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@Jacqui90:  Aww that is such a sweet story! I wish I had photos with me of my childhood cat, Mimi.  My parents got him while my mom was pregnant with me, so he was always my older “brother”. I was SO SO SO SO sad when he died, but he lived for 18 long years! Pretty impressive for cats. 🙂

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Aww! I love this reminiscing about childhood pets!

My childhood dog was Sandy. She was a German Shepherd- Chow mix, but the sweetest, most gentle dog in the world. Being the baby of a house with 7 kids, she was extremely well behaved and so smart.  

The story of how we got Sandy is funny. One summer day in July, all of my siblings and I were sitting around the kitchen table at lunch time. My parents were arguing about something, and my dad brought up to my mom that his sister (my aunt) had a dog and wanted to know if we wanted it. My dad knew what he was doing with that news– within minutes all of my siblings and I (7 kids between the ages of 3 and 11) were begging my mom to let us get the dog. It was decided eventually that we’d all go meet the puppy and see what she was like. We all immediately fell in love with Sandy. We named her that because of her coloring, and also because she was an orphan, and the dog from Annie was also named Sandy. Her previous owners gave her up because she was too energetic with their older dog. 

We brought her home for a “trial run” that never ended. She was an incredible dog. She died much too young, around 8 years old. My mom was in a car accident driving home from dropping us off at school and Sandy was in the car. We think she died from complications from the impact. She went outside to go to the bathroom one night, and when she didn’t turn back up within a half hour, my mom went out and found her body behind our garage. It was heartbreaking (still is). I was at college so I never really got to say goodbye. My grandfather ended up dying the next day, so my parents broke the news of both deaths to me at the same time. He loved Sandy, though, so it was slightly comforting for me to think of my dog greeting my grandpa on the other side. 

I waited 7 years to get another dog. You can never replace the ones that you’ve lost and it took a long time to heal from her death. My mom still refuses to get another dog because she believes that we had the perfect dog and no other dog could come close to Sandy. Here she is greeting us at my grandparents house when we returned from a road trip. 

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@Jacqui90:  Oh, I love cavaliers!

I don’y have any digital photos, but my first pet was my mom’s graduation present.

When my mom was a teen, she and my grandma showed shi tzus.  My mom’s dog was a stunningly handsome, very intelligent brown shi tzu named Dusty. 

Many years later, when my mom was about to graduate with from undergrad, my grandma gave her a shi tzu puppy as a graduation gift.  The puppy got named Digit, because my mom had gotten a math degree.  She was Dusty’s great-(great?)-grandpuppy.  My grandma had tracked down his descendants.

Digit was about 7 when I was born, and lived to roughly 13, and for most of that she was the only dog my parents owned.

About a year before she died, my mom decided that she wanted to raise puppies for a handicapped assistance program, similar to Guide Dogs for the Blind, but also quite different.  We got our first puppy from that program, a full golden retriever.

When it was clear that Digit was going to dog heaven soon, my parents decided they needed another dog.  They had a 7 year old (me) who would have a hard time conceptualizing that this dog (the puppy in training) would be ours for awhile and then someone elses.  They decided to get another dog that would always be ours, to give me that security. My mom decided that the retrievers and the shi tzus were to easy to train and she wanted a “training challenge.” They got a beagle. She got her training challenge!

As a 7 year old, I begged to name the beagle Princess.  My mom, horrified, convinced me that all princesses have two names.  Princess Aurora, Princess Diana, see?  What would her second name be? We settled on “Abigail,” a very common beagle name. Princess Abigail spent the first couple years of her life getting into trouble.  She was impossible!

Now, she’s pushing 14.  She’s not particularly sick, but she is, after all, 14.  She just got over a nasty stomach virus, so now we feed her all soaked food.  Yep, we soak a container of her kibble in water, warm it up, and give it to her.  Hey, at least we got her off the pureed rice. 

This is her in 2002, which would have made her about 2. 

And I haven’t downloaded my mom’s pictures to my computer recently, so the most recent picture I have of her is from March of last year.

She’s a lot more gray now.  And a little bit deaf. She doesn’t go looking for trouble like she used to, but if you leave food within her reach she’ll still steal it.  She passes most of her time sleeping in a throne of pillows on my parent’s bed.

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We had an Abysinnian growing up, Pixie.  My mom brought her home from the breeder on Valentine’s Day when I was 5 years old.

Here she is showing her dissaproval of my packing to go to Grenada for school:

She knew what suitcases meant and she never ilked when we were packing for trips.  

She was also a water thief, we even gave her a people glass for her water and filled it up from the water dispenser, but she still would steal your water.  She really wanted the water from this glass that was almost empty so my mom had to help her out after she was shoving her face to the bottom of the glass!

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  My dog Queen. A rough collie-siberian huskey mix ( I been told her husky psrent was actually a wolf-dog).




She loved the outside and was super energetic.  She was always happy to see us, and tried to escape our place and visit our grade school when I was a  kid, she did this so often, the whole town knew who she was (I am sure that was a husky quality). My grandpa always pretended not to like her, but yet he always made her gravey to eat with her food…humm, lol




When she got old she couldn’t take the cold so long so she came inside more often. 




I feel guilty because I wasn’t there for the last few yearsbof her life, I was was out traveling overseas…maybe she thought I abandoned her…makes me feel like a jerk. 




But she is in doggy heaven, and loving life right now…and I love her picture I took of her before I left to travel.












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