband definitely wants it more though. lol

Like a pp said the “spooning” position is usually a good one when it’s hard to get comfy. I’m personally not a fan but if I couldn’t do another position then you better believe I’d utilize it! lol

Have you tried like a “modified” missionary? Maybe propped up on pillows like if you were sitting up reading in bed… then he can get himself how he needs to.

Or even from behind if you put a pillow under your belly or kinda lean on it… just use it to find the position that helps you not feel like you’re “pulling” your tummy muscles.

For the most part you just need to modify the regular positions you like. I remember with DS I always wanted to be on top so we stacked pillow up on each side that my legs could be on…. did this for 69 too! lol

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My belly is pretty big, even though I’m only in 2nd tri. It’s become a lot more difficult. My issue is that every time we start the baby starts performing lord of the dance in my tummy and I can’t concentrate on my own good feelings. We’re still having sex 3 or 4 times per week though.

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My husband is not into pregnant sex at all, it really freaks him out knowing the baby is in between us. So I don’t imagine we’ll be having a lot of 3rd trimester sex.

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You’re not alone!!! Sex has been hard for us for awhile. Between limited positions, belly in the way (i’m also one who gets twins comments), and just us being mentally not as present considering the baby is moving between us, it just hasn’t been happening more than I’d say 1-2x/month up until about 28/29 weeks. At 29 weeks, we last had sex. I’m 36 now. It sucks. I was talking to a friend today who is 3-4 weeks behind me, and she said they tried last night and couldn’t, and that made me feel so much better. I was telling Darling Husband and he was like “I’m sure there are many more people have a hard time doing it at this point in a pregnancy than those who do it frequently, so we shouldn’t feel bad.” I’m sure my doctor will make that comment too (have sex at the end), but I just don’t see it happening to be honest. It just doesn’t even really feel good because positions suck and it gets frustrating and I feel gross and I don’t think he likes it as much and it’s not like I do either and on and on and on!

Anyway, if you find something that works, let me know! Otherwise I think we will be abstaining until we get the post-baby go-ahead. So sad πŸ™

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@MissDareDevil:  & @runsyellowlites:  

*raises hands*

I sometimes feel like we’re the only pregnant lady who actually have a sex drive??

I just entered my 3rd tri but we’ve been pretty active. πŸ˜€ I did notice it was at it’s height during second trimester. But we mainly spoon because any other is just a little uncomfortable and at this point (almost 28wks) we are afraid of inducing labor by too much shaking. hehe.

Every now and then I’m on top but my husband is afraid of crushing the baby with missionary so we no longer do that.

By The Way the six weeks after labor is CRAZY. Is oral pleasure allowed?? Le sigh.

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I’m jealous of you guys!  I would really like to be having some 3rd trimester sex, but my doctor put me on strict orders for no intercourse due to my low-lying placenta.  She doesn’t want to encourage any bleeding or pre-term labor.  Boo. 

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I’m jealous of those of you who have had a heightened sex drive during the second and third tri!  I’ve been waiting for mine to come back (20 weeks now) but no such luck.  We’re on a maybe every other week pattern, sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less.  Now that I’m starting to show just a bit and Darling Husband has felt the baby move, I think he is afraid to go for it.  He said that it weirds him out a bit knowing our baby is right there, and I’m a bit creeped out by it too, but I’m sure when it comes time to wanting the baby out, we might be able to force ourselves to give it a try now and then!  We shall see I guess…

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