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Busy bee

Age: mid thirties

Location: Mid-Western U.S.

Single household monthly take home income: $2300

Rent: $645

Daycare: $360

Debt payment:  Student loan payments not in effect

Groceries (includes clothing necessities):  $400+

Cell phone/internet/cable: $20- internet, cell phone is family plan my portion is 30 but not taken out

Health Insurance: $88

Life Insurance: N/A

Vehicle insurance: $57

Pharmacy/health: low (10-120 per year) goes under general groceries

Gas/Water/Electric/Utilities: $150

Professional membership: $10 (student)

Discretionary (Eating out, clothing, entertainment): $10 

Savings: $290 (in lieu of retirement account)

Other: $360

Deficit: $90+ and does not include taxes. I have chosen to save money for the future because no money from my check goes into retirement. It is also for now my emergency savings. I use my childcare tax credit to take care of the deficit.

Groceries are my most difficult expense to maintain at budget. We have to eat well and I usually by the most economical things while trying to choose healthy options. Clothing is included about 2-3 times per year depending on how fast the child grows.

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Buzzing bee
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I think grocery prices in the UK are a lot cheaper in general but petrol/gas is about double in the UK to USA I believe. My D.H’s round trip to work is 100 miles on a notriously busy motorway so that’s where a hell of a lot of our money goes.

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Busy bee

Age: 23&24

location: England 

monthly income: £2700

mortgage: £430

utilities: £90

internet/phones: £75

food: £250

car insurance: £40

life insurance: £60

petrol: £30

council Tax: £160

leftover: £1595

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Blushing bee

We’re about to essentially start living paycheck-to-paycheck after baby#2 arrives, due to high COL and childcare! We’re both pretty early in our careers, so I’m hoping as income goes up and childcare goes down, we can do more to invest in our future.

Age: Both 29

Location: Suburb outside of a large, expensive US city

Income after taxes: 10,050

Mortgage (incl insurance and property taxes): 2,760

Daycare for 2 kids: 3,315 (and that’s with cutting an extra hour a day out, once baby 2 arrives)

Groceries for 3: 866 (also includes household items from amazon)

Cars and insurance: 730

Health insurance (for 2; husbands is fully covered by work) 404

Student loans: 340

Heating: 220

Electricity: 200

Commuting: 156

Internet and Netflix: 80

Water and trash: 75

Phone: 50

Extras for going out to eat, clothes, gifts, etc and savings (not much left after the extras): 854

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Busy bee
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This is a super interesting thread! 

Age: both 28

Location: Houston, Texas

Combined household monthly take home income: $11,000 after tax

Rent: $1,600

Debt payment:  $1500 (debt free by August 2020)

Groceries:  $400 – 600

Cell phone/internet/cable: company covers both our cell/160 combined internet / cable

Health Insurance: $200

Life Insurance: none

Pharmacy/health: $5-10

Gas/Water/Electric/Utilities: $200-300

Discretionary (Eating out, clothing, entertainment): Anything between $200 – $800 per month depending on savings.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2016

Age: 31

Location: Boston

Combined household monthly take home income: ~15k net taxes, 401k, insurance, commuter expenses

Mortgage (PITI): ~$4200 (incl. 1k extra payment each month)

Car (payment, insurance, gas): ~$700

Food: ~$800 (~400 in groceries and ~400 in lunches – now that we’re moved into our house though we’re hoping to really cut that!)

Cell phone/internet/cable: $150 

Life Insurance: ~$100 (ish?)

Pets: ~$2000 (horse = ~1500 while dog is probably ~500 between weekday walk service, annual vet costs, , food, toys, etc)

Hobbies (excl riding): ~$500

Discretionary (Eating out, clothing, entertainment): $300

House renovation savings: $2500

Travel savings: $750 (SO’s family lives on the other side of the world so we over-index here to bea ble to visit them and pay for them to visit us)

Non-allocated savings: ~$3000 (budgeted so that when we have kids this will be for daycare + child expenses, but we didn’t want to let lifestyle creep let us get used to having that money now while we’re childless. Currently ~5 weeks pregnant so hopefully this money will be needed soon if this little bean is sticky!!)


We are fotunate that we’re earning very good money at the moment, but will need to seriously re-evaluate our spending if either of us were to leave our fields (which I would like to in the coming 1-2 years as the work life balance is horrible)

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: May 2012

Age: 37/39

Location: Midwest, USA

Combined income: $20,000/month usually, after retirement, taxes, insurance, etc are taken out

Mortgage: $3000, 15 year loan, but we paying it off in under 3 years so we pay way more than the minimum

Groceries: $600-700

College savings: $500 (kid is in 9th grade, my parents are covering about half of his estimated tuition)

Electric: $100

Gas: Depending time of year, averages $50/monthly 

TV/internet: $100

Cell: $120

Misc bills: $200 (water, trash, Amazon prime average)

Gas: $50 (we both work from home, share one older car with no car payment)

rest is discretionary and savings. Usually spend about $10-15k/year on traveling, we are also saving for a new car to buy in cash next year (will spend maybe $20k?), sports fees for the teen, entertainment/eating out… but we save plenty too, generally for investments


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Busy bee
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Location: New Hampshire seacoast  

Age: mid 40s

income: $2600 (just me.  We don’t combine finances)

Hoa fee: $175

Utilities: varies but typically $100

Cell: $110

Cable/internet: $85

Groceries: $160

Pet insurance: $148 (multiple pets)

Car insurance:  $95

Entertainment/eating out: $100-$200

Everything else: into savings for property taxes (which we split) and misc house expenses.   Health insurance and 401k is deducted automatically from paycheck.  No debt and no mortgage.  I make less than the average bee but also have less expenses.


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Sugar bee

Age: 28 

Location: NYC 

Combined net income (after healthcare, 401k deductions, etc): 6200 

Rent: 1570 (this is below market rate so we’re not budging until we’re ready to leave the city) 

Storage: 130 (downside to living in a tiny apt and wanting to save some family items for when we have a house) 

Groceries & household supplies: 500 

Eating out: 500 (trying to cut this down — currently dh buys lunch everyday at work and we eat out ~ once a week) 

Drugstore (OTC meds, prescriptions, & personal care products): ~100 

Utilities: 70 

Cell phones: 80 

Transport (metrocards, occasional taxis and lyfts): ~250 

Internet: 55 

Laundry: 40 

Subscriptions: 10 

Entertainment (movies, occasional tickets to theater/sports, etc): 75 

Charity: 25 

Gifts (friend & family bdays, etc): 40 

Clothing: 100 

Debt: 0 

Total: 3545

That’s our realistic goal budget but we generally spend more than that since it seems a month doesn’t go by that a random one-time expense doesn’t pop up. We’re over 4k so far this month due to an expensive medical visit and an electronics purchase. Luckily since our main expenses are relatively low we have room for that, though, and so we keep track of monthly spending rather than adhering to a strictly categorized budget. The goal is to save ~2k a month (which gets redistributed to our IRAs and then our house downpayment fund in a high yield savings account) on top of dh’s 401k contributions (I don’t have access to a 401k at this point). We have a solid emergency fund, no debt, and are already saving toward retirement, so our main savings goal right now is toward buying a home (in a more affordable area). We also don’t have kids or pets so that helps tremendously with being able to save. 

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Bumble Beekeeper
  • Wedding: September 2013

Age: 34, 35, 4, 2

Location: midwest/KC

Combined household monthly take home income: $7,200 (after tax, retirement, health insurance).  

Mortgage (PITI): $1036

utilities/internet: $300-$450 (high summer) 

car loan: $380

gym: $50 (me only)

child activities: $142 (year round swimming + gymnastics). other misc activities through sinking funds or my weekly budget

life insurance (me only for $500k, husband multi-million policy through work and I have another $500k through work already taken out of my paycheck): $24

subscriptions (media): $30

student loans: $1k (minimum is $277) – this is my husbands only

weekly budgets: $1400 (I do $350 weekly for groceries, household items, fun money, eating out, etc).  We don’t eat out that much

daycare: $2,018/mo (for 2)

sinking funds: $500/mo (for non monthly expenses- birthday parties, zoo membership, car insurance, family pictures, gifts, cats 1x year vet trip, christmas, etc). I don’t spend $500/mo but some months like december are higher. It’s great for unexpected or random things, I have $1700 in my sinking funds currently.

remaining $200 mo for other sinking funds or misc/travel. 

I pay $500/mo for health/dental/vision insurance for family (already taken out of net pay above) and $19k max on my retirement already taken out. Have 6mo emergency fund already so I try to categorize all my money somewhere other than my a generic “savings”. All gas, cell phone through my husband’s work.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: November 2016

Age: 27 (me) and 31 (him)

Location: Suburb outside of New Orleans

Combined monthly income after taxes, health insurance and life insurance: ~$4,700-5,000 (depends on the number of weeks in the month)

Mortgage (including insurance and property taxes): $725 for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath 1,200 sq ft brick home with a huge fenced yard in a great neighborhood – gotta love LCOL areas!

Debt payment: $150-200 on a 0% interest credit card; this will be paid off before the interest starts to accumulate

Groceries and household items for 2: $400-550

Car insurance: $287 for 2 vehicles (LA has some of the highest insurance rates in the nation, and we have full coverage plus uninsured motorists)

Electricity: $130-200, depending on the season

Cable, internet, Netflix and Hulu: $230

Water and trash: $55

Phone: $75

Dogs’ expenses (food, treats, heartworm prevention, etc): ~$120

Eating out and entertainment: $150-200

Miscellaneous (prescriptions, copayments, clothing, etc): $150-225

Savings: $2,000 into a high yield savings account


We don’t make a lot of money, but I think we are living well considering our income. We cook most nights and bring leftovers for lunch almost every week day. All of our bills are always paid, and we don’t usually go without. Living a frugal lifestyle has trained me to really think about every purchase I make, which has contributed to our saving about 40% of our take home income. However, we will have to cut back on some of our expenses soon when I start law school in the fall and we are down to one income.


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Busy bee
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Such an interesting thread!

Age: 21 & 23 

Location: Pacific Northwest

Combined household monthly take home income: $4,400 take home after insurance & tax 

Rent: $970

Car payments: $560

Groceries (including household products and most self care items like soap):  $400

Cell phone/internet: $197

Health Insurance: $0 (taken out before pay)

Pharmacy/health: $20 

Gas/Water/Electric/Utilities: $70 

Discretionary (Eating out, clothing, entertainment): $100 for restaurants + fun money, clothing is budgeted for on an as-needed basis

 We are paying for a lot of wedding stuff right now but when we don’t have  a lot of extra expenses we can save about $1,000 or more a month.

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