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I try to be a nice person, but there is a family friend that just rubs me too wrong to get past it. She’s always got a stick up her ass and makes backhanded remarks to my husband all the time which is why I dont like her. I’m fortunate to be blessed with her presence only 1-2 times a year,  but every Christmss party she asks my husband “oh, are you STILLLLL working at the waterpark.” Hes worked every summer since 16 and has turned that experience into a full time salary job, he’s the hardest working person I know. 

So this year, as per usual she said it again. So I snapped and asked if she was still working as a ‘beach body coach?’ She didn’t like that too much, she didn’t say a word to us again all night. (Context – I have 2 degrees in Kinesiology so I see straight through her abilities to be a lifestyle and fitness coach)

This is also the same gal who told my husband that I am much prettier than what she thought he would end up with (as if she’s a 12 herself ๐Ÿ˜’)

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BeepBopB00p :  Lol this was definitely petty, but warranted. 

I work in a Highschool and we’ve had issues with latecoming. The solution we came up with was to allocate an ‘isolation room’ in which latecomers would sit in for the entire school day, they hate it because they’re so bored and it’s like a full day of detention, it’s definitely helped curb latecoming since we implemented it. 

So anyway, every morning we check the roster to see who is on duty in the isolation class during one of their frees. Friday is my really good day in that I have 2 free lessons in the morning. So last Friday I was on duty during the first period which means that I had to wait in the foyer for the latecomers to arrive and then take them up to the classroom. One of the newer male teachers (who is so absentminded and inconsiderate) was on duty the period after me. 

When the bell rang for the end of the first period, I waited for him to arrive for 5 minutes. Eventually I had to send a learner to him to remind him that he needed to come to the class and he sent a message back to say he was on his way. I stood at the door and waited for him. I saw him walk down the stairs and step into another teacher’s classroom after which he proceeded to chat for 5 minutes. By now, it was already 10 minutes into the next period. 

When he eventually came to the class, I gave him a mouthful (outside, where the kids inside couldn’t hear) and asked him why he was so late and why did he stop by to speak to that teacher, he apologised profusely and I said that I did not accept the apology as it was not the first time it had happened and what if I had a class waiting for me to have a lesson, I would have been 10 minutes late because he was inconsiderate, I also said that I would go and speak to one of the teachers in management as they had a right to know. 

Like I said, I know it was petty, but the fact is that if I did have a lesson after I would have been in trouble for not being by my class and it would have caused havoc for my schedule of my learners were supposed to write a test or something of that sort. 

Needless to say, I doubt he will do it again. 

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I’m sure I have plenty of petty moments, but I can only think of a few at the moment. 

At my last job, I used to take my lunch pretty late. I usually ended up having most of the cafeteria to myself. Sometimes, the people on the late shift would come in and set their belongings down on the tables to “save” spots for themselves for their lunch time. Technically, this wasn’t allowed because there were lockers, but a lot of them did it. On two separate occasions, this one lady would come and put her jacket on the back of the seat that I was actually sitting in. She also put her lunch bag right next to me, which didn’t really bother me but it never made sense to me since dozens of other spots were open. She also never said “excuse me” or asked me if I minded if she put her stuff there. It was like she felt entitled to that exact spot. The problem was, her jacket reaked of cigarette smoke. The second time she did it, I sprayed it with perfume after she left. I’m not sure if it was a coincidence, but she stopped putting her stuff where I sat after that. I also find it important to note that I didn’t always sit in the same spot. I would just sit somewhere random each day because the whole cafeteria was open. I’m not sure why she felt the need to put her stuff where I was.

The more recent one happened a few weeks ago when I was at a live show for a group of comedians I really like. It’s pretty difficult to acquire meet and greet passes for them, but they frequently give these passes away at their shows by playing random games and having contests, etc. At one point during the show, I had to use the restroom pretty badly and got up to do so. When I came back, the girl on the very end of the row refused to move for me, even though I kindly said “excuse me”. After I passed by to get to my seat, she turned to her friend, rolled her eyes, and said “oh my God! I can’t stand people!” I just brushed it off as her being a crazy fan who couldn’t stand not seeing the comedians’ faces for .2 seconds. Anyway, during the show, I was picked to participate in one of their contests to win meet and greet tickets and I ended up winning. For some reason, they gave me 6 passes, and I was only there with one friend. They asked me live who I would be bringing back stage after the show and when I named my friend and said I was only here with one person, they suggested I pick random people from my row. People in my row went nuts!!! Well, I’m sure you can see where this is going. I picked 4 other people, making sure to not pick her. Such sweet satisfaction ๐Ÿ˜‰


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During the 2008 downturn we had a meeting at my work where we were told raises were being put on hold indefinately. One of the bosses said that it’s not a big deal anyways since the cost of living has actually gone down. Of course that’s not true. So I printed out a bunch of articles showing the cost of living increase and left it on his desk. He had no idea who did it (and he asked) and I never fessed up but man it felt good. If you’re not giving raises, fine but don’t sugar coat it and lie to try to make it “better”.

This one was not something I did but something I witnessed. I could not even believe it happened. My previous job we had a temp in a possible temp to perp position. She was an odd one and would not stop talking. It was way beyond just general chit chat. It was constant. My boss at the time asked everyone to keep the talking to a minimum. This temp then put up signs all around her desk that said “shhhhhh no talking” “must be quiet at all times”. My boss came over to ask her a work question but when she saw the signs she said “what’s this?” The temp then looks at her and goes “shhhhh” and points to the sign. My boss lost it. She stormed back to her office, called me on the phone and said tell her to get her stuff and get out she’s fired. I can’t do it or I might strangle her.

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My husband was still sleeping at 10:30am this morning after keeping me up for an hour in the middle of the night when he was tossing and turning. I heard our cat maniacally meowing outside the bedroom door while he was sleeping in there this morning…normally I would go move her so she doesn’t distburb him, but today I ….didnt.

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Our neighbor is really terrible.  It’s a whole thing. (I made a post about it so I won’t rehash it here

Anyway, when I pull in my driveway my lights shine directly into her living room.  I was always very cognizant of this and made sure to turn my car off as soon as possible when getting home at night.  After the whole solar panel fiasco, I purposely sit in my car for an extra minute or two with my high beams on.  I would *love* for her to say something about it to me.   

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About 11/12 years ago. I was still at uni, we had one housemate who would never do her dishes, I got so tired of her not doing her dishes and then”borrowing” everyone else’s stuff, One day I did all of the dishes except her stuff. Then knowing she was studying in her room put the washing up bowl full of water and her dirty dishes outside her room so she would trip over it when she came out. The water went everywhere. She was fuming. She started doing her dishes after that though

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I just saw this on Facebook and thought it was appropriate and hilarious. 


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One time my parents and I went to a play, my mom had just had a biopsy done for a lump in her breast. The lady who sat next to my mom was really obnoxious about the armrest and was elbowing my mom right in her stitches, and was also trying to shove her coat over that armrest into my mom’s seat, hitting my mom each time she adjusted herself. Not only was she managing to hit her, but each time she looked over at my mom with a scowl as if it was my mom’s fault. My mom is a tiny lady, and she takes up about half the seat and was leaning all the way to the other side, but this bitch was still managing to hit her. She did it like 5 times before I told my mom to switch seats with me. I generally try to take up as little space as possible and am happy to give up my armrests so long as my neighbors aren’t rude or obnoxious. But this lady was rude and I don’t tolerate that.

So by this point the lady had taken over the armrest and half of what was now my seat. So I just took my arm and shoved this lady’s stuff and her arm right off the arm rest. Didn’t look at her, didn’t say anything, just took over the arm rest. She looks over at me, huffs, and attempts to shove my arm off the arm rest but I wasn’t budging. She struggles for around 5 minutes to retake the armrest, but to no avail. Finally she got fed up and convinced her husband to up and move over by 1 seat (but she left her coat and purse in her original seat). 

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I don’t know about all time best, but I just had a situation where my petty side came out. The backstory is that my best friend’s husband had an affair with a woman he worked with. They ended the affair and she no longer works at the same place as him, but I do work there now. Earlier today, the woman came in (and I recognized her) and requested a service that we typically provide depending on who is working at the time, and I told her nobody could provide the service for her. In my defense, I believed it at the time. After she left I was told by a coworker that she could have provided the service, but oh well. She was already off the clock at the time, so I can’t say my response would have changed had I known. 

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I used to have a customer service job. As customer service jobs go, ocassionally I would have a really rude customer. I would then take that customer’s email and sign them up for the most annoying email newsletters I could find! 

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Clients who are rude for no reason get moved from my Monday to-do list to my Thursday list. This usually means that their issue will be reviewed on the following Monday. Sorry not sorry. Be nice or pay the price.

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My cat woke me up at 4am demanding breakfast. When it was her turn to nap later in the afternoon, i refused to let her sleep in peace by rubbing her belly ๐Ÿ˜‚… petty AF right?


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mrsbjj17 :  my cat has developed an annoying habit of waking me up, I’ve taken to returning the favour. Boy she hates it 

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