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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: July 2018

Age: 27


Combined income: £4,400

Mortgage: £900

Bills (Energy, council tax, internet, insurance) £300 – rounded up

Oyster: £150

Groceries: £250

Savings: £1200

The other £1,600 is roughly split between two and goes on meals out with friends at the weekend, holidays, hobbies, shopping etc. 

We could spend less and save more but we are in the middle of two big life goals and want to enjoy ourselves for a year or two and then move on to the next big saving goal. 

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Busy bee


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helixthecat :  Yeah… I wish my mortgage was only $700! Vancouver housing prices are ridiculous… My mortgage gets me a 2 bedroom condo :/ 

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Buzzing bee

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sunworshipbride :  when we were in Toronto, our grocery bill was about $550-$600. I used flipp and meal planned based on sales. 

Age: 28 and 32 

Location: Amsterdam 

Combined household monthly take home income:  €4400 (only 1 salary as I’m not working and a student) 

Rent: €2260 (I die a little inside when I think how much this is in CAD. Our rent in Toronto was $1100 cheaper)

Debt payment:  €0

Groceries:  €550

Cell phone/internet/cable: €62 for our cell phone plans 

Health Insurance: €125 for him. I prepaid for a year in August  

Pharmacy/health: €0

Gas/Water/Electric/Utilities: €17.70 for water and €34 for water tax 

Discretionary (Eating out, clothing, entertainment): €400

Transportation: €80

Lunch/Coffee: €50

Dog: €50 

Baby Stuff/Savings: €600

I believe that’s it. We’re buying baby stuff right now but that money is usually save and/or spent on travelling. 

Once I do get a job again, my estimated salary is likely to be around €3500 or $5000 per month. My prior take home salary was $4000 so I expect a significant increase with my new degree. 

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Helper bee

Age: 30 & 35

Location: Chicago

Combined take home (less tax, retirement, insurance): $11,000

Mortgage: $1510

Bills (heat, elec, trash, internet): $260

Cellphone: $165

Groceries: $500

Lawncare/cleaning help: $150-200 (less in winter)

CC: $1700

Student loan: $450

Car loan: $375

Gym: $300

Discretionary spending: $1200 each (gas, eating out, entertainment, clothes)

Roth IRA/Personal savings: $1700

Travel fund: $500

We are saving a lot because we chose to live in a small home, and hopefully diverting those funds to save for travel, baby and retirement.

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Blushing bee

Age: 26

Location: West Palm Beach, Florida

Combined monthly income after tax: $6250

Mortgage, HOA, internet, and utilities: $1550

Car insurance (2 cars): $300

Gas: $200ish

Lease payments on my car: $150

Groceries and restaurants: $1000

Toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc: $50

Health insurance: free through our jobs (teachers)

Wedding savings: $1000

Regular savings: whatever is left, usually $1000-1500


Our wedding savings will stop in July, then our savings will jump up hopefully so we can afford a bigger house in a couple of years!

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: October 2016

St. Louis

Net pay $6500

House payment $1200

Car insurance 500 (6 cars)

Rent on apartment $450

All utilities $350

CC & other debt $1000

Food $800

Gas/fuel $350

Travel $200

Cell $225 (4 phones)

Personal discretionary $200

The rest goes to savings & misc expenses 

Health insurance, health spending account, retirement, and even car payments are automatically taken out of gross automatically, so net income reflects this.

I’ve taken a huge pay cut in order to finish my master’s, and hopefully will realize a nice bump in pay by the end of the year. 

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: August 2015

Age 25 and 26

Location: New Jersey

Combined pay: 6720

Rent + garage : 973 

Daycare: 150 (1 kid)

cell phone: 75 (2 phones)

Internet: 80



Ez pass: 100  

Groceries: 400

Car insurance :200 for 2 cars

Debt: ~ 600 ( less if we dont use our credit cards that month)

Savings: max 4000 depending on how much we have to allocate to debt

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2017

Age:  38

Location:  Sacramento, CA

Combined pay:  $8500, I also get a monthly bonus and my husband a quarterly bonus, we both work in sales.  1st quarter it was about $30k net, but the rest of the year it will be about $15-20k net per quarter.  We take our tithe out of this, and the rest of it goes straight into savings (we are in the middle of IVF)

Mortgage:  $2050

Electric/garbage/water: about $150 in the winter, and about $275 in the summer

Gas:  about $100 in the winter and about $50 in the summer 

Cell:  $225

Cable and internet:  $195

Car payments:  $950 (I hate these!!)

Debt:  $650 for our last card we are trying to pay off (will be done in August)

Savings:  $500

Gas for car:   about $200 for my husband,  my work reimburses mine because I’m field based

HOA:  $80

We each have 6% taken out for 401k, as well as health insurance and our HSA accounts ($2500 for me, and $1000 for my husband).  

We spend whatever is left over on groceries, eating out and entertainment.  Each of us gets an “allowance” of $400/month to spend as we wish (usually clothes and hair salon for me, and guns and golf for my husband).

If we have money leftover on payday, I transfer it to our savings, IVF is expensive!!!!

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Sugar Beekeeper
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konablend :  

Hello, fellow Tennessee Bee!  We’re transplants from SoCal and love it!  Greenery everywhere!  All kinds of rivers and lakes, so much natural beauty.

Thus far, (four years), The people I have met defy the stereotypes. 

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: August 2019

Oooo fun!

Combined pay: between $10,600 – $11000 (I’m a contractor, sometimes I work 38 hrs, sometimes 40 pw) after student loan repayments. Employer also contributes an extra $1500 odd to retirement fund.

Mortgage: $2233

Food: $450 (I’m sick at budgeting and meal planning)

Health Insurance: $120

Car/Home/Pet insurance: $220

Gym memebrship: $74

Car loan/CC debt: $1,000

Phone bills/Internet: $200

Medication: $50

Discretionary spending (incl petrol): $1,000

Public transport: $500

Utilities: $500

Savings: remaining (about $4,000 per month for the wedding)

I’m so excited for the wedding to be done so we don’t have to be so tight with our money. It’s such a fun sucker!!!


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Helper bee

This place always makes me feel poor 🤣

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: July 2018

Things I have taken from this thread

– groceries are really high in the US

– phone plans and internet are REALLY high in the US

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Helper bee

Age: 22

Location: Akron, OH

Combined household monthly take home income: just over $3000 (I live by myself, but this will be closer to $6000 once I get married in September).

Rent + water: $738

Debt payment: $0

Groceries: $150

Cell phone/internet/cable: $0 (work pays for my cell phone and I dont have a TV)

Health Insurance: $55 

Life Insurance: $0

Pharmacy/health: $15 (birth control)

Electric: $50

Discretionary (Eating out, clothing, entertainment): $150

Gas for car: $50

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Buzzing Beekeeper

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zzar45 :  groceries can vary wildly in the US, even within the same town. I’m just outside of Boston and I know I can buy the exact same items (and same quality) at different stores and it can be a 50% or more price difference! Lots of people don’t know HOW to grocery shop properly and they end up spending more money than they need to and/or wasting a lot of food. My weekly shop is between $50-80/week for a family of three depending on what we need that week (higher weeks are usually if there is a great sale on pantry items so I stock up until the next sale) and we have very little waste. 

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