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Busy bee
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I guess this one isn’t too bad, but it really humiliated young me.

It was my first day of high school, and lucky for me, my period decided to come early, so I was not prepared to deal with this whatsoever. I also happened to be wearing a thong, as not to show any lines in my nice white capri pants. It was during my gym period, towards the end of the day, where we were all sitting on the bleachers just talking about what the class would be like, when I noticed that there was something up. Well, at the end of the class, I get up from the bleachers, turn to grab my purse, and there I see a stain of my ass, in blood, on the bleachers. Luckily I had a light cardigan  with me, and I tried to stealthily wipe up the evidence with the inside of the sleeve.

I wrapped my cardigan around my waist, and high-tailed it to a bathroom where there was no tampon dispenser. So, I wrapped toilet paper around my thong, in hopes that it would stay and absorb some of the blood. I had no idea where the nurses office was, and so I tried to find my next class after this. So, I sat down, cardigan still wrapped around my waist, and I decided to sit at my desk with one leg kind of under me, I guess to feel more secure. I pretty much forgot about my dilemma until the end of class, where I noticed I had stained my white shoes with my blood. 

Thankfully, it was the end of the day, and now all I had to do was go to my locker, and then get out of the building. At some point during this time, my wadded up, blood-stained toilet paper fell out of my pants as I was walking. I picked it up as fast as possible, surrounded by people. Blood was dripping down my leg and onto my shoes/the floor, and I just ran as fast as possible to my locker, and then got out of the building.

When I got home, I noticed a blood ass-print on my cardigan as well.

What a day.

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@elle_z:  Holy Crap.


Um when I was pregnant with my daughter I got sick really easily. Well I was at my DH’s mom’s house and went to the bathroom. He left with his friends and I was in the bathroom puking my guts up while peeing myself ALL OVER THE FLOOR. It looked like I flooded the bathroom. I didn’t know where anything was at so I had to call his mom in and ask her (this was the third time meeting her) bless her heart though she helped me clean up.

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walking down the high street at the busiest time of day,crowds of people around me. As Im walking I feel something lumpy down the back of my trousers,thinking it was just my top or something (godness knows what!) I keep walking. Next thing I know some kindly old gentleman stops me and hands me something and tells me “youve just dropped these!”


My underwear from the night before had got rolled up inside the leg of my jeans, I hadnt noticed and went out and they dropped out of my jeans in the middle of the street.

Needless to say, I always check my  trousers before I get dressed in the morning now.

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We were just in Vegas about a month ago walking around the premium outlet outdoor mall. I was wearing a short casual sundress and wandering around a shoe store while waiting for Fiance. I saw him come in and he made a beeline towards me with this horrified look on his face. Turns out my big heavy purse had been rubbing against my dress so much that it tucked itself up into my underwear… Who knows how long I wandered around like that. I was soooo embarrassed I actually wanted to leave the whole outlet mall in case people recognized me later as “that girl whose ass was hanging out”.

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Blushing bee
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Total, utter and complete innocent mistake that was mortifyingly unintentionally insulting when i was about 13…

I walked into a ladies room and a “gentleman” was standing in there. Genuinely baffled I said “umm, this is the ladies, isn’t it??”

Cue “yeah – and these are fucking tits love” with jumper being lifted and said tits exposed.

It was a particularly “butch” woman – and to be fair she had no chest what so ever. I was so so embarrassed because I hate to think I would have accidentally insulted and upset someone like that, I never would have done it on purpose. I nearly died, I felt so awful.

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Bumble bee

I’m an ex sideshow performer…walk on broken glas, dance with fire..blah blah.

Well one time I’m in the middle of a performance. I’ve dance with the snake, walked on glass and now…time for my “contortion” act. So I get everything ready and I’m having fun really setting up the act with the crowd cheering…

I’m half way through my first stretch and then I hear….riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip!

There goes my tights. My expensive specially for dancing tights that supposedly hold up to anything. There is my blindingly white ass in front of everyone..Yeah they even had the blue lights up so it was EXTRA BRIGHT.

The show must go on, so I did a little spin and played it off pretty well. No one said anything…but a lot of the guys were giving me sleezy smiles after my performance.


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