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I’m tired and far away from my cookbooks right now (read: lazy) but a few of my faves: 

a simple salad with your favorite green, mushrooms, tomatoes, balls of fresh mozzarella and tempeh (I like the three grain kind, cheap at Whole Foods. I sautee it cut into crouton-sized pieces in a little bit of olive oil and sea salt, about five minutes on medium-high.) – i love love love annie’s honey mustard vinigarette dressing with this salad.

risotto with arborio rice, asparagus, shittake mushrooms, white wine, vegetable stock, and parm. 

eggplant parm. yum. 

a big portobello mushroom sauteed in butter and olive oil, plus sea salt, pepper, and garlic. I put it on a toasted whole wheat bun, and if I’m really splurging calorie-wise, have some sweet potato fries with it. 

quinoa anything! I usually throw in some veggies and parm. 

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If you guys haven’t eaten quinoa pasta I HIGHLY recommend you try it!  You have to separate the noodles by hand (they stick together pretty bad) but it makes for a hearty vegan pasta dish and oh-so-good!

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As a former vegetarian, I had to make sure I was getting enough protein without relying on carb heavy beans, too much soy (meat substitutes) or too much dairy. Just some advice on things you should watch for from a nutritionist perspective. I found the book Veganomican fantastic when we were veg. 

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As a vegan I’ve never found it difficult to get too much protein–I think the average American way overestimates the amount of protein a person needs and way underestimates the amount of protein in non-animal derived foods in general (start taking a peek at nutrition labels and you  might be really surprised by the protein content of some seemingly random foods).  I just eat whatever I’m hungry for and usually my body does a good job of keeping me adequately health (unless I’m on my period, then my body only wants cookies and fried food. Fail).

Isa Chandra Moskowitz wrote some awesome vegetarian cookbooks with recipes that are pretty easy to follow and widely appealing, so I would definitely check her stuff out. My favorite cookbooks, though, for inspiration, are the Millennium, Candle Cafe, and Horizons cookbooks.  They’re from my favorite restaurants and have so much goodness.

I honestly don’t have favorite recipes…I don’t have favorite foods in general, and when I cook I usually just work from scratch or alter the heck out of recipes without thinking of how my changes are quantified, so I don’t know if I can be of help…just wanted to throw out some cookbook suggestions and say good luck!  Becoming a vegetarian was the best thing I ever did as a kid, and it’s been rewarding every single day for the past thirteen years.

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It is true that Americans generally eat more protein than they need.  Unless you feel like you need some protein, I wouldn’t worry about it too much!

Try tempeh!  It is a soy product, but has more texture and is nuttier than tofu.  My favorite – make a reuben sandwich substituting the meat with the tempeh (tempeh, saurkraut, swiss cheese, thousand island dressing on rye bread).

I also love quinoa (I know a couple people have mentioned this before).  I like cooking it with some sauteed mushrooms, onions and some dried cranberries.

Salads with a cheese and a fruit are also great – you can try mixed baby greens with caramelized onion, pear and goat cheese.  Sprinkle with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar… yum!

I hope this helps!

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yayyy, love this thread!  go veggies!

i’ve been a vegetarian for 9 years now.

have you tried spaghetti squash?  it’s really easy to make (you can even pop it in the microwave, but poke several holes in it first so it doesn’t burst in there!).  then you scoop the insides out with a fork and the squash comes out in noodles that look just like spaghetti.  pair with some spaghetti sauce and parmesan cheese and – voila! – it’s like a pasta dish that’s NOT pasta!

i love it!  now i’m inspired to make one tomorrow night for dinner.

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Yayyy on switching to vegetarianism! Great move! You’re doing the right thing. 🙂  I’ve been a vegi for ten years and it seems to get easier every year. 


I’m not an amazing cook, but some of my simple faves are:

-Spanish Rice (it comes in those Sensational Sides pouches… you just add water… it’s idiot proof) with peas and carrots (or any vegis you like) on top.

-Meatless lasagna. You can probably google a recipe but I just boil the noodle strips, strain them, poor marinara on the bottom of an 8×11 pan, then lay three strips of noodles on top alongside each other, then add a cheese mix (I mix ricotta, powdered parmesan, and shredded mozzarella), then repeat those three layers a few times and end with sprinkling shredded mozzarella on top.   Cook at 400 degrees for like 45 minutes.

-Soy riblets! You can get them frozen from Morningstar farms, next to frozen waffles at the grocery store. I like to put a baked potato with it.

-Omelets with tons of cheese and onions and spinach (if you’re planning on eating eggs, which I do).

-Cereal (lol, but seriously :])

-On Friday nights my Fiance usually grills me a vegi burger and he makes himself a regular burger.  We put mashed potatoes with it and it’s the bomb. 🙂

-Cheese enchilladas.  Buy CORN (not flour) tortillas. Fill them with shredded mexican cheese.  Fold them.  Turn them upside down and sit them in the pan.  Cover with enchillada sauce (you could probably make your own if you were a better cook than me, but I just buy it in the can… be sure to read the ingredients though, some incorporate beef fat, most don’t though), and even more mexican cheese.  Tons of calories, but delicious.

-Soy tacos with Morningstar Farms “crumblers” instead of real meat.


Good luck!!

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I’m honestly too lazy to get up and get any of my “real” recipes right now, but this is what I just ate for dinner. It was so simple and so delicious!

Brown Butter/Sage Oyster Mushrooms & Penne

Oyster Mushrooms (there’s a mushroom lady at my local farmers market who ROCKS)

Fresh Sage

Butter 1-2 tbls (real or earth balance if you wanna go vegan)



pinch of nutmeg

clove of garlic


1. Boil Water, cook penne, and set aside

2. Add butter to large saute pan on medium heat until it browns

3. Add oyster mushrooms and garlic & saute for a few minutes

4. sprinkle liberally with salt, & pepper and add a pinch of nutmeg

5. Sprinkle a bit of flour (maybe a teaspoon) and a splash of soy milk to get a bit of a cream sauce

6. Toss penne in the mix until warm


Yum. Yum. Enjoy!

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