(Closed) Sh– kids say! What does your child do that makes you laugh?

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Aw too cute! Well we started potty training this week, and yesterday afternoon he came down with something, so since he slept most of the day/evening away I just put pull ups on him because I couldn’t force a sleeping/sick/fevered child on a potty. Well this morning he feels fine ( no fever) but he refuses to get out of bed. I’m not sure if its he knows he doesnt have to go potty because he’s sick, or because he really is sick.

Not as cute as yours though. Ca’t think of anything else.

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I’m pregnant again, and we’re trying to prepare our daughter for her new sibling.  We talk a lot about the baby, and make references to my belly and ask her to touch my belly “gently”, stuff like that.  I don’t think she quite gets it, though, because most of the time, after touching my belly gently and saying “baby,” she’ll go over to my husband and do the same thing to his belly.  Lol!

She also likes to offer my belly her sippy cup and snacks.  So cute!

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We were walking by the bra section at Walmart, and my little girl (she’ll be 3 in Feb.) yelled at the top of her lungs, “Look!  Mommy’s boobies!”  I died.

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My 3 year old is constantly cracking me up. He has recently decided that he wants to teach one of our fish, Henry, to sit on command like the dogs do. My son gets so frustrated with the fish and this morning he put poor Henry in time out.

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DH’s 4 year old will go around telling comlete strangers “Have you met my daddy? He has really big muscles”.

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When I was still just dating Darling Husband (we were in an LDR), he and his two youngest children, then 10 and 12, came to my house, in another state, to visit me. The then-10-year-old — a boy — says, “Hey, if you and Dad get married, will you be my mother-in-law?” LOL! Priceless!

As if that’s not funny enough, listen to this! About two months after the wedding, while I was still living half of each week in my city and traveling to DH’s house for long weekends until my house sold and I could wrap up my job, the then-11.5 year old asks, totally seriously, “Hey (Brielle), I noticed you’ve been coming up a lot more lately. How come you’ve been coming up so much?” SMH. He not only attended the wedding, he was IN it! LOL. 

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DS’s dad was taking him to Disney last weekend; before he went, DS (just turned 3) asked me if I thought Cinderella would think his sweater was handsome.  I told him, yes, she would probably mistake him for Prince Charming.  He giggled and told me that was silly; that he was too little to be Prince Charming!

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These are so cute!! My LO will be 3 in February and she told me this:

“Mom I need to make the money, I need to make the money and I need to work for the man. I have to buy a new truck” –Where in the world did she get this?!

She told her teacher the other day:

“Ms. Reviaty, I can’t eat snack because I am too full for lunch. Maybe I should go to the doctor and have them cut it out, then my tummy won’t be full anymore.” –I was rolling laughing! 

She told me this when I asked her what she would do if a strager offered her candy:

“I would say that Jesus says no candy tonight.” –That’s my girl!! 



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I don’t have kids yet, but my mom put a few keepers in my baby book


1. She had laid down on the couch with me for a nap and I guess she had given me some gum during the day. Well, she woke up and the gum was stuck in her hair……..not on her head. Surprised. She went to take a shower then, and while doing so, a guy came over to fix our vcr (remember those) and he was an old classmate and family friend. I ran to to the door and answered it as my mom was coming down the stairs and yelled ‘guess what, my gum got stuck in mommy’s pee-pee!’


2. After having my youngest brother, I asked why her stomach was still so big, and she said there was still swelling and gas in it. “Can we put it in the car to make it run?”

3. At the grocery store the day after reading Snow White and the 7 dwarfs to me, I started pointing and loudly telling mom about the guy behind us,

‘look, there’s Dopey’,

sshhhh, hisgoosiegirl, no it’s not

yes, mom, look! it’s him!

Apparently it was a guy who actually did dress and look like Dopey.

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I love kids – they are so funny!

The first time I met FI’s neice (2.5 at the time) was a few weeks before Christmas and we spend the whole weekend with his family. His neice really took a liking to me and wanted to be by me the whole time, it was really cute. 

FF to Christmas eve and FI’s dad asks her if she knew who was coming that night (meaning Santa), and she said “Rachel?!?” (me). Her grandpa laughed and said, “No, Santa Clause” and she said “Oh, but when is Rachel coming?” So I was more important than Santa that year 🙂 

His whole family got a big kick out of that. 


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Great thread, all of these made me smile!

I don’t have kids, but my sister told me a story the other day that I thought was cute. My sister is 5 months pregnant and working as a teacher’s aid…

Girl: “Hey, are you picnic?

Sister: “What?”

Girl: “PICNIC! PICNIC in your belly!?!” and pointed to my sister’s baby bump.

Sister: “Oh, PREGNANT – yes, I am.” (sister was surprised because she’s just barely showing)

Girl: “Whatcha gonna call it when it comes out?”

Sister: “I don’t know yet, what do you think I should name the baby?”

Girl:  “Tiffany!!!”

Sister: “Is that your name?”

Girl: No, I’m Emma.



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My baby bro, when he was like 2 years old….

Bro: [Falls off something and there is a small thud] “Mom!!! MOMMMMM!! Mummy!!! Mommy!!! Mamaaaaa!!!”

Mom: OMG! What’s wrong!?!?!?

Bro: My eyebrows are hurting………

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