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Not pregnant or event TTC quite yet, but I am in the same boat–would love to hear other’s responses.

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I had a scheduled c-section due to a stubbornly breech baby.  I found the experience relatively easy.  I do believe that the scheduled ones appear to have easier recovery than unplanned (since you weren’t in labor for 20 hours first, plenty of time to prep for surgery, etc.)  I was at first dissapointed about the c-section, I wanted the experience of pushing my baby into the world, but I got over that and  I was happily surprised with the experience.  I am actually considering a second c-section if I get pregnant again because I found the experience relatively easy (and I am honestly scared about blowing my nether regions apart!)

My experience was that I went into the hospital at 7 AM, and had my baby in my arms by 11 AM!  I did not need anything stronger than motrin once the morphine from the surgery wore off – the nurses encourage the percocet, but I honesly didn’t need it (I wasn’t trying to be strong, I was just not in much pain!)  I was up the next day walking around – slowly, but with no problems.  It was probably a week of being pretty careful and very slow walking, the second week things got much better very quickly and by the third week I was walking miles at a time.  I was running by week 6.   I was pretty happy to not having any lasting damage beyond a very faint, small scar. 

The biggest issues I ran into:

– I vomited from the morhpine a couple hours after delivery and I got VERY hot,  this lasted a few hours

– Sitting up to nurse took some time to shimmy up – my husband would get the baby in the middle of the night, bring him to me to nurse and then change and re-swaddle him and put him down.  having my husband in the hospital the first 2 nights was great.

– we had one flight of stairs to our bedroom.  for the first few days home I went up/down only once a day, and just took my time.  but it was no big deal. 

Ideally, you want someone with you that first week full time to help get the baby, maybe make you food, or just generally help until you are more independent. I don’t need to drive (live in manhattan) so that wasn’t an issue for me.  The one week in the house caused me some cabin fever, but i was quickly out and about. 

if you have any other questions feel free to ask or PM me!

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I know two women who had a fairly long labour followed by an emergency section and both noticed they were among the weakest women on the ward afterwards- those who’d had planned /elective sections recovered far better, as Janna said. I pretty much expect to have a planned section- its far more common in twin/multiple births- longer odds of both babas lining up right for vaginal delivery! I was a bit worried about the whole idea of the section, but I’ve come around now. Apparently the position the babas are in at 34 weeks is the way they’ll stay- no room to turn- so I’ll know by mid April whether vaginal delivery is an option at all. Hopefully I’ll have a good report of it after for you!

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Sorry, weird double post

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@His Barista:  You just never know how it’s going to work out. My mil always says Darling Husband was the easiest birth of seven- and he was a full ten pounds. On the other hand, her smallest girl who was ill, was the hardest. And mil is quite petite. 

I’m 25 weeks now and will be 38 on thurs 17/05. The consultant said if I haven’t shown up by the 14th, then I’ll be brought in on the tues/wed/thurs of that week, no hanging around. So I have a final date, rather than a due date, I guess! Twins apparently average 37 weeks, 38 being counted as full term for them, so really if they stay where they are into May at all ill be fairly happy. I do try not to think about the physical reality of getting them out, though, it doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of fun!

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I had a c section b/c my son was born 6 weeks early and had to come out right away.  My water had broke hours early and I didn’t even realize it – and I had other issues.  (Yes, that sounds stupid but I never thought I would be going into labor 6 weeks early…so I thought something else was going on.  I work in a school and thought I would have half the summer to read about what happened when I got closer to delivery but it never happened since I delivered the last day of school.)  If I could do the c section over, I would in a heart beat.  It was so easy…  I did shake a lot during it b/c of the epidural but I felt no pain, AT ALL.  Afterwards, I took no meds, AT ALL – I mean when the epidural wore off.  The pain was not bad to me at all.  I wasn’t able to hold my son until the next day b/c he was in the NICU.  But I was up and walking the next day.  By the second day, I made a trip to Target.  It does take a little bit of time to heal but really, it wasn’t bad at all to me.  My scar is practically invisible either.  I wish I had more details but it was just so simple.  Best of luck to all of you!

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I had my daughter via an unplanned c- section six weeks early. During a regular sono and check up, my ob noticed that myy fluids seemed low and told me to check into the hospital for 24 hrs of monitoring. Well, they discovered that my placenta was being compressed by a fibroid and that the baby was starting to get stressed. Since the baby was developmentally able to survive outside the womb, the ob decided to deliver that day. it was kind of shocking to be told that you’re going to deliver six weeks before you expected, but there you go. The actual surgery was fine- I was numbed from waist down so I didn’t feel much- just a lot of tugging as they cut me open and pressure when they pulled the baby out.

I agree with Mrs. lotus and Janna19 – recovery seems quicker if you don’t have to go through labor. I was on my feet the next day (though they had me use a wheelchair to get to the NICU, mostly to take it easy), and only needed the Motrin. And even then I only took it because my hospital had a pretty aggressive pain treatment philisophy (ie. Take the painkillers before you need it, or you will just be chasing the pain). I was in the hospital four nights, even though the ob said I could go home after three. I stayed the extra day because my daughter was in the NICU and it was easier to visit her while still in the hospital and I wanted to take advantage of the lactation consultants and the nurses’ care. The worst thing was not being able to shower until they took the dressing off. so in many ways it was easier than having to labor – I didn’t have the excessive bleeding that they warn you about and everything happened super fast. Sure, I feel sad that I didn’t get to go through the labor and delivery process, but I have to remember that the end game is a healthy baby, not a birth experience. That being said, I do think that you have to give yourself permission to mourn a little that you didn’t get to deliver in the way that you expected.

Incidentally, My brother, who is in medical school told me that many doctors prefer c-sections because it is the surest way to ensure the safety of both mother andf child.

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I posted my birth story here. My csection was unplanned. My birth plan was to have a med-free, vaginal birth. Short story is: My water broke. I wasn’t having any contractions on my own. I ended up on pitocin. After 18 hours of labor, I still wasn’t having any regular pattern in contractions. The recovery is much worse than the surgery itself, IMO.

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This got really long, but wanted to give a positive account.

Before I was even pregnant I pretty much knew that the likelihood of me having a C Section was high.  My mom couldn’t deliver my brother or me due to a small pelvic opening and  family history of large babies.  My entire pregnancy was cake for me, no sickness, never felt uncomfortable etc.  I did however have this feeling that my baby was large.  I wasn’t huge, but I felt like it had to be all baby.  Fast forward to the wednesday before my due date and my doctor pretty much said that she doubted that I would be able to deliver the baby naturally based on US predictions and her position.  I was totally fine with scheduling a C Section.  I’m not one that always dreamed of giving birth, so that wasn’t an issue for me.  My husband was extremely nervous about the surgery.  He had spoken with several guys in his department and they all had varying stories of their wives’ surgeries.  The night before  we went in he actually watched a C section on youtube. (lol)

The day of the surgery, I wasnt’ scheduled until 2 PM, so we didn’t need to be at the hospital until noon, so we were able to sleep in.  The one issue, however was that I wasn’t technically allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight.  My doctor had advised me to get up at 4 AM, eat breakast and then go back to bed.  Thank God!  I was starving as it was, let alone if I hadn’t eaten since midnight!

The presurgery stuff included an IV (which I asked to have placed in my arm rather than hand…highly recommend!), blood tests, fetal monitoring, US, and lots of questions from nurses, residents, med students, etc.  My doctor got there about 2:30 and we were off to the OR.  They took me in first while my husband waited outside so that they could do the spinal.  The spinal was a total breeze, slight pinch and pressure.  As she was administering the anesthesia, I felt it more on my left side,  When I asked why, she was like “oh, let me redirect”  So if something feels weird, say something!  Then they prepped my belly as the spinal took effect and put on the compression booties.  They brought my husband in just as they were making the incision.  I felt nothing but lots of movement (you get jerked around quite a bit).  Then I felt lots of pressure on my chst and ribs as they pushed down to deliver the baby.  She was pretty high up there so it took a bit longer.  Later my husband told me that both doctors had basically their whole bodies on me pushing  down on my stomach to get her out.  They gave me a quick peek and then took her off for a bath, weight, etc.  My husband went with her.

That took about 10 minutes, the rest of the procedure took about 30 minutes to put me back to together again.  I got very tired due to the spinal and really just wanted it over to take a nap.  I had requested glue rather than  staples from my doctor,

I spent an hour in recovery and then was moved to our room.  I was able to move my feet after about 10 minutes but was on 12 hour bedrest.  We got to our room about 4:30.  I still hadn’t seen my baby at this point.  I could not eat until I passed gas, but they did bring my husband food.  (Tip:  once you pass gas, tell them asap, they’ll let you eat right away!)  The rest was a lot of vital checks, pain meds etc.  I was up the next morning and moving around.  I was in some pain, however, totally manageable.  The only issue I had was that I had a reaction to the antibiotics I was given and had horrible facial itching.  That was the worst part, I literally wanted to rip my eyes out!

I’m now 4 weeks post c section and feel great.  I chose to wear a binder once I was home and am totally glad I did, it really helped with support  and the pain.  I haven’t worked out yet, but have been walking.  All in all, the whole process was really positive.

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