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it makes me feel awkward. i hate when people ask what we want. i don’t know, our wedding is in a little under a year, i’m not going to get around to registering for a bit. i feel so uncomfortable when people have called to ask our address. am i supposed to thank them then and there for the card/present they are inevitably sending us?

i’d be uber annoyed if i was in your situation. sometimes you just can’t make people happy.

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We haven’t registered yet, but when I think of a registry, this isn’t for me to tell people this is exactly what I want. I think of them as a guideline for people to get an idea of what I’m looking for. I don’t expect people to buy from my registry, but I am ok if they do. But people should definitely not complain about what you put  on it. That’s just rude, if they don’t like it, they should just buy something they hope you would enjoy, or like you said give a gift card.

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I feel weird because we have the traditional registry things already and we just bought some of it in January so it’s not like we need new of these things. I, also, feel bad if someone goes through all the trouble of registering and people just wing it. My Fiance did this at the last wedding we went to, in all fairness it was his friend and I did tell him where they were registered. He bought them a bottle of the groom’s fave alcohol… I felt like crap giving it to them.

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Oh my, registering made me VERY uncomfortable. Anytime I tried to talk to anyone about it, they all said that it was something I really needed to do. Most of my guests have to travel across the country and their presence is enough for me. Gifts on top of of airfare, hotel, and rental car seems excessive, personally. It also creates somewhat of a logistical problem for us if people bring gifts to our wedding (we live in San Francisco, the wedding is in Phoenix, and we are leaving from Phoenix to go on our honeymoon before going back to SF).

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Registering was wierd but kinda fun.  I wont tell anyone I am registered unless I ask.  I did it for the convience of my guests.

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@christalynn11: I totally understand where you’re coming from. Although I’m still far away from my wedding, I had to register just so guests had something they could buy us. I am SO picky about things I buy myself, let alone gifts I receive! I know when it comes to my wedding, people will do what they want. I KNOW there are certain people in my family who totally take advantage of all the hard work that goes into a wedding by giving a small gift from their whole family (something worth $50 for a family of 4? That’s a better deal than going to the Olive Garden!)!

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Bumble bee

i’m sorry you have to deal with that. i don’t understand why your friends/family feel that it’s ok for them to tell you what to do with your gift registry…..

i never really liked the idea of gift registries. i just don’t feel comfortable telling people what to buy for me. i also find it difficult to determine the CORRECT price range to register for: is a $30 item too little? but would a $50 item too much?

on the other hand, i love the idea of cash and gift cards. the recipient can simply spend the $$ on whatever they want/like or even not spend it and save it for later.

i didn’t have a registry for my wedding, rather, we told the guests to do “wishing wells” BUT only if they want to, because we dont have a house yet and are living in an apartment, we really don’t need anything; in fact, we have TWO microwaves and way too many plates…….

DH’s mom wanted us to have a gift registry for those who didn’t feel comfortable in giving cash gifts, but i insisted on not doing that for the same reason listed above.

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I think that we oftentimes take the registry and wedding gift-giving way way too seriously. A registry is not a demand. It’s there as a convenience to guests who can purchase something for you without having to intuit what you want, but it doesn’t mean that they MUST purchase from the registry (technically, guests don’t even have to give you a gift, even though it’s customary). If guests have a problem with your registry–at Target, at Honeyfund, just cash or whatever–then it’s simple: they don’t have to purchase from it.

And as brides, we should be gracious enough to realize that’s the case and not get all huffy when people take their own perogative and give you that weird gravy boat or wall hanging, or nothing at all. (CHRISTALYNN11, and anyone else on this thread, I’m NOT pointing the finger at any of you AT ALL. ChristaLynn11, I’m really sorry that your f&f have been so judgemental and inappropriate regarding your registry–I think (and I hope) that your experience is perhaps not the norm, thankfully. Just keep smiling and don’t let it get you down).

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I totally get what you are saying. We made a registry because we have lived together so long and I have always had a house so we have A LOT of stuff so there is not much stuff we need. I told my mom how we want what is on the registry and not something similar from somewhere else. What does she do buy the camera from somewhere else and Future Mother-In-Law bought the camera off the registry!

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i totally hear you!  the same exact thing happened to us, people were constantly asking where we were registered so i send out a registry card in each invite.  then i get all these comments that since it’s a lot of kitchen stuff (BB&B) that it must all be for me and “why doesn’t the groom get to pick stuff?” 

i’m like, damn, it’s not like he lives in this house eating all the food i would make with that stuff and drinking out of those nice glasses on there or anything…  you can’t please everyone and that counts doubly so when a wedding is involved.

so you’re def not alone in this, i guess the best advice i could give you is to not even think about it.  you have more important stuff to worry about, let these people fend for themselves, you’ve already done them a favor of leading them in the right direction and that’s all you can do.  if people complain to you maybe have a line ready for them like “well it’s a list of things we would definitely use but we’d be happy with anything you are generous enough to gift us.” 

good luck.

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I very much agree with @JennyW1: I’m actually not setting up a registry no matter how many times people ask me to. I’m going to accept whatever they give me no matter how ridiculous or useless it may be to me, because I’ve witnessed too much registry drama that I just want to avoid all of it. No one forced me or pushed me into having a wedding and no one is twisting my arm into giving nice gifts to my attendants, I’m doing it because I want to and not expecting anything from the guests other thant hat they show up on time and not wear jeans or sneakers lol.. A friend I know had a wedding and people barely showed up that was horrible and thats my worst fear lol

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@christalynn11: I totally understand how you feel.  I felt SUPER awkward about registering and have posted about that elsewhere.  It’s a weird feeling.  I felt better when my mom (who used to be completely anti-registry) said it was for the convenience of my guests.  I still asked my FH to set up the appointments, etc. and really wasn’t all that into it.  

People are weird about this stuff.  My FH’s family will not buy from a registry, which is cool…but then it’s super awkward when they ask what I want for a shower, etc.  So I ended up (after a really uncomfortable conversation) making ANOTHER list for them with generic items (tea towels and the like) because that’s what they wanted me to do. The registry was BAD, but a handwritten list was fine?!  Confusing.  

My family and friends and our friends will buy from the registry or give cash.  My inlaws will probably be shocked (because they do LOOK at the registry) at all the stuff that has been kindly bought for us.  I think that they just see it as good to know information, whereas (even though I didn’t like doing it) I put a lot of research into the appliances, warranties, etc.  

What stings is the judgement that comes from others.  My sister also got married this year and my aunt (who isn’t the most social person in the world) gave her the extremely generous present of a couple of really nice knives and a cutting board.  After the presents, she went up to my sister (who was talking to a bunch of my mom’s friends) and asked “why in the world did you register for such expensive knives?”  My sister explained why…but yeah.  Super awkward.  If you thought they were too expensive, why did you buy them? And if you bought them, why complain about it in public?  Crazy.

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