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For me,  the first one was the worst. But the hair grows back thinner and more sparsely each time, making each wax easier than the last. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no picnic, but the results are well worth it to me. I love not having to take a razor on vacation. 

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The first wax was fine for me, I think because I was expecting it to hurt A LOT. The most painful bit is the bit right above the clitorus (the removal of the ‘landing strip’), but if you’re going for a Brazilian you won’t have that bit done anyway! If needs be take some aspirin beforehand   

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buzzerbeater :  I’ve never had the full but had the full top part(pubis) waxed and now do it myself every 4-8 weeks. 

It does hurt and you’r right about the part just above the clitoris, however…. it’ll be 30-60 minutes of pain and then you’ll be smooth and hair free for weeks.

My sister is very dark and course, has lots of hair in between her cheeks and even hairs of over an inch long on her bum cheeks, she even has her hair extending onto her thighs. She had everything taken away for the first time. It took 1.5 hours but she’s glad she did it.

If you’re worried, take some pain relief 🙂

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I’ve been getting a Brazilian wax once every 4-6 weeks for about 10 years now.  The first time was a bit painful, but not horrendous.  After that it was fine.  I’ve actually just signed up for a few sessions of laser hair removal, but if that doesn’t work out then I’ll go back to waxing.

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I have been getting Brazilian waxes since I was 18. I am Brazilian, btw.

Taking some sort of pain meds 40min before waxing helps tons – and so does cutting off caffeine and alcohol, as well as reducing salt intake the day before. Oh, and don’t do it the week before you get your period! Lots of women get more physically sensitive (tender breasts, more prone to feeling pain in general) during those days. 🙂

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Painful for the first time, and second (at least for me) but you’ll build up a tolerance to it. 


After I got mine done I complained how bad it hurt to my husband (we were still engaged at the time) but also went on and on about how much I loved it and was probably going to make it a normal beauty investment. Its worth it to not have to shave for weeks. It does get annoying in between when hair gets long, but you deal with it. If I go longer without one I just go back to shaving, but it isn’t nearly as bad because my hair is thinner and its just a little shaving rather than a big 15 min process in the shower. 

I also do not get the butt area waxed… idk why but I just don’t. I go to European Wax Center and they offer like a “Full” brazilian that includes the butt or a “bikini” brazilian that of course is everything but your butt. 

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I’ve been doing full brazilian for about 6 years now, and it is so worth it. The first time does hurt a bit more, but if you go regularly and don’t shave in between, the hair will become finer and sparser.

Look for a place that has hard wax (European Wax Center is one) and read reviews. My waxer is somehow relatively painless and there’s no way I’d see anyone else!

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It really freaking hurts the first time. I go every 4 weeks and now it’s not too bad. I’m in and out in less than 15 minutes and that includes paying and getting dressed. I recommend European Wax Center. There is something about the wax they use that doesn’t hurt as much compared to a different place that I tried. They also have packages that you can buy for a discount if you decide to stick with it. 

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Waxing definitely stings but it’s not nearly as bad as the weeks of itchy growth and stubble that comes from shaving!

I got my first Brazilian in 2016 before my wedding and have kept it up since then because it’s just so nice to be perfectly smooth and groomed. The grow out is also much less annoying because the hair is pulled at the root.

I’m a huge wuss with a very low tolerance for pain but even I was able to do my first waxing without screaming or crying. I did wince and curse a little, though! After the first wax it isn’t nearly so bad, as long as you keep to a schedule.

If you are worried about pain you can also take a Tylenol before your appointment and use a numbing spray. Lidocaine is a good one and is often used at some waxing parlors that offer numbing.

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My first Brazilian was was when I was 13!!! It’s culturally very common and for multiple reasons I could not shave or use hair removal cream or any other method of hair removal and it’s religiously required for me to either completely remove or at least trim hair down there every 40 days so I decided to wax since I’d been getting arms and legs waxed since I was like 9. 

It sucks. I also used to be a hairy bush with thick coarse hair down there. But it’s 15 minutes of pain for a whole month of comfort. Soooo worth it!!! And at 18 I got laser hair removal. I do still wax after having my 6 laser sessions but now it’s nearly pain free for me as my remaining hair roots are weaker. 


If you can afford laser, I’d 100% recommend that as your first choice of hair removal there. Groupon has killer deals! If not, Brazilian wax is second best. Definitely find a reputable place! 


ETA: best time to schedule is 5-10 days AFTER your period. The week before and the 2 days after your period are the most sensitive times for your body and most laser or wax places tell you to avoid coming in during those times. (And during your period of course lol!)

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My first time was extremely painful.  I don’t want to scare you.. but I almost asked her to stop a few times.  I have tattoos, and this was much worse in my opinion.  Afterwords I was swollen and there was a tiny scab on nearly every hair follicle!  I don’t know if that’s normal or not, but it was not a good experience at all.  However, the results were amazing, so I went back.  The second time I used some lidocaine cream to slightly numb the top layer of skin and it made SUCH a difference!!  Total game changer.  I’m too cheap to continue with it as I was paying $80 every 6 weeks, so I’m back to shaving now.  But nothing beats the smoothness that a wax gives you!!

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I go to European Wax Center and it’s a breeze. The first time hurts. It gets so much easier. Make sure your hair isn’t too long (they recommend the length of a grain of rice) and make sure the girl has done a bunch before. My only bad experience at EWC was with a girl who had never done a Brazilian before, and she did a terrible job. It hurt and took forever. She no longer works there! But every other technician I’ve gone to at EWC has been amazing. It’s really not as bad as you think it’ll be!

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honestly it was fine. I went in, she waxed, I left.

I do my own waxing when I can, its cheaper.

I do prefer sugaring to waxing, if that’s an option you can explore.

FYI i had laser hair removal down there in college.  In 3ish years it completely grew back.  Maybe its a bit thinner than it would have been, but deifnitely it looks like a normal bush… So if you do want to go that route be ready for annual or bi-annual touch-ups.  (I am considered a ‘perfect candidate’.  My hair is black down there and my skin is translucent-white.)

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