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fromatoz :  Well, my mom insisted on being at my house by my due date, so the parents were there about 3 days before he was born.  People were competing for him to be born on their birthdays – husband already missed out on that one.  We went out to dinner at an Italian place, super yummy, and aftewards I said the baby felt weird.  I think he shifted down, looking back.  Went home, went to bed, woke up with contractions early that morning.  At first I just went back to sleep between each (didn’t even realize what was happening for at least the first two).  Then I stayed awake but left my husband to sleep.  I figured we had no idea how long we’d be, one of us might as well have slept decently.  Around 5 I realized that my best friend would be awake because it was 7 on the east coast, so I texted with her for an hour or so.  She was the first person to know I was in labor, lol.

After everyone woke up, I said the baby was coming that day.  I attempted to drink a smoothie but didn’t get far.  Wandered around the property and stuff like that until we decided the contractions were close enough (I was using some app that I have since deleted).  I think it was about 11 when we went to the hospital a half hour away.  I was going to try a water birth, but in the end just spent a little time in a tub and went about it the “normal” way.  One set of contractions made me sit up and puke (goodbye smoothie) but other than that I didn’t get sick.  I also never wanted to eat or drink. 

The nurse was awesome – she made me do all sorts of things that totally sucked but helped the baby along, like straddling a toilet to ‘squat’ while holding the pipes.  So sexy.  The midwive who was delivering didn’t come in for ages, which surprised me.  Really she wasn’t there until it was time to push, which was that evening.  Eventually I caved and got some medication, which kinda worked for a bit.  Then I caved further and got an epidural (seriously – go in there with your plan.  I tried natural with the intention to give up if I wanted to and never feel bad about it).  After the eipidural (and that man was incredible, I never felt it go in) I drank a ton of water, chatted more, made and laughed at jokes, etc.  I’d still try it naturally first, but it was amazing how much better I felt overall.  Another thing they don’t tell you: you won’t really feel the contractions except to note they are happening, but you will feel the hell out of your crotch.  Once the baby was really coming, it felt like I couldn’t go on, but obviously no choice at that point!  He was out more abruptly than I realized he would be.  I was preparing for another push and she was already tossing him on my chest.  I was shocked to be done.  I did have first degree tears that were stitched up and dreaded using the bathroom or showering for awhile.  Walking was a bit of a challenge as well – more of a waddle for a bit.  Oh and my husband was asked to hold one of my legs, which surprised us, but he rose to the occasion.  Poor thing probably still has nightmares.

He was born 4 minutes before midnight, on a friend/coworker’s birthday.  Immediate skin to skin, I didn’t need to ask.  They did take him away to weigh and to flush his lungs as he “wasn’t screaming as loud as we’d like.”  Thanks a lot… he sure can scream now wink  The next day he had Jaundice and had to get tested to make sure there wasn’t a significant reason.  They decided he needed antibiotics as well as lights, which meant a week in NICU.  Little bugger moved too much and had his IV moved all over his body – feet, hands, elbows, head even (they say that’s best but freaks people out).  He was covered in pinpricks by the time we got to go home.

The NICU part sucked.  It was boring and I didn’t get to spend tons of time with baby.  Still, I was able to stay in the hospital for free because the rooms weren’t needed (I think it’s amazing that our hospital does that, though for all I know it’s standard) and got meal cards daily.  The cafeteria was delicious.  My husband, after some initial guilt, was able to go to work every day (I was on summer break).  My parents took care of our house and yard and came up to visit us. 

All in all, I’d say I had a typical birth with a little hiccup afterwards.  I believe it cost 6-9000 out of pocket but around 100,000 in insurance.  Hurray for insurance.

Nursing has just about always sucked for me.  He could do both breast and bottle, which was awesome, but had a lot of difficulty with latching initially and it hurt, then got too mobile to want to stick around, got a couple of teeth to bite with, got a bad cold and couldn’t breathe and drink.  In the end a bottle was easier… I didn’t give up on nursing until this April though (when he started daycare, land of a million colds).  I’m still pumping but I can’t freaking wait until his birthday (just 3 more weeks!) when I will quit.

needs: a bikini top to preserve my dignity a little, greater than overnight bag due to unexpected stay, crotch washing bottle – I think they forgot to leave me one, breast shield, books/entertainment, epidural

not needed: sarong since I gave up on the water birth, food (barf)

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lol, I thought I was just going to write a quick blurb!

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I’d been having Braxton Hicks contractions for like three weeks prior to going into labor. My midwife was discussing inducing me because I was at risk for preeclampsia. On Saturday morning, I lost my mucous plug (it took like all day and was really gross haha)! But once that happened my contractions transitioned from Braxton Hicks to real! They just felt like really intense period pains, but totally manageable (at first). So all day Saturday I was timing the contractions, but they were irregular. Most were about 9 minutes apart but some would accassionwlly come every 15-30 minutes. This was so frustrating! I wanted to see things progress so bad and was so impatient! 


That night the contractions were strong enough that I couldn’t sleep through them. So about every ten minutes or so I was waking up to a contraction. I was pretty excited for things to progress too so sleeping was really difficult in general. On Sunday the contractions got way more intense! They were still irregular so I just kind of labored at home throughout the day, taking a few hot showers, playing board games, and eating lots of carbs! My husband and sister made me a chicken and corn chowder for dinner (one of my favorite meals) which I loved! By 6pm I was getting pretty desperate to see the contractions get regular.. they were still manageable pain wise, but things were getting much more uncomfortable, and I was pretty exhausted at this point. 


I decided to to go to bed at around 10 that night and it was unbearable! The contractions were lasting for like 90 seconds each and it felt like I was being stabbed in my uterus! It took quite a bit of strength not to scream.. I was feeling super defeated and was pretty desperate to get some sleep. I gave my midwife a call to see if I could head to the hospital, but she said I should at least wait until my contractions were 5 minutes apart and regular. I was aching to see things get more regular! After our call I cried..


my husband joined me in bed and promptly fell asleep. But I couldn’t. The contractions were so painful, I would get into fetal position every time and try not to make any noise. At 12:15am, at the tail end of my worst contraction yet, there was a large pop from inside me. At first I though that the baby had kicked through the sac. That’s literally what it felt like! I even felt down there to see if  his foot was sticking out of me ๐Ÿ˜‚ I then realized that it had to be my water breaking.. I slowly sat up in bed, then as I stood up a huge hush of water poured down my legs! Finally it was go time!


my husband drove me to the hospital (a long 40 minute drive). My contractions were now consistently 2 minutes apart, 60 seconds long, and absolutely, utterly awful! When we got to the hospital, I was 3 cm dilated and admitted! I’d originally hoped to have a natural labor and delivery, but I couldn’t get a break from the pain! It’s no joke that once the water breaks the contractions get like 100x worse as there is no water between the contractions and you! 


Three hours after arriving at the hospital I got the epidural, and let me tell you, INSTANT RELIEF!! Immediately the pain was gone, all I felt was the pressure of the contractions. My body worked very fast from that point. By 8:30 I was 10 cm +1. The delivery team was called and I began pushing. I have never exerted so much force into anything! I was provided a mirror once baby’s head was visible and after 1 hour of pushing, my baby boy was born at 9:32 am that Monday morning. He was healthy, big and the most beautiful sight I’ve had yet to behold! Born at 39+1 weeks, he wanted to join the world a bit early and im so glad! My birthing experience was so wonderful! The prodromal labor was mentally exhausting, yet not nearly as long as it could have been! And the pain of the contractions was just awful, but at the end it was such a beautiful experience! 

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We had been in and out of the hospital just to get checked because it was my first pregnancy and I have anxiety so I always thought labor was starting

The last time, I was having contractions and they were pretty close together so we went… again! They said I wasn’t dilated but they realized I had an infection so they were going to keep me overnight for iv meds. My now husband went home. I ended up going into labor anyway!

I went into labor early Sunday morning, like 1am or so. they broke my water at about two pm on Sunday and I got an epidural around the same time.

Everything went to hell after that. My blood pressure kept dropping and my daughters heartrate kept tanking with each contraction. They started flipping me to get her to recover and the the epidural stopped working. It worked for about an hour.

It went like that for a while, eventually I was on oxygen and then I was vomiting. I started to push at 8pm, I was pushing and throwing up for FOUR HOURS. FOUR!!

At midnight, there was a shift change and I begged them to help me. I’ll give them credit for letting me go so long without interfering, I had to beg to get a doctor in there to help.

Now the room starts to fill with people because the doctor plans to use the vacuum. That means they need my doctor, a pediatrician, and respiratory therapists (there was meconium in my water)

She puts the vacuum on and I feel it. then it falls off and she puts it on again and I still feel it. I pushed twice with the vacuum and they realized that the baby wasn’t coming out.

Then it was time for a C-section. I wasn’t afraid, I was just like “I have to wait even MORE for this pain to end??? My god!!!” The vacuum was at midnight and my daughter was born at 1:20 in the morning via C-section.

I was still pushing as they wheeled me in, I couldn’t stop. Finally I realized that if I could stop pushing, they would give me a spinal and it would be all over. I was still throwing up after the spinal too.

The anesthesiologist was my buddy though, he not only stopped my pain but he gave me meds for my nausea too ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Turns out the cord was wrapped around my daughters neck twice and it was very tight, so there was no way she was coming out. She had been in position for weeks and she was tiny, 6 pounds 6 ounces but I still needed a C-section.

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My first I was induced at 41w.  Nothing before hand.  I went in at 10pm (fingertip dilated, 50% effaced) and they did cervidil.  It’s horrible to try and sleep with monitors attached so I didn’t sleep well.  Cervidil didn’t do anything either.  They started pitocin the next day at 7:30am (contractions felt easy) and at 8am broke my water and they got really intense after that.  I opted for an epidural at noon after 4 hours and only at 2cm (100% effaced).  It was fantastic!  We had 2 decels after the epidural but luckily no more (any more would have been a csection).  They put me on oxygen on and off since they said her heart rate needed more variability. Epidural sped up my labor since by 4:30pm I was at 9cm and then it took until about 6:30 to be fully dilated.  I labored down about an hour and started pushing.  Pushed maybe an hour and a half and she was born around 8:40pm.  I had an episiotomy (second degree) so needed stitches. No issues after that

Second baby came on his own at 40+5 (40 appointment I was maybe 1.5cm dilated- loose 1cm).  I woke up around 5am and felt a trickle of water.  I was going to go to work that day but decided this was probably it so wasn’t going to go in.  I started having very mild regular contractions 30m later.  Dr. said they wanted to check to see if it was amniotic fluid so I went to L&D.  Dropped my 2 year old at daycare and picked up breakfast before going in.  4 hours had passed by now (it was 9am) so they did the test and said it was not fluid.  I stayed an hour so they could see if I was progressing.  I was at 3cm when I arrived and still 3cm a few hours later even with regular contractions.  They just weren’t strong enough yet.  They said I could stay and be induced or leave.  So i left (sometime after 11am )and was going to stop for lunch but they had picked up in intensity so I just had my DH drive us home and I ate a sandwich.  They got more intense at home and I decided to go back because I wanted an epidural.  Got back to L&D at 2pm and got an epidural around 3pm and at 6cm.  Epidural slowed down my labor so we used the peanut ball and that picked things back up.  No pitocin this time.  I pushed maybe an hour and 10m and he was born around 8:45pm.  On my husband’s birthday.  Second degree (natural) tear so stitches again.

short story: 2 vaginal births, 2 second degree tears, 2 epidurals, and I never had pre-labor with either one. And both late. First- induction.  Second- spontaneous.  We didn’t have any issues after birth that were major other than since it was a Friday our ped had my second’s bilirubin levels rechecked by bloodwork (born Monday but still looked a little yellow Fri).  Breastfeeding was super easy for me with both. No latching or supply issues.  Second had colic/dairy intolerance though so I gave that up awhile.  Nursed my first until 25mo and my second is currently 19mo.

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With my son, I was 39w2d when I was induced.  He was measuring very large (my husband is built like an NFL linebacker–WIDE) and my doctor was concerned that if I was going to try for a vaginal delivery, best to try early.  I was already dilated to 3cm.  I showed up for induction at 6pm and did not require cervadil.  Pitocin started at 7:30pm and around 12:30am they broke my water.  I labored on maxed out pitocin before I asked for an epidural around 4:30am.  I finally slept for 3 hours.  At 7:30am my Dr came to check on me.  There was meconium in the fluid, my son’s head was stationed very high, his heart rate started dipping and I only dilated 1cm more.  My Dr then suggested a c-section and I complied.  My son was born at 8lbs 10oz and his head was 95th percentile.  Even though he was born via c-section, his head was cone shaped from spending so much time trying to descend.  All was fantastic with him afterwards.  I had gained 26lbs.


During my 2nd pregnancy with my daughter, I decided from early on that I wanted to try for a VBAC.  I ended up being diagnosed with gestational diabetes and I did everything in my power (strict eating + very mild exercise) to get her to come out vaginally.  At around 38 weeks I started slowly losing my mucus plug.  I was dilated to only 1.5cm and stayed that way from week 36 on.  My gestational diabetes started naturally easing up then as well.  At 38w4d, I started having very, very random contractions at about 3:30pm.  Throughout the day they came very randomly and felt like moderate to painful period cramps.  I went to Costco, fussed with trying to figure out why our pool was turning green, and that night went to buy lightbulbs for our new light fixture.  My contractions were still crazy sporadic but intensity remained.  


That night was the first night I even thought about packing my hospital bag.  I did so and told my husband that I thought he should as well.  I think I went to sleep around midnight and woke up with a contraction at 3:32am.  I went to pee and laid back down to go to sleep.  Another contraction at 3:42am.  Now with them being 10 minutes apart, I was waiting to see if there would be a third.  At 3:51am my water broke with a gush!  I woke my husband up out of a dead sleep asking him to get me a towel.  At that point I knew it was it.  We got our things together, called the Dr and headed to the hospital.  

My contractions at this point started stalling and by 6am when I was settled into my room, they were not intense and not consistent.  There was some debate with my doctor whether or not I would be allowed pitocin being that I had a prior c-section just short of 2 years prior.  He okayed a very low dose to get the process going again.  Once the pitocin rolled, I took the epidural.  I labored all day snoozing on and off until about 6pm.  The doctor asked the nurse to get me the peanut ball to put in between my legs and that REALLY moved things along.  By the time 7:15ish rolled around, I was asking for the doctor to check me because I felt ready.  The nurse came and checked, said woah you are ready to go, and went to get the dr.  He came in and instructed me on what would happen, how to push, etc.  My epidural was truly amazing in that I could still move my legs and feel my contractions.  I did not need to rely on a nurse to tell me when I needed to push.  The trade off though is that I definitely felt most if not all of the action as my daughter came out of my hoohah!


After 26 minutes of the pushing phase (maybe only 4 rounds of pushing), my 8lb 6oz baby girl was born!  I had slight tears that required a stitch here or there (and I DEF felt the stitches and screamed OWW in pain) and the process was over.  I felt like I was high. I was on cloud 9 and in that moment I felt like I was the strongest woman I have ever known.  I gained only 8lbs my whole pregnancy.  


My high disappeared quickly though as within a few hours of birth, my daughter started grunting with every breath.  We had her sent to the NICU and it was there that they found she had GBS strep infection that lead to bacterial meningitis.  It was a bumpyish road in the NICU for 3 weeks but after that my daughter was able to come home and has been perfect ever since. 


I say the last part not to scare anyone (GBS infection is super rare, let alone it leading to bacterial meningitis), but to just remind you to follow your intuition if you feel something isn’t right.  The quicker you act with anything that might seem off, the higher your chances that everything will be just peachy in the end.  My little love just turned 1 and she is absolutely amazing.  


Lastly, to any women who wants to or is thinking to VBAC, with the support of your practitioner, I totally recommend it!  The difference in recovery was nothing short of incredible.  A c-section was the right choise for me in my first pregnancy, but getting to experience VBAC was a completely different experience and absolutely the best choice for my second pregnancy.

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NB: my birth story is traumatic (but with a good ending) so if you prefer only good experiences then go ahead and skip over. 

I had near constant contractions/threatened preterm labor from 23 weeks and it SUCKED. At least once a week my contractions would start to get closer together and more intense and I was sure I was going into labor, then as soon as I would get ready to go into L&D they would fizzle out. I let my doctor tell me that everything was fine, but deep down I knew something wasn’t right. I wish now that I’d asked for more monitoring and medicine to stop the contractions. Also my blood pressure was creeping up and I had protein in my urine, but my doctor ignored it and I didn’t push because I was afraid I was just being a worrying first time mom. So that’s the first thing I would recommend…you know your body so don’t be afraid to push for better care if you need it. 

My actual birth was very scary. I went in at 36/37 weeks (dating was a bit off since I changed doctors…they said 37 weeks but I’m fairly sure it was 36 according to my early ultrasound) for lack of fetal movement and hiss heart rate was bad on the monitor so they rushed me back for an EMCS. It was literally less than 30 minutes from the time they decided to section me until he was out. He was in distress and quit breathing in the OR, so they had to intubate him and rush him to the NICU. I got to give him a quick kiss on the head but that was it. He lost almost all his blood via fetomaternal hemorrhage so he had several blood transfusions and we didn’t get to hold him for 6 days. He was in NICU for 2 weeks but at 5 months is doing really well and meeting most of his milestones right on time!

I had planned a med free birth with skin to skin right after and breastfeeding, so I didn’t prepare nearly enough for a csection. Obviously you hope your birth goes to plan, but it’s a good idea to prepare for all sorts of possibilities. I wish I had thought about the possibility of a csection and stocked up on high waisted yoga pants. My regular ones cut right into my scar so it sill hurts to wear them 5 months later :/ Also, I couldn’t breastfeed because of the trauma, and I spent entirely too long beating myself up about that. If I had it to do over I would have stocked some formula and mentally prepared to use it alongside or instead of breastmilk. I also got a cute labor gown because I didn’t want to wear the hospital gown, but in the end I didn’t care about that at all and shouldn’t have wasted the money. My whole birth experience was terrible, which I don’t say to scare you, but I wish I had been more prepared for a possibly bad experience. Of course I’m glad my son is doing well now and that I was okay, but it’s taken me a while to process the trauma and that’s okay. No matter what your experiences are, your comfort matters too so don’t let anyone dismiss your feelings with things like “at least baby is okay” or similar. 

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Going to try to keep it relatively brief: (team green, big baby, 23 hour med-free vaginal birth)

Had my 41w appointment at 2pm. Measured 3cm, 80% effaced, and 0 station. Asked for a membrane sweep to try to avoid induction, which doctors were pushing for 41+3. 

Contractions started around 8pm, quickly increasing in frequency from every 10 minutes to every 2 minutes, lasting 30-60s. (Basically I skipped early labor and started in active labor.) I labored like that in the kitchen until 11:30pm when hubby woke up and freaked out that they were so close together so we headed to the hospital around midnight (hubby’s birthday). 

I labored all night walking the halls and was checked at 9:45am. OB came in, I measured 6-7cm and since it had been over 12 hours already, OB broke my water and promised baby would come around lunchtime (NOPE). 

For the next few hours we continued to walk the halls, with contractions increasing to every 2 minutes lasting 1-1.5 minutes. I started to ask hubby for an epidural, and at one point, even requested a csection because of the intense contractions. He helped me stay strong. 

I spent some time in the shower, and then in the tub. While in the tub around 4:30pm I started to feel the need to push. Got out of the tub and got checked- I was 9.5cm but had a lip of cervix left so the nurse had to manually move it out of the way during a contraction. 

OB came in so I could push, but they discovered baby was coming out forehead first instead of with chin tucked, so he reached in and adjusted baby’s position. I pushed for a total of about 1.5hrs. Baby’s shoulders got stuck, so they had to flip my legs up after the head came out to get baby to safely come out. 

Second degree tear that healed very well, 9lb 4oz 21″ healthy baby girl born at 6:42pm on her daddy’s birthday. 

I brought a bunch of snacks that I didn’t touch. I drank a lot of hospital apple juice. Most important thing for my successful labor was my husband and his support. Currently 32 weeks pregnant with #2 and would be happy with a similar experience.

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Mine was a little traumatic so skip ahead if you’re anxious about giving birth ๐Ÿ™‚

A couple days before my due date I was literally on my hand and knees cleaning and after having no nesting instinct my entire pregnancy I was like “looks like this is happening soon”. My water broke while I was sleeping at like 12AM, the “pop” woke me up and I immediately started gushing liquid. Woke my husband up and called my Dr. who told me I could head in for confirmation it was my water that broke (there was ZERO chance it was anything else, I soaked through multiple huge pads). Husband made me shower and eat before we drove to the hospital, so happy he made me do that, the nurses gave him a high five later. Contractions started like an hour after my water broke, pretty disorganized and not that strong. Drive to the hospital was like 25 minutes. Got checked in and confirmed I was definitely in labor and moved to my delivery room. Was like 2 cm dilated. Contractions gradually grew stronger and more consistent, got checked at like 6AM and was still 2cm :-(. Dr. wanted to start pitocin and I asked to hold off an hour and see if I made progress on my own. At like 7 AM was 2.5cm and gave in on pitocin. At like 7:30 I was like EPIDURAL PLEASE. It was place by like 8AM and it was heaven. I could move my legs the whole time and I cannot recommend highly enough. 10/10 haha.

I could tell his heartbeat was dropping every time I saw a contraction on the monitor and the nurses put an oxygen mask on me. I could tell something was up and they were trying not to freak us out. At like 11AM I was basically fully dilated but they wanted him to drop more on his own to push. I really think at this point they were stalling because they were also calling the most senior doctor at my practice who was rushing to the hospital. He showed up at like noon and I was told I could push. My husband later told me he had sweated through his shirt on his way to the hospital. I had 0 urge to push so they coached me through. At like 12:30 my son was in a lot of distress and they decided I needed a c-section. I was SO UPSET. They laid me down to roll me out and immediately my sons vitals improved. They let me chill for like 5-10 minutes and then they decided I could try to push again. 10 minutes later the Dr. was like “ok forceps” and I was like “vacuum???” and he was like “not quick enough”. At this point there are like 15 people in the room, its a teaching hospital so everyone wants to check out a forceps delivery. They warned me that my son would not cry and not to panic when he was born. FYI forceps are like two piece salad tongs that they assemble like Voltron inside you. No bueno. My son came out and he was BLUUUUUE and as promised no crying. The cord was wrapped around his neck. I delivered my placenta like 2 seconds later because I’m sure he was tugging on it the whole time. After like 45(?) seconds he cried and pinked up. Dr. said I was doing fine pushing, that my son was just 8lb 10 oz and it would have taken like an hour+ an he wasn’t going to be able to tolerate that. He had a tiny bruise from the forceps that went away within a day.

So yeah, I find “birth plans” hilarious. The important thing is everyone left the hospital healthy.

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1st baby- water broke at 39w+1 day 45 minutes before we were having a HUGE holiday party at our house (I know, poor planning on our part).  I was planning to go unmedicated- lasted about 2 hours and 3 CM before I got an epidural (Best. Thing. Ever.).  Son wasn’t tolerating contractions (heartrate dipping and not recovering) so had emergency C at 1:42AM- otherwise great recovery and he was fine.

2nd baby- scheduled C section- was suuuuuuuper excited about not having any labor pains.  Turfed son with grandparents, went out for romantic dinner with husband and plans to be at the hospital the following morning for 9am C.  Got into bed at 10pm, rolled over and felt a “pop”- started contracting and spotting (cue eyeroll).  Went to hospital around 1130 in full labor (sooooo mad), had to wait for OR to be prepped, so labored unmedicated for 2ish hours, finally got spinal (apologized to nurses and staff profusely for all of the things I’d said during the previous 2 hours), had section with daughter at 1:42am- happy healthy baby girl.

Moral of the story- 1. I cannot apparently carry babies for more than 39 weeks and 1 day, and 2. the best laid plans are almost always destroyed when it comes to labor and delivery.  Go into it with a great “happy healthy baby and mama” attitude no matter what happens and you’ll do just fine.  3. I love pain medication.  Like, love love love.  4. My sections were both outstanding with zero complications and speedy recoveries so if it comes to a C, don’t panic!  Good Luck!

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I consider my experience to be a positive induction story. I was super anxious near the end of pregnancy, to the point where my doctor suggested I get induced around 39 weeks (I am generally an anxious person but usually have it under control, specific reasons for the anxiety were a huge drop in growth between growth scans (75th to 25th percentile in 4 weeks when my doctor was monitoring me for placental issues) and reduced fetal movement overnight for some reason, though he always moved a ton all day). 

At 39+3 I went in to get checked and they decided I needed to start the induction with cervidil. Got that put in, 2 hours of monitoring, and they sent me home. Later that day I started getting fairly minor cramping and general back pain etc, but no labour. Went back in the next day and by the time they checked me I was 3 cm and ready for the drip, which they started around 2:30 pm. I kept having minor cramping/contractions until I went for a walk at 8. A couple minutes into the walk, my water broke (picture movie style gushing) which immediately started actual painful contractions that were about 2 min apart. When I got checked next I was at 4-5 cm, at which point I asked for an epidural as things were getting intense fast. Ended up feeling super nauseous and threw up once, but then they got some gravol into me and that went away. At some point I told them I felt like my body was pushing, and they checked me again and said I was 10 cm and ready to go. They called in the doctor, and around then his heart rate started dropping with contractions. They had me pushing hard while they prepped to try the vacuum, which popped off twice so they used foreceps and got him out, less than 3 hours after my water broke. Like pp, there were about a million people in the room waiting in case we needed them, but he came out crying and got to do immediate skin to skin, and all his apgar scores were perfect, which was such a relief. He was even smaller than the ultrasound predicted, a little under 7lb. 

I didn’t end up getting the epidural, there was no time. I actually feel good about that as I hadn’t wanted one but then the change from mild cramping to intense contractions felt like too much. I did try the gas, which didn’t help, and I did get some local anaesthetic prior to the vacuum/foreceps/stitching up that ensued (thank goodness). 

Advise would be to be ready to have things change, especially regarding your planned pain management, and accept that they will do what they need to to get you both through safely. And when they let you start eating/drinking again after do it, I tried to have a shower a couple hours later and managed that part okay so the nurse left for a second. While drying off I started blacking out so my husband who was holding our newborn son had to call for the nurse. Once they got some water and toast into me I was fine ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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I had two really positivet birth experiences.

 my first, I was 3 cm dilated at my 37 week appointment. At 39 weeks I woke up because I felt I needed to use the bathroom. I couldn’t so I went back to bed. 10 minutes later I had to go again so I sit up in bed and I feel my first contraction. I walked to the toilet and my water broke in front of the toilet. I went to my living room and started timing the contractions. They were 5 min apart. This went on so after half an hour I called and they told me to come in. I got to the hospital, they checked me and I was 5cm. I asked about the epidural, one year an a half before I had heart surgery so my OB/GYN advise me to get it so I wouldn’t put too much stress on my heart. So the midwife hooked both me and the baby to a machine to monitor our hearts. She put an IV in and I felt the most intense pain. I told her I feel like my body is pushing, so she checked me again and told me I was just a fingertip shy of 10 cm so it’s too late for an epidural and it’s time to push. I went from 5 to 10 cm in like 10 min or so. She told me how to push and  after half an hour my baby girl was born. No tear or episiotomy. We did skin to skin immediately but my placenta wouldn’t come out. I took half an hour, breastfeeding and a shot to get it out. After that I stood up and went to the toilet and had my first bm the next day. I recovered really quickly. I had supply issues with breastfeeding so we had to stay a day longer in the hospital, she lost too much weight. I worked very hard and we did breastfeeding and formula the first four weeks. I EBF her until she was 21 months.


I was so tired and my toddler needed a nap. So I took her with me in our bed but I fell asleep before she did. Like 15 minutes later, I woke up because I felt a plop. I went to check but I didn’t want to admit my water broke. At the same time my cousin came to visit so I told him and he freaked out. The contractions didn’t start yet so I invited them in and we had some juice and talked a little. Like 15 minutes after my water broke, the contractions started but were manageable. After an hour I called and I was told to come in. They checked me and I was 5 cm. I bounced around a little and told the midwife after a while I was tired and wanted to get in bed. She checked me and I was 7 cm. 10 minutes later a bunch of doctors came in and they asked if I wanted the epidural. I was fine and had only one almost unbearable one, so I told them no and they left.Another like 10 minutes after that I told the midwife my body is pushing. She told me to stay calm, she would check by the next contraction. Somebody called her on the phone just before the next one so she was on the phone and it looked like she wasn’t going to check so I panicked and started to scream. She hung up, checked and ran out of the room to get help. The room filled in in seconds while she was trying to prep me and the bed. I pushed 2 minutes and my daughter was born. She was born at 36+3 so they put her on me so I could hold her for one second and they took her away. She didn’t cry and needed 2 pumps of oxygen. After that she was fine and they handed her back to me. Again my placenta wouldn’t come out. We waited, then breastfeeding and a massage to my uterus, I pushed it out. Again no tear and a really fast recovery. I stopped breastfeeding my eldest just 2 months before I gave birth to my second so this time breastfeeding was easy, no supply issues. 

I gave birth to both my daughters from the first contraction to the birth in 4 hours, with no medication at all and no tear, so I felt really lucky, blessed and kinda proud.

Good luck!

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