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Busy bee

The sample size thing is a big time annoyance.  It is my feeling that if I am paying thousands of dollars for a dress, I want to try it on in my size and see the dress in the actual shade that I’m buying it in.  At this price point, I don’t want to have to imagine how a dress will look when it’s in my size!

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sfp:   Not being able to take photos of the dress.  Um, this dress is going to be the most photographed item of clothing I will ever own!!  Let me see how it looks in a photo!!

I’m a street size 14.  I actually had one saleslady tell me not to bother coming to her store once she knew my measurements.  Gee, thanks for making me cry, that’s just great.  I let everyone know how Bridal Garden in Marlton, NJ made me feel.  

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Helper bee

I just shared some negative appointment experiences in another thread, so while I’m still riled up from thinking about them, I’ll bite! (None of these were an issue at my second appointment at a different store, so they aren’t universal, but still.)

1. Not being allowed to browse the stock myself.  I wouldn’t object to having a consultant with me, but being expected to sum up my style and my peculiar little likes and dislikes in just a few sentences and then have this consultant who knows nothing about me attempt to interpret this seems crazy.  Maybe it works at Kleinfeld’s, but not everyone is that personable or creative to do this well.  

2. The dressing room!  My consultant just got in the dressing room with me, which I expected, but I didn’t expect to have to disrobe in front of her!  She did try to make a joke of it and apologize for the awkwardness, but really, they couldn’t provide me with a robe if they won’t trust me to put the dress on myself?!?!

3. Being told to try on things I specifically said I didn’t want, just to see if I’d like it. Meh. I’ve been dressing myself successfully for a long time, thanks.

4. Not being told the designers or actual prices of each dress!  Various comments were made in the dressing room, but I wasn’t informed of each and every designer and price.  I didn’t think to ask, because this salon not only allows pictures but takes some for you and then e-mails them to you, but the pics came with no info!  I had to stalk their collections online to finally find many of them, which wasn’t easy since many of the dresses were not from the most recent collections. This may be partially because I was clearly not in love with any of the dresses, but still, tell me what it is that you’re putting on my body.

Overall, that consultant was very nice, and I felt a little bad since it was clear I had very little excitement the whole time and was probably not returning, but bleh.  


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Sample sizes being mostly bridal size 10. I was a street size 6/8 when I went to try on dresses and the sample size 10 still didn’t fit. It was annoying because I couldn’t get an accurate feel for the dress. Even if they were only a size 12, that would have been better.

Not being allowed to take pictures. I had one salon claim I couldn’t take pictures because they carried Maggie Sottero and you aren’t allowed to take pictures of Maggie dresses which is a flat out lie.

No one in my “entourage” would give me real opinions. They would agree with me on things but wouldn’t offer constructive advice. I wish I had someone there who would have pushed me to try on things out of my comfort zone just on the off chance that I would love it. No one wants to be “that” friend but I would have appreciated it.

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Blushing bee

Seriously, that last one! One of the places I went to was Kleinfeld’s. Not only did she not really understand my style… she only showed me 4 dresses. We’ve all seen the show. We know there are more than 4 dresses back there. Come on.

(The other places I went to let me browse the stocks… it was so much better that way!)

The size thing wasn’t a huge issue. I’m a size 12, too, but that was surprisingly the stock size of most of the dresses! Woohoo!

I also hate how the dresses are all soooo long, and it’s hard to figure out if the dresses are hard to walk in because of the design, or because you’re not 6’2″. I’m not a short lady (5’6″) but I was tripping over this material like no other. How will I know if I can dance in those dresses??

Also… NOT BEING ABLE TO TAKE PICTURES. You serious? How am I supposed to remember?

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Busy bee
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Sample size, sample size, sample size! I left one store in tears because I felt like a freak of nature I couldn’t squeeze my ass into any of the dresses I wanted. I’m not someone you would call thin but the pants I’m wearing this moment are an 8 and I’m a 6/8 on the top. Again, not thin but I don’t consider that large enough that I shouldn’t be able to try on the dress I want. That was my #1 annoyance, I got very frustrated the longer I looked for a dress.

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YES! The photo thing too!

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sfp:  sales girls who pushed accessories and veils on me. I said I didn’t want them yet they always had to “finish the look” with some ugly hair clip. Similarly, sales people who kept pulling dress styles that I said I hated haha

looking up a specific dress online and going all the way to the store only to find that they don’t have that dress (bait and switch)


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1) Shops NEVER having the style I wanted (tea length and NOT strapless).

2) Shops not being open in convenient hours for me. I’m a teacher who teaches summer school and I can’t just take off work to shop for a dress.

3) Ridiculous prices for subpar quality.

It’s why I’m having my dress made for me by a professional, at-home dress maker.

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sfp:  I am going to agree with the accessories comment. The lady who helped me kept trying to get me to wear this sash. The first time she asked me to put on the evil sash all I could think was- “I will never  wear a sash”. 10 dresses later and multiple sashes… I was highly annoyed. Or the- “I know this isn’t at all what you said you wanted but you should totally try this on just to see”. NO NO NO NO

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sfp:   oh god..I totally second pp who said the thing about not getting to take pictures. When I picked out my dress they said no pics..okay, fine..so I thought I would be able to take pics once I bought it and OWNED it…Nope! When I went for my first fitting I wanted my mom to take pics and they said no! Wtf !

Well, when I went into the dressing room I took like 20 pics on m phone lol 

Also i hated how heavy some dresses were. I felt so weighed down in most of them. One of the reasons I picked my dress was because it felt lighter than the rest.

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Sugar bee

I’m a size 4, so I didn’t have any issues with sample sizes.  However, what did annoy me was that salespeople wanted to play dress-up with me because my body type is so in line with their samples.  They pulled things which were so off base from what I was looking for, mainly because they were styles that hadn’t been tried as often.  I heard “You look good in EVERYTHING” a lot.  That doesn’t help if I’m visiting your store so that I can narrow down my options.  I’m not here to play dress up with whatever small/obscure samples you’ve wanted to see on people.  I tried on a dress from a new collection on at one store, and the saleslady said “This dress is new and I haven’t seen it yet on somebody who was the correct size“.  Real nice.

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Busy bee
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I went into a very high end dress shop expecting high end service. it was ‘ok’ but i felt rushed. the dressing rooms were so tiny that I had elbowed my friend a few times trying to get dresses over my head! I cannot imagine having big ballgowns in your inventory and trying to put them on in those tiny rooms! anyway, big BIGGEST peeve was when i finally decided on a dress, the owner came in to get my measurments and she grabbed my hipps and said ‘if you lose some weight around this area and 2 inches off each side the dress will look perfect’. i was so shocked i didnt know what to say. as if dress shopping wasn’t hellish and stressful enough she has to be that rude!? i wish she helped me take off the dress then i would of ‘accidently’ elbowed her on HER damn head!

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