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Blushing bee
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I can’t wait to see what gets posted in this thread!

My favorite thoughtful gift is for my mom this year. My mom has always LOVED Elton John, and growing up I can vividly remember so many instances of dancing around the house together and singing super loudly to all of his older songs. Good, good memories. I’ve always wanted to get her tickets to go see him, but the last time I remember him coming around I was a poor college student and just couldn’t afford it. Well, here comes his farewell tour… And I can finally afford tickets! When I told my sister and father my idea they wanted to pitch in, so I went from nosebleed balcony to floor seats!!! I bought the tickets like three months ago and we all can’t WAIT for Christmas to give them to her – she is going to lose her mind! My mom and I also don’t spend a ton of time together, so I’m super stoked to go to the concert with her and get to have that experience.

Is there a really awesome memory you maybe have with your partner that you can recreate all or part of?

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worriedbeehere11 :  Your partner sounds amazing. I think you have in fact, won the lottery and are very rich indeed.

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Bumble bee

My family has always cherished ‘generation’ photos, so during the first Thanksgiving I spent with his whole family I had all of the men take a photo together. Then I ordered a custom frame that said something like “5 generations of something something.” His grandpa is in pretty poor health. I gifted this to my Father-In-Law for Christmas.

For my in laws 40th wedding anniversary we hosted a big party for them, and our special gift to them was a replica of their wedding cake. I also placed a photo of their wedding day with them cutting their cake right next to the replica. They really loved it! It was by far the most elaborate and expensive cake I will ever buy, it’s one of those multi tiered with pillars and such. 

For mothers day one year, I got a custom bracelet made of my late grandmothers signature made for my mom. I found a card where she signed ” I love you, Deanna” so that was turned into the bracelet. Later ordered a necklace of this for my aunt as a thank you for her generous wedding gift to us. 

My Mother-In-Law gifted all of her siblings and kids a family cook book filled with a collection of all sides of the family’s signature recipes. I love it so much!! My mom is planning on doing the same thing for our family now too. It’s a nice blend of all of the family’s little contributions

Last year my husband got my 2 degrees framed, which meant a lot to me since I worked so hard for them. 

Most of the things listed above are relatively inexpensive! But I love a good, thoughtful gift- I’m pretty sure gift giving is my love language. 

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Helper bee

My fiance gifted me mixbook with our pictures in our first vacation together for one of my birthdays. He got me a personalized calender for one Christmas. He once got me a ring and pendant made which had a birthstone. During a very stressful time, my fiance gifted me some essence oils and a hot pad to put on my neck and back. He once gifted me amber and another time an ammonite because he knew about my rock and mineral collection. 

My fiance andI went to talk of Orhan Pamuk, a famous writer. I gifted him, “Red’ by Orhan Pamuk as a graduation gift. When I was in a long distance relation with my fiance, I sent him a parcel of undergarment shirts. I also once gave him a shirt that said, “Some one living in XXXX is thinking of me” when we were living in separate cities. I gave my fiance a talking album with our photos in it. There was a recording of my voice that wished him a happy birthday as soon as he opened it.

My mum told me that she couldn’t find a cover for her phone, so, I bought her one from Amazon. My mum is no techno savy, so, she was surprised when se saw her gift. 

I made a mixbook family album for my father. 

My fiance gave my mum a bouquet of flowers as a welcoming gift when she came to visit us. He did it because he learnt that she never received fowers as a gift before. 

My friend complained to me that her scractched her furniture, so, I got a her cat a scratcher when as her home warming gift when she invited me to her place.

The blue stone is significant in my culture. I gave one to my future Mother-In-Law. I also gave her a pendent of a real maple leaf dipped in gold (Maple leaf is significant in Canada. I am Canadian). I don’t know if she like it though. 

When I was moving from Canada to Australia, my friends gifted me a book about Australia and a Canadian T-shirt as a departure gift. 



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Bumble Beekeeper

My h. could/would never be able to give  the romantic   sort of gifts that some bees have listed , never. He does give  me things,  though usually wildly  unlike anything I would normally   wear or own. 

  Once it was an entire outfit, made of, well a kind of wetsuit material, electric blue and black  tiger stripes, with fringes. It was skin tight and would have suited your basic hooker situation . He was so pleased with it, fortunately my sister in law had been  shown it first  and rang to warn me so I could arrange my face when he gave it  to me.

So yes sweet and thoughtful,  but also clueless.  

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Busy bee
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My mom absolutely loves Les Mis and when they revived it in 2014 on Broadway my brother and I split the cost of first row, center mezzanine seats. We waiting until Christmas to give to her and she was shocked knowing she was going, and how amazing the tickets were.

My fiance and I have this thing we always say to each other. The quote is very similar (1 word off) from a popular phrase and we see that popular phrase EVERYWHERE on shirts, jewelry, decor, etc. He ordered me a bar necklace with the phrase on it. I cried!

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Sugar bee

My friend had lung cancer.He was also very religious without being obnoxious.So When I heard the cancer came back , I found a small wooden cross he could carry in his pocket.He told me he was never without it and had great meaning for him

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Bumble bee

I had broken up with my high school boyfriend when we started college. Although we were no longer together we would meet up and text when we both were back home. We met up during the holidays and I decided to have a talk where we would break up for good. We had the talk and he went home. I noticed a gift bag on the table and in there was heart shaped chocolate and magnets he had made himself with our names on it. It was so sweet and I felt like the shittiest person.

I think the sweetest gift I’ve given was to my bf this year. I translated his favourite recipes from my language to his. There are  few items that are not available in the UK which he always wants to have when visiting.

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worriedbeehere11 :  Those are wonderful gifts from your partner! You don’t have to have the highest salary to give meaningful gifts to your loved ones! 

One of my favorite gifts was from my husband on our first Christmas married and in our house. I was a broke grad student at the time but set to start my full-time job on January 2nd. We had an amazing destination wedding and minimoon weekend following it, but had yet to take our real honeymoon. I had saved a little money up, but really got on my husband every time he made a large purchase about how he could be putting more away for our trip. On Christmas morning, there was a big box under the tree, but when I opened it, there was a weight, tissue paper, and then an envelope. Inside was a check for a few grand – he had had been saving up all along! We booked our belated honeymoon/first anniversary trip right away πŸ™‚ He did pretty good this year too! 

This year, we took my mom to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra! She’s been wanting to go forever but has a difficult work schedule, and I wanted to get us good seats. The stars aligned this year and we finally got to take her. Seeing her really get into the music and lights made my year! Her birthday is in a few days and I’m excited to give her those gifts as well. We lost my gram last year and then my mom’s dog died from bone cancer this year, and we’ve all had a tough time with mourning. I found a beautiful cardinal snow globe (there are 2 in there) and she believes that when you see a cardinal, it’s a passed loved one visiting, so to me they represent Gram and Bear. I also found a cute cardinal necklace online and will be giving her those along with a box of her favorite chocolates, a little prayer box, and a birthday gift set from Bath & Body Works. 

I gave my husband money toward a watch he wanted but also got him a couple small things, and I’m surprised at how much he loves this musical nutcracker that I found. He’s a drummer, and the nutcracker plays a song and actually beats a drum when you wind it up. Sometimes it’s the little things! 

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Bumble bee
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My husband makes me feel loved and cherished with lots of small gestures. I especially love his homemade gifts. They are super thoughtful, romantic, and sweet.

1. When we were long distance, he used to send me cards every single week – sometimes more than one. I have about 100 cards. His mom makes them, and they are incredibly beautiful.

2. I used to collect stones as a kid, so one of his first gifts to me was a bunch of rocks that he collected at his favorite lake and painted with the words “I love you”

3. My favorite stone used to be amethyst, but I started liking aquamarines better because their color is the same as his eyes’.  So he made sure he incorporated that in my engagement ring, adding aquamarines as side stones.

4. On our first anniversary, he gave me a bunch of balloons with handwritten notes inside them. Some of them were “things I love about you” and some were “moments to reminisce on”.

5. Also, he baked fortune cookies with hand written messages inside them because, in his words, we felt so lucky to have me.

6. He made scratch tickets with NSFW prizes (LOL) – when he gave me those, he said it was only fair, because he felt he won the lottery when he met me.

7. He made a layered cardboard box that opened like petals with some of our pictures and romantic notes next to them.

8. He went to Lake Tahoe (were we originally thought we were going to get married) especially to take a picture of himself holding a sign saying “will you marry me?”. That picture was at the end of a picture book he gave me for Christmas, and then he popped the question. Funny fact is that I gave him a picture book for Christmas as well – and we picked the same picture for the cover! 

9. He knows I find snow globes amazing (although I don’t own one), and made one for me with a picture of our wedding inside it.

10. One of my best childhood friends couldn’t come to our wedding, so my husband arranged a tripod and put his phone on it to live transmit it to my friend. I only saw it after the ceremony, when my husband took me there to talk to my friend.

11. When I am sad, he gives me kisses pushing my cheeks up with his lips. He calls them uplifting kisses. They never fail to make me smile.


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Busy bee
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We recently bought our first home so my parents bought me a menorah for Christmas! I’ve never had my own as we always used my mum’s for Hanukkah, but now I have one for our house too 😁 I’m not a religious Jew and my fiance isn’t Jewish, but I wanted one nevertheless as my culture and heritage is important to us. It’s a really contemporary one and matches our living area 😊 I know it’s very unconventional to get a menorah for Christmas, but Jesus was King of the Jews so works for me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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This year my future mother in law gifted me her mother’s engagement ring from the 1930s that was incredibly thoughtful and special, especially considering how thoughtless she has been in the past.

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ladyvictoria :  

There is a saying: When cardinals appear, angels are near.

Sounds like you made an especially thoughtful gift choice.

I am very sorry for your losses of your gram and your mother’s dog. That can hurt so much.  We lost our sweet Lexi just a few weeks ago.

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sassy411 :  I included that very saying in the note that will come with her necklace! I’m just hoping that it will get to us in time. I’m so sorry for your loss as well. 

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