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Blushing bee
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I had to call the car garage for Mr B because when they sold us the car they forgot to give us the tool for the lock-in wheel nuts and he had a flat.

Me: Hi i need to speak to someone about how to get the wheel off our car because we werent given the correct tools to remove this.

Dealer Guy: I will need your car details but its sunday so i cant really look now

Me: But your open arent you

Dealer Guy: Yes but i cant really look now plus i need your reg

Me: *gives him the reg* and name of owner

Dearler Guy: i cant see anyone by that name here who purchased a car from us

Me: Well we did and it was only last month

Dealer Guy: Are you sure thats his name, i think you got it wrong?

Me: Err well yes i think i would know my own fiances name!


Stupid Man just hung up!!

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Helper bee
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YES. Went all the way to the Better Business Bureau and won : ]

 Long post, sorry.  But it’s a RIDICULOUS story.

Basically: Met my current AWESOME bf on Match. Single friend wanted to join match but couldn’t afford it because she has a toddler.  Bought her a gift subscription.  Went to her house to help her set up her account.  Logged into my account to show her what it looked like so she could have some idea of what to include.  LOGGED OUT.  Went to bottom of site to click on “redeem gift subscription” and typed in her information.   We clicked submit and MAGICALLY it logged me back into the site and applied her gift to my account.  

It was an obvious error so I immediately called customer service to fix the problem.  I spent about 4 hours on the phone being passed to different levels of customer service, and finally corporate to be told that they do not refund or transfer gift certificates.  IT WAS SO INFURIATING!  I was like um…I was a member of Match.com for months myself, found great success with it…shared my success with everyone and recommended your site to many of my friends, bought a GIFT SUBSCRIPTION FOR MY FRIEND (obviously I no longer have any need or wish for a match.com membership because you helped me meet an awesome guy already) so FIX IT.  This isn’t buyer’s remorse!  It’s a problem with your website!  I’m not getting the services that I intended to buy and paid for! 


They refused to fix it, insisting that they weren’t allowed to refund or transfer.  That their computers “didn’t have that capability.”  (seriously? we live in the 21st century. Don’t lie to me). 

I ended up getting pissed at corporate and told them that they were refusing to fix a simple issue and that I was a long time customer and would never be using their services again.  Also said that because they refused to fix the issue and give me the services that I paid for, that this could be considered fradulent business practices.

The lady then tried to give me an English lesson about what “fradulent” meant and how I clearly didn’t know what I was talking about.  I finally was like…”you know what. I don’t need your vocabulary lesson.  Save it for the Better Business Bureau.  They’ll be in contact with you.”

And hung up.


I was SOOO proud of myself though because I’m normally a pushover and don’t stand up for myself or advocate for myself but I did for once (I was kind of poor too and hated the idea of seeing 60 dollars go down the drain).  


I did contact the BBB and they handled the situation and Match.com fixed the “technical glitch” they had with refunds and refunded my credit card!  YAY for standing up for yourself! : ]

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Bumble bee
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The checkout guy at Blockbuster tried to fight FH.  We were in line and when it was our turn, he started out with “you got a problem, man?” FH was super surprised (he’s 5’10” and wears glasses and hoodies, not exactly a tough guy) and said no, and the checkout guy said “cause if you got a problem, we can go out side to talk about it” and we said we just wanted our movie.

I called the manager the next day to tell him about what happened and the manager told me that the guy who checked us out is one of his best employees and he would say something to him if I wanted him to, but he didn’t think that it was an issue. 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Oh man, kind of too many to count. Although not so many in-person ones, maybe because I don’t really care that much about minor rudeness/boredness from people. The ones that put me through the ROOF are the customer service people on the phone. You’re always dealing with something important (money, generally), and it takes forever to get to them, and then they can never even help you. Indian call centers make me rage in particular because 1) I always have a hard time understanding them 2) they are never well trained and you can tell they are just flipping through a binder with responses to common questions and 3) they don’t want to let you talk to a person who can ACTUALLY FIX YOUR PROBLEM. 

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Honey bee
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Just this one guy at a deli near my work. *Every* time I went in he asked me if I was pregnant. Nope, wasn’t last week and I’m still not this week, but thanks for calling me fat.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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Yeah, probably not the smartest way to phrase it on her part!!

Oh, I’ve had many doozies. The worst had to be with my cell phone company. Many phone calls to them later, I ended up getting $100 refunds each month for quite a few months… let’s just say that’s what a mess it was. I don’t even remember the details now, but it was very bad.

With that said, though, I have seen both sides and I know that customers can be evil sometimes. I used to joke that ‘the customer is NEVER right’. People in general tick me off lol.

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Sugar bee
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I’ve spent 45 minutes or so the last couple of days on an online chat with AT&T reps trying to figure out why my texts weren’t working.  The second chat was going on for about 15 minutes and all we established was that I had an iPhone.  Needless to say, the phone never got fixed, I was just told to go to Apple.

Lo and behold, I go to the AT&T store right by my house and the guy fixes it in about 5 minutes.  

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Bee Keeper
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Oh, I’ve got a story…  This is the reason why I HATE American Airlines and refuse to ever fly with them again.

In September of 2010, on a Thursday, Darling Husband and I flew nonstop from Dallas, TX to Dayton, OH. We arrived at the airport 90 minutes before departure and did curb-side check-in, where we checked one bag. We were on our way to my friend’s wedding, and I was a bridesmaid.  Fortunately, I was smart enough to put the bridesmaid dress and all its accessories in my carry-on, but DH’s suit, both of our sets of clothes for the rehearsal dinner, and everything else we needed was in the checked bag. We went through security with no problem, and our flight left on time. We arrived in Dayton ten minutes early.

Upon arrival, we proceeded to the baggage claim, but our bag was not there. We then stood outside the American Airlines baggage window for 45 minutes before anyone even showed up to take our claim. When someone did finally show up, we gave him our information, including the fact that in the morning, we would be going to Pennsylvania, and they would need to get our bag to us there. He said they could give the bag to Continental Airlines, which flies to Erie, and our bag would be driven to us from there.

I also asked to have my $25 baggage fee refunded; after all, I had paid for the service of AA delivering my bag with me to Dayton, and they had not performed that service. He said he could not do that, and I would have to email customer relations. I did that as soon as I got to a computer that night.

My parents live near Dayton, so we flew there to visit them, but the wedding was actually six hours away by car, in Franklin, Pennsylvania. The next day, Darling Husband and I got in the car and started our trip. On the way, I called AA several times to see if they had located our bag yet. I kept being told that our bag would likely be on an American flight landing in Dayton around 12:15, and they would forward it to Erie then. However, one lady also admitted that they could not be sure that my bag was on that flight since American Airlines doesn’t “have a tracking system like FedEx, where they scan every bag every time it moves.” She said they were in the process of installing that system right then.

Around 1:30PM Eastern time, I called again to see if my bag had landed. I was told that it hadn’t, and it would likely be on the plane that would arrive in Dayton at 5:40 that evening. I asked the baggage representative if she knew if my bag had actually been located yet. She said no, they would only know the location of my bag after it arrived somewhere and somebody entered it into the computer system. I asked how she knew the bag hadn’t been sent to Timbuktu, and the agent’s response was, “If the bag was sent to f***ing Timbuktu, then we’ll know when f***ing Timbuktu enters it into the computer.” I should have asked to speak with her supervisor, but I didn’t.

When Darling Husband and I finally arrived at our hotel, we checked in and immediately ran to the nearest mall to get appropriate clothing for both of us for the rehearsal that night and for Darling Husband for the wedding itself. We spent about $350, though everything we bought was on sale.

At 6:30 that evening, while I was at the wedding rehearsal, the American Airlines computer left a message on my phone that my bag had been given to the delivery company in Dayton and that I would receive it soon. Around 9:30 that evening, I called to speak with a real person and clarify what that meant. This representative told us that our baggage had been given to Delta Airlines (not Continental, as we had previously been told!), and that it would be flown to Erie via Cleveland first thing in the morning; it would likely arrive in Erie around 1:15 on Saturday afternoon. The wedding was supposed to begin at 2:00 and was a two-hour-long drive from the Erie Airport, so at that point, Darling Husband and I knew it would never arrive in time. However, we expected to have it when we returned from the wedding the following night.

I also mentioned the expenses we had incurred purchasing suitable replacements for the wedding. The woman asked if $150 would be enough, and she seemed quite unhappy when I explained just how much it had cost. Even so, we did not buy anything out of the ordinary, and we needed semi-formal and formal attire for the wedding and rehearsal dinner.

And so, around 9:45 in the evening the next day, we came back to the hotel, excited to finally have our things… except that they hadn’t arrived. Once again, I called American Airlines to figure out what was going on. They explained that the bag should be arriving in Erie from Detroit at any moment, but that the flight was delayed. Since Darling Husband and I were leaving again for Dayton in the morning, but we no longer trusted American Airlines to be able to get it to a location we would only be at for 24 hours, I told them to just send it back to Dallas.

The lady on the phone put me on hold and then tried to get in contact with Delta, which had my bag. She finally came back and said she couldn’t get in touch with Delta, and they wouldn’t give her the phone number for their desk in Erie. Thus, American Airlines gave my bag to a second company without any way to actually ensure the bag arrived at its destination, nor did American Airlines even know if the bag was in Erie. I asked to speak with her supervisor, and this woman offered to send a fax to both Delta and the Erie Airport.

As of that night, 48 hours after I emailed their customer relations department, I still had not received any response.

At 11:30 the next morning, on Sunday, I called the baggage department again. Their automated computer was still telling me that my bag had been given to the delivery company at 7:00PM on Friday and would be delivered within seven hours of that time (1:00AM on Saturday). I was transferred to an actual agent, a really rude woman who continually spoke over me and would not listen to my questions. She, too, could not be connected to Delta or Erie because Delta officials would not give her the phone number. I asked her if she personally could tell me where my bag was. She said no. I asked her if any American Airlines agent or computer, anywhere in the entire world, could tell me where my bag was. She said no, but Delta had it and was taking care of it. I asked her who was responsible for my bag, and she responded that American Airlines was. I asked her if American Airlines could communicate with Delta to learn where my bag was, and she once again said no. Thus, I told her, American Airlines had lost my bag again. She said no, no, it wasn’t lost, but really just delayed. I told her that the definition of the word “lost” is “not knowing where something is.” She did nothing more to help me, and when I asked to speak with her supervisor, she told me she didn’t have one.  Yeah, right, bitch.  Because YOU are the highest person in the entire American Airlines hierarchy.  You must be the fucking CEO.

Darling Husband and I stopped at Walmart on the way back to Ohio to buy basic necessities for the remainder of the trip: socks, underwear, t-shirts, etc. We spent approximately $150.

That night, I called American Airlines again to see if they had been able to contact Delta. No, they hadn’t, the lady said. Delta wouldn’t give them the phone number. I asked for Delta’s number, and I called them. On the Delta baggage line, I spoke with a very helpful young lady. I explained to her the situation. She tried to look up my bag, but she discovered that because my bag was listed with American Airlines, even though it was now under Delta control, she could not track it. She said she needed more information that American Airlines had not provided. I confirmed her name and asked her if it would be possible for me to call back American Airlines, have them call the Delta baggage number, and have them ask to be transferred to her so the two of them could work it out. The lady confirmed that as a possibility, wished me luck, and said she would wait for the call from American Airlines.

I called American Airlines back. This time, though the lady admitted that American Airlines could not track my bag while it was in Delta control, she refused to call the number I provided and to ask to speak with the Delta representative. This lady also read to me the address my bag was being forwarded to: 12345 Texas Parkway… in Franklin, Pennsylvania. Wrong.  Wrong state, wrong part of the freaking country, WRONG.  I corrected the address, and then I asked to speak with her supervisor.

The supervisor was a woman who was fairly competent. She confirmed that my bag was being sent to Dallas, and then she inquired as to how long I would be there. I said that it was my permanent address; she said that my permanent address was already listed as the hotel in Pennsylvania. I made sure she sorted that out.

She then flagged my file to mark that my bag needed to be forwarded, and she sent out some sort of high-priority memo to all of American Airlines and Delta.

Since it had been 72 hours at that point since they had lost my bag, I asked her how long I had to wait before they admitted that my bag had disappeared into the ether and would never be seen again. She told me that American Airlines had six days from the time I filed the claim. I stated that they then must have only three days more. At this point, she said that my file had only been created that day.

As it turned out, they created a new file for me when they rerouted my bag back to Dallas, and the timer is set from that one. They gave themselves three extra days. The woman did, however, merge the new file with my old one.

She tried once more to call Erie, too. This time, she was given a phone number, but when she called, it had been disconnected. Finally she said there was no more she could do, and I hung up.

On Labor Day Monday, they still had no clue where my bag was, nor could they get in touch with Delta. My boyfriend and I flew back to Dallas, and in the airport, I spoke with the baggage representative face-to-face. She was able to confirm that the bag had in fact reached Erie, but nothing more.

Tuesday was more of the same: no further information. I did stop by the store to pick up a new hairbrush, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and lotion, since I no longer had access to the hotel’s or my parents’.

On Wednesday morning, September 8th, I finally got a response to the email I had sent five days previous. Customer relations apologized for making me wait in Dayton and offered recompense for the charges we incurred on vacation, but they refused to refund the $25 baggage fee because, they said, it was not a delivery fee, but rather a handling fee. I immediately sent them another email explaining the nightmare we’ve been through (rude and vulgar customer service, still not having our bag, etc.) and demanding once again that we have our money refunded. Though it may be a handling fee, I said, I had yet to see any concrete proof that American Airlines had handled my baggage at all. Since I still didn’t have it, for all I knew, the agent at the curb-side check-in on Thursday had gone home with my bag the very moment I left. Thus, they needed to refund me. When they finally responded a couple days later, they refunded me in the form of a $25 AA voucher.  It ended up going to waste, since I refuse to fly with them ever again.

Around noon on the same day, I called the baggage line again. This time, the representative was able to get through to the Delta counter in Erie. I think this lady must have had magical powers, and I regret that I didn’t ask to speak with her supervisor to tell him/her that she ought to get a raise and promotion. Anyway, she said that no one at the Erie Airport had any sort of forwarding information for my bag, and so it had just been sitting in their office since Saturday evening. She told them to get it to Texas, and I was informed that my bag would arrive in Dallas that night around 9:45 on a Delta flight.

The next morning, on Thursday, September 9th, I called again to see when my bag would be delivered. The woman informed me that my bag had probably arrived at 6:40 this morning – not the previous day – on a US Airways flight. I was, of course, incensed that they would deliver my bag to a third company when the reason for the majority of the problem was that they had given it to the second. It made no logical sense.  There had been some severe weather the night before, so I understand that some flights were delayed, but they should not have transferred my luggage to a third carrier.

I was told that my bag would be delivered at some point that day, but they couldn’t give me an estimated time, and so I had to stay in the apartment all day just in case they came by.

Finally, at 3:00, the delivery man arrived with our bag, only about seven hours short of a full week since we had been supposed to receive it. When I opened the suitcase, all the items inside were soaking wet. I think they just left it on the tarmac in the middle of a hurricane.  I called AA customer service again to complain.  The wet suitcase contained my husband’s brand new suit and some electronic devices, and they could have been ruined.  This woman was also incredibly rude, and she told me that since I had my luggage, she couldn’t do anything for me.

For the record, it took them about six freaking months to refund us the $550 or so we had to spend that week.  I was unemployed at the time, so I NEEDED that money.  Fucking American Airlines.

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Buzzing bee
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I wish I wasn’t CURRENTLY on the phone with my tv provider dealing with this RIGHT NOW! argh

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Honey bee
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Ugh. This isn’t customer service that either of us solicited, so much as a telemarketer, but it was OB-NOX-IOUS!

I won’t forget it, it was so infuriating. Our phone rang, from a dating service called Itsjustlunch.com wanted to speak with my husband, and asked for him by name. The woman on the line identified herself as Felicia (are you reading this, Felicia? I’m still upset with you!) 

Me: Hello?

Felicia: Hi, this is F from It’s just lunch . com, is (DH) available. 

Me: Not at the moment, but this is his wife. What can I help you with? 

F: I’m calling for him. 

Me: Yes, well, I live with him because he’s my husband. If you wish to leave a message, I will take it. Otherwise, you can speak with me, since you’ve reached my household. 

F: I’ll just call him later. ::Click::  


I was not amused. My husband was in the bathroom at the time, and when he got out, I told him about the exchange I had with her, and I asked him about it since she asked for him by name and was being evasive with me. I knew it was a dating site. The way she spoke to me seemed really sketchy, and warranted a chat with Darling Husband to figure out what was up with these people. 

He thought it was odd too, and he said, I’ll call them back right now! This is stupid. 

So he did, and asked to speak with Felicia directly. (I’m still mad at you, lady!) 


Darling Husband: Hi, is this Felicia?

F: Yes.

Darling Husband: I’m (DH), returning your call. 

F: Oh yes. I was calling to tell you about our services at our company, and was looking to see if you would be interested in joining. Blah blah blah.

Darling Husband: Let me stop you here. I’m not sure why you have my number in your system, since I haven’t visited any dating sites in the past 5 years. In fact, you just spoke with my wife?

F: Oh, yes. I called not too long ago, but I didn’t know that was your wife, and I didn’t know you were married. I’ll remove you from our calling list. 

Me: Wait a minute, I told you more than once he was married, when I offered to take a message! You insisted on speaking to him. Why wouldn’t you have removed him from the list THEN, instead of hanging up on me, and insisting you would call him back instead? 

F: ::Stammering. She didn’t realize she was on speaker phone:: Oh, uh, I was calling on a list of people I have, and I’m just trying to get customers. (Didn’t even answer my question)

Me: If you were trying to get customers, and you heard one of the numbers you were calling belonged to a married man, why would you insist to call back later, and why wouldn’t you apologize to ME and say you’d remove our number off the list, rather than circumnavigating me, and being secretive with whatever your “business” with my husband was? 

F: Oh, I didn’t mean to cause any trouble. 

Me: If you would have been upfront with me, there wouldn’t have been any trouble in the first place. 

Darling Husband: Please do not contact us again. I know you’re just doing your job, but if you were told I was married, that wouldn’t warrant a call back. I needed your services 6 years ago, but that shouldn’t mean you still have my number active in your system. 


This woman was a piece of work. She lied to my Darling Husband about not knowing he was married, when I clearly TOLD her more than once I was his wife. 

Why would a dating site insist on calling back a MARRIED man? That makes no sense. If she was representing a dating site, wouldn’t she know that a married man is not a marketable resource? What kind of people are they stocking their site with, since clearly they have no standards? I mean, when I was looking for people to date, the very first qualification a person needs to meet is to be SINGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Felicia, if you’re reading this, you’re an idiot, and you were very rude. Find another profession.

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Honey bee
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@UpstateCait:  Great use of the word, “Craptastic” in the thread title. 🙂 

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