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  • poll: Have you ever been sexually harrassed at work?
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    Yes.  I and several other girls were creeped on by a dirty old man who worked at our grocery store.  It was disgusting.  He would make jokes in front of customers how he and I would be going to Vegas together or how we were together.  He would also give me unwanted hugs and when I would refuse and move away, he would get offended.

    I, along with the other girls, went to the management, and he got a slap on the wrist for it.  They wouldn’t fire him because he was too old.  So, I walked away and never went back.  Unprofessional?  Maybe.  But when my boss refuses to protect me while I’m working, they aren’t worth my time of day.

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    My situation was that I worked in the office at a construction firm. Obviously an envirmonment like that it’s a bit more ‘lax… It was a “fun” office. “Boys will be boys…” so to speak. I’d overheard things on the radio I didn’t need to hear like what kinda hot chick just passed the site… blah blah blah… chalked that up to boys just being boys…

    Everyone was friendly with everyone else… until it got personalized onto me. First was my boss, messaged a foreman he had a ‘present’ waiting for him (ie paperwork, or safety stuff) foreman messages back… yeah, I hope it’s vmec in a bikini… I could deal with that… Not cool. I made it clear to boss man how inappropriate that was.

    Second instance ‘cool’ foreman thought it was OK to hit my butt with his notebook to “thank” me for doing something for him. For that I verbally and imeediately turned around and chewed him out and reported the incident to boss man. We didn’t have HR so that’s as far as it went. He apologized but the office was never the same again, and I quit.

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    In my days of university where we had placements.  I was sexually harassed by my mentor.  At first he would say things, then he tried to kiss me several times. =/  

    He was well respected and a pastor…

    I was told not to say anything if I valued moving up in my career.  So I didn’t say anything and got the heck out of that situation as fast as I could.  He called my house a few times after that, but each time I would give one word answers and say I have to go.  I heard recently he has been suspended because somene reported him doing something.

    Not sure what it was, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.  

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    At most of my jobs… it’s usually men making crude comments.  It’s like, seriously?  This is work. Be professional.

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    @kelly105: When I was 25 I was promoted to my first management position. My manager was really good at his job but began saying inappropriate comments to me. For his birthday I was in charge of getting him a gift from the team, I asked him if there was anything he wanted and he told me anything but Viagra because he had no issues in that department. Uh, ok I just ignored it. A month or so later he stopped by my office and I needed some help changing out the marketing materials. He said maybe I can look under your skirt when you are changing the signs. Uh, WTF, I ignored it again. He began giving me a hard time at work despite I was raked in the top 10% of the company so I found another job that paid me more money. I never reported it though and I’m usually an outspoken woman.

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    Kind of my own fault for the job I had at the time and they weren’t people I worked with but thought I would share it anyway. 

    I couldn’t find work. Jobs are had to find at the moment. I worked as a shot girl in clubs. I worked for local clubs selling test tube shots. Most people were alright though and I was bound to get some un wanted attention. Alchol and clubbing not a good mix. But I absolutley hated it. I couldn’t be happier that I found a new job and everyone is respectful. Only once it got to the point where I snapped at someone and caused a scene. I’m a very calm person and have a lot of patience so trust me it would take a lot. 

    I don’t think people should tolrate it though. Lots of people do for fear of loosing they’re job. It’s so wrong everyone deserves respect and it’s degrading. It should be the ones harassing that should be fearing lossing they’re jobs. 

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    My harrassment came from females and not officially in a sexual way, but in a way that demeans women… and all occurances happened when I was a member on an HR team…

    At one organization I was chided and reprimanded because I was wearing a pants suit and not a skirt.  The conversation that followed ended up unraveling my career growth with that organization.  I later learned the same managers had told all of my female employees they were required to wear skirts at least 60% of the work week.  We often had to climb 12 feet in the air, crawl under furniture and move furniture on a moments notice so unless we wanted co-workers and clients looking up skirts it was not feasible.

    At my last job I was having a hard time getting a hiring manager to respond to my communication, I was doing a site visit and my boss (a female) asked me what I was wearing the next day when I saw the hiring manager (a male).  I told her, she said, “you need to go buy a shirt that will show off your cleavage, he will respond much better to you”. 

    I think inappropriate comments and situations happen all the time and usually it just gets glazed over. 

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    I’ve never been sexulally harassed. Reading these really makes me sad. So terrible you all had to deal with these situations.

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    I’ve actually never felt harrassed at work, but in school and volunteer settings, I’ve definitely had (significantly) older men just make totally inappropriate comments. To me, they’ve been at a very low level, but still inappropriate, like one time while volunteering at an event, we could hear music from a wedding next door, and one of my co-volunteers just randomly said something about how I looked like I would “know how to dance”. Like, really, why would you even say that? It’s never been at a level I felt like I would even know how to lodge a complaint, but in retrospect, I wish I had. The organization I was working with was one that really would have worked with that guy about how to behave towards women.

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    A man was fired for sexually harassing me.

    i was a waitress. one day me and my fellow wait staff were setting up for a big party. the dishwasher came out to chat with us which was nothing unusual until he made several comments about me and the things he wanted to do to me. Of course chuckling about it afterward. I never said anything about it. He has a criminal record and lives in the ghetto part of town so I didn’t want to mess with him. My male co worker told my manager behind my back and got him fired.


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    I actually know men who have been sexually harrassed at work.  I know more men that were… it is just interesting, I guess.  I know three men that were verbally and physically harrassed (actually touched by bosses!) and one that had a very serious situation.  Just thought I would mention it.

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    There is so much sexual harassment at my workplace, you’d be AMAZED at what these guys can get away with.

    Exhibit A: I have a corporate job. 98% of the higher ups are all men with the exception of my boss. She’ll be in meetings with her boss (a male executive) and other male directors and will be told to go do something (like bring a report to the CEO) because she’s “wearing the skirt”. 

    Exhibit B: The son of our CEO works for the company as a director. In the last 5 years he has single handedly forced 3 women to quit their well paying jobs because he harassess them. Since his Daddy is the head honcho, it just gets swept under the rug. Some have been paid off but others have just quit to get away from him. The most recent was only a few months ago and she told HR that “whatever he did was unforgivable” but didn’t disclose what it was. This pattern will continue with the next pretty girl that he hires. It’s infuriating. 

    Exhibit C: There is a guy in my department who has been turned in multiple times but still manages to somehow stay employed. I don’t think he ever fully crossed the line with the women but I know a few people are majorly creeped out by him. He’s made some comments to me in the past but he’s never made me uncomfortable to the point where I needed to turn him in. I think the guy is harmless and just kinda weird but some people have a problem with him and HR has yet to do a thing about it. 

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    All this makes me sad. =(

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