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following to see everyones kitties, and being jealous because I can’t have one!

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Busy bee

I love this thread! And like you all, I’m struggling to choose which pics to post.  

Holly is my beautiful Burmese and she loves to chew styrofoam. So if we forget and leave an esky on the floor after camping, it’s usually demolished by the time we get home.  She doesn’t swallow it, just shreds it. 

We discovered the hard way that she also loves to eat tinsel, which meant a rushed trip to the vet on Christmas Eve when I came home to find a big piece hanging out of her butt lol.  All was well in the end but we now have tinsel-free Christmases.

Other than that, she’s your usual intelligent and uber-smoochy Burmese who follows me around like a dog.  But casually.  Like, “I’m not being needy, I just choose to be here. In the same room as you.”  

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My cat is a big old medium/ long haired fluffy monster and gets real hot during the summertime so he loves to hang out in the freezer.  If there wasent so much stuff in the way he would climb all the way in and close the door then just pushes it open when he’s ready to come out and hop down.  

Just another cause I found it funny, going for a ride with dad

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Buzzing bee
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 He’s got a half pink, half black nose. He is also a weirdo and drinks water by dipping his paw in the dish and then licking it off. I am not sure why he started doing this because he never used too. It’s kind of adorable though.

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So many pretty kitties!

This is my Eevie-Pie:

She is the stalkiest cat I’ve ever known. She stalks me from room to room and as soon as I start to stand up she’s up and ready to follow. She’s also well trained. She knows when I’m grating cheese/doing anything with cheese and she will run to the kitchen jump on the side and watch patiently until I give her a few scraps (not too much of course). My family think she is odd because she doesn’t purr infront of anyone but me and Fiance. Also in the morning she wakes when we do and gives us lots of morning cuddles. She is my baby. 😀

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My kitten loves to be under the covers. She will somehow get between the fitted sheet on my bed and the mattress and lays there all day. She is a Siamese/Tabby mix and pretty much looks Siamese excet some white and orange markings on her face. My other cat is a black and white rescue. She has the tip on one ear missing. 

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Bumble bee
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As soon as my cat hears me move in the morning (he sleeps on our bed), he makes these cute little noises and comes up to my head to rub his face on me. He starts purring and lays with me for a bit while I pet him. Love the morning snuggles!

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nanoinfinity:  We have three family cats, but one of them is very special to me. She was the first kitten I ever had (all of my other cats were full grown by the time I was born, let alone by the time I was a child). She used to like me to rock her to sleep and she spent the first three months in my bedroom (we had a dog who was a little iffy about her), so now that is her “home base.” She’s just very sweet and very loving towards me. When I get home, she comes running out to greet me, she chirps her hellos, she sleeps with me at night. She knows when I’m upset and will come comfort me. Nothing special, but my little Elsa is my love! (I love my other cats just as much, but Elsa is my “baby”)

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Sugar bee

I love this thread! 

Cats don’t get nearly enough credit for being awesome creatures. 

This is Rory, hunter extrodinaire. He will catch something almost every day. Sometimes he eats it, but most days he brings it home to my husband and I to ensure we’re being cared for. Such a sweet boy!

He is also willingly the playmate of our dog. They can get pretty rough, and I don’t know how he hasn’t snapped with our dog’s naughty tactics. 

He also loves to go on walks with us and will follow us for as long as we will keep going, even places he has never been before. It really makes our neighbors and passersby laugh when they see our cat following our dog on a walk.

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Bumble bee
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Found him outside, living in the bushes of my condo complex. Too thin and cuts behind his ears from scratching himself until he bled. The process of slowly domesticating him is what makes him special to me. Who rescued who? He has brought us so much joy and laughter.

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nanoinfinity:  thank you for starting this thread!  My gray tabby makes this really cute curly “rrr” sound in her meows and purs (FI and I refer to it as “spanish purs”) I have yet to hear any other cat make this sound! She’s also a super sweet meower whenever she needs something…and of course she gets it everytime! 

My orange tabby is very quiet, but he is THE snuggle king…whenever we’re on bed he would always jump up on the bed and starts walking towards us with such conviction all the way up to our neck areas, and then drop down his body and curl up to our faces. CAT SCARF status!

The gray one likes to sleep by our feet whereas the orange one will always come close to our face areas and snuggle 🙂



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