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BeepBopB00p :  ok…this one is REALLY petty, and I’m so horrid I still laugh every time I think of it. 
I had a fairly abusive ex before I got together with my wonderful now-fiance. 
This ex was SO CHEAP … he wouldnt’ even take me on a date now and then. On our two-year anniversary of dating, he told me to get dressed up, so I put on a lovely dress thinking hooray, we are going on a date! Instead, he shows up at my place and takes me for a WALK around town, during which we go into a pressed juice store and he doesn’t even offer me a juice…he buys one for himself only. Used to get my birthday presents at the goodwill- chipped coffee mugs, etc. CHEAP (and I’d actually understand, if he was poor, but he owned a home and had a steady job as a research scientist. )

ANYWAY. That’s all backstory to my final pettiness: 
I had learned that he had gotten one of the cheapest cellphone plans (because of course he did) 
and he had to pay .25 for text messages INcoming. 

Sooo when we fought (which he loved to call, yell at me and hang up again) I would argue with him in a series of one-word texts like:


knowing that my texts would cost him – GASP! $4 

😛 … lol. 

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Years ago I had a MAJOR disagreement with a relative (we don’t speak to this day).  Anyway, for a months after that, any time I came across a post card in a magazine, restaurant or other place, I would fill it out with her address.  It was worth the postage if necessary, but most of time it was free.  She had to have gotten tons of crap in her mailbox for time shares, medical equipment, mattresses, magazines, and on and one.  Petty for sure, but it felt dang good.



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chelbell23 :  

I do wish I had been there to witness the silent struggle and  your victory! 

Once many years ago  when my parents  had a village shop , a entitled,  up herself woman was rude to my gentle mother . actually starting with  ”  look here my good woman” (yes,it was rural England)  

I was about 13 so had not much by way of verbal weaponry . but I did follow her out of the  shop, into the street and in front  of everyone there tell her she ‘wasn’t fit to lick my mother’s shoes’ or some such finely honed insult lol. 

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A few years ago I stopped at the grocery store on my way home before a long weekend to pick up a few things for a camping trip, and understandably the parking lot was packed. I chose a spot at the less-crowded end of the lot, and was making a list on my phone sitting in my car with the engine turned off. Now, I’m super neurotic about parking and will take my time to not only find a good spot, but also make sure to not park like a douchebag. This woman, in an oversized SUV, literally squealed into the spot beside me (when there were quite a few empty ones on either side) at a nearly 60 degree angle, yelling into her phone (while driving, which is one of my biggest pet peeves ever) then proceeded to swing open her giant door with the force of a hurricane and clunked it dang hard into my passenger side door. I’d JUST bought my car a few months previous, so immediately yelled “Are you kidding me?!” to which she started, not having realized anyone was in the car she just whacked, then turned her nose up and went to walk away… Hell no. I decided the best course of action was to lean over and swing my door into her gas guzzler just as hard, and it felt dang good! Her face was PRICELESS. The best part was seeing her two aisles over at the checkout later, spazzing out because her credit cards weren’t working. 

***my door had a small dent that I was able to pop back out and fix with touch up paint, hers had a smudge because I wasn’t as strong as bitchy Barbie.

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loveydove :  I wouldn’t even see this as being petty, you should have said that to her much earlier! haha. Seriously though, she needed someone to basically tell her that her comments were innappropriate, and you did just that. good for you! You should do that each time she says something along those lines. 

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I always have the best ideas about being petty but I don’t think i ever actually do most of them haha. 

I did have my horrible cousin roomate whose awful boyfriend would come to stay and eat all my stuff and use all my things in our bathroom. Every time he came to visit I removed every single item of mine from our bathroom. I also purposely removed my ps3 from the tv in our shared living area and back into my bedroom simply because i hated them both and knew they used my PS3 to watch movies on. Hate them. 

– When they got married I got them the cheapest thing on their registry just so i could say I did, but i really didn’t want to get them anything. LOL. 

-My other roomate would always dim the lights in our shared kitchen area, but whenever she did that it meant the switch at the other side of the room didn’t work so you had to walk across the room in the pitch black to un-dim the lights. One day I had enough, took my shoe and broke off the tip of the dim switch so it always stayed on bright. Super petty. Kitchen light wasn’t dim ever again haha. 

-My cousin would never contribute to cleaning the household. So when i washed our bathmats, or kitchen dish towels i would always use her laundry detergent to do it with. lol. 

– My cousin who never cleaned one time put up a big fuss about cleaning the dishes in the sink once. All of the shared dishes the roomates used were mine. She always stole all of my coffee mugs and would leave them around in her room so no one could use them. She complained about the dishes, so I went downstairs, cleaned all my dishes and moved all of the dishes I owned out of the communal space and into my own personal cubbord so only I could use them. She then had to go get some dishes to use from her parents house. Not sorry. 

my best ideas I never did. 

– Had a horrible asshole ex that used me basically. I seriously considered purposely signing him up for any magazine that specifically was about something he was insecure about just to mess with his head. I imagined I would sign him up for magazines about, balding, erectile disfunction, family magazines, anything he wanted and didn’t have, or was insecure about. Never actually did that. 

– I am prepared to be petty to my almost ex BFF from high school if she doesn’t get her shit together and be happy and present for me when it comes to my relationship and engagement coming up etc. At this point she is randomly jealous and being a selfish asshole. Ive been there for her through every relationship she ever had, i finally get one and she suddenly started being mean. I will be in her area next month and am trying to make plans to see her and talk it out. If after a heart to heart with her, she is still a jerk im gonna have to cut her out, and my email telling her off will be SUPER petty because of how hurt i would be about it. 

– I always wanted to be super petty and not invite my aunt and uncle and cousin I hate to my future wedding. Just to show them they can fuck off, and because I hate the idea that after how they have treated me and the family they have no consequences. Id love to not invite them to my wedding to remove any appearance of me having a relationship with them. Like if i don’t invite them, they can’t pretend with the rest of our family that we have any sort of relationship. We will see if my mom lets me do that when i do get married lol. 

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When I was in high school, most of the prom dress shops would ask you what school you went to in an effort to make sure they wouldn’t sell the same dress to 2 different girls from the same school. I found a dress I loved on one of the shops websites and I made the mistake of sending it to a friend who then sent it to a few other people. One of those other girls loved it as well, and I got word that she hurried to that prom shop the very next day so she can purchase it, which meant I wouldn’t be able to. I was upset for a while, but then I got the brilliant idea to just lie about which school I went to. It didn’t bother me to have the same dress as someone else, but this girl made it clear that she didn’t want to match anyone else at the prom and she wanted her dress to be the only one there.

I went to the shop and told them that I went to a different local high school. Luckily, no one else at that school had purchased that dress yet, so I tried it on, loved it, and bought it. Her face was PRICELESS when I showed up to prom wearing the same dress as her. I made a joke of it and said stuff like “omg we’re like twins!” and asked to take a bunch of pics with her. It was great! I made sure to let as many people as I can know about it by saying “omg it’s so weird that Jess and I ended up with the same dress!!” For about a week afterwards, everyone referred to us as the “prom twins” and every time, I saw the disgust on her face 😂

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My ex husband liked to play “pranks” on me. Individually, they wouldn’t have been bad, but taken as a whole, it started to eat away at me. That, and none of it was lighthearted after the first couple years of our relationship. Most of them were actually kind of mean spirited past a certain point.

So, I decided that whenever he next played a “prank”on me, I was going to pay it back twofold.  I had the opportunity to do this twice  before he gave up the behavior.

Once, I wore a silk skirt to brunch. Super pretty, got it at a thrift shop. It wasn’t expensive, but it tended to spot up with water. I asked him not to touch it when his hands were still wet because of that. He obliged at that moment, but when we were waiting for our friends at the elevator, he took the sport water bottle, squirted me with just a bit of it… directly on my skirt. “Oops!”  I took the bottle from him and sprayed it all down his front. He was soaked. “Oops.” 

Another time, I had just washed my hair and dried it since I was getting ready to go out with a friend for lunch. He took a smear of peanut butter from his sandwich and put it in my clean hair, making some joke about how sticky peanut butter is. I went into the kitchen, dug my hand into the jar of peanut butter, and plopped it on his head. ::rub rub:: “Yes, peanut butter IS sticky, isn’t it?” 

Ugh. I was super petty and I don’t regret it ooone bit. 

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mrsbjj17 :  He looks just like my Snowy.

This happened a long time ago and I was only 19, not that it’s an excuse. My boyfriend asked if I could pick his sister up because her car was at the repair shop. I said no prob, but when I picked her up she proceeded to chain smoke in my car for 45 minutes. I have always hated cigarettes. I was so irritated, but instead of asking her politely not to [email protected]*%ing smoke in my car, I chose another plan. I got the cigarettes out of her purse the next time she was over and shredded them all when she stooped by. Oh dear, the puppy must have done it….or maybe the cat? So sorry!

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My Fiance’s work is very sporadic right now so some days he doesnt work at all and he stays up pretty late on those nights. He’s recently started snoring and my alarm goes off bright and early, so one morning after he kept me up for HOURS snoring, I decided to let the dog into our room. The dog sleeps outside our room, but Fiance would love for him to sleep with us. I wont allow it because anytime he’s allowed on the bed, he takes up ALLL my space, kicks me in his sleep and steals my blankets. So I figured he’d be a pain in the butt and wake Fiance up for some payback. Welllll, pup snuggled him for hours, they slept great and now its a morning ritual lol… My pettiness backfired and seeing them snuggled up together is the cutest thing ever lol. 

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My apartment building has issues with collecting trash, especially in the lower garage.

This has lead to the trash cans overflowing. 

I don’t know why it’s so difficult to change a trash bag once a week, but there you go. 

Instead of actually fixing the issue they have decided to take away the garbage cans and want residents to walk all the way up a fairly steep hill to take their small trash items to the main garbage in the upper garage. Which is  constantly overflowing as well. 

If I can’t find a trashcan when I’m out with my dog I’ll just put her poop bag where the garbage used to be in the lower garage. A lot of other residents have followed suit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I once worked for a bunch of pubs as a marketing manager, and if people were super rude trying to troll us for days on end – sometimes I’d dig into their personal online information and leave them bad reviews at their jobs through my own side accounts. Only did this a handful of times when people were ruining my weekends. That being said, I’ve also on occasion trolled my own previous employers through review sites.. annonymously. 

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