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Blushing bee
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Hehehe… that is so cute of you.  I wish I had thought of something like that but unfortunately, I was straightforward and demanded it.  πŸ˜›  Bleh.  

A better story is this one girl at work.  She decided to buy herself a ring and she wore it on her ring finger.  I guess she wanted to get married and he wasn’t ready to get her a ring yet.  So after seeing the ring on her, people kept asking him if they were engaged!  What a way to get everyone else at work to help drop hints huh? πŸ™‚  He was actually rather annoyed.  πŸ˜›


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Blushing bee
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One evening when I knew we’d just be sitting in bed chilling together and playing on our laptops, I made sure to go to my budgeting stuff at Mint.com and fiddle with it while he could see and ask what I was doing. I knew he’d want to try it, too — at least to play around with it — once he saw me using it, and I was right!

Heh… the hinting part comes in when you find the “Goals” function that allows you to plug in a goal you want to save for (like, oh, “Wedding” or “Ring”) and figure out how much you need to put away each month to have it saved by a certain date.

“Oh, this feature is really cool… look at all the things you can tell it you want to save for… it even helps you figure out how much you need to save to be ready for things by certain dates…”

He figured me out… and wrangled his numbers so that, according to it, we couldn’t afford to get married until 2027.

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Worker bee

2027!!!! hahahahahaa!! sounds like my guy!!! but the way i figure it, weddings are llike babies..if you wait until you know you can afford it you will never get there!!!

but seriously, i am already looking into budgets, diy tips, all that fun stuff..even tho no sparkley on my finger (yet)

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Buzzing bee
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A few months ago I started looking at rings and I decided that I would really love one with a colored gemstone in it. I was trying to plan out a suttle way hint to him that I really like colored gemstones.

One night we went out to a bar to celebrate my brother getting a job on a movie set and I may have had a few drinks. When we got to the car my crazy ass decided to scream out that “I like colored rings, they are so fun.”

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Helper bee
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haha last night we were discussing finances and i’ve always said when we get married we’ll get a joint account and i was so annoyed with splitting finances and figuring it all out i said as i was walking away “i wish you’d just get over it and marry me already so we didnt have to discus this!”… he laughed and said “that was subtle” lol

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Busy bee
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I drop hints all the time. I’m living with the Boyfriend or Best Friend in his country on a tourist visa, which is legal but doesn’t give me any rights to anything, really. I always say stuff like “I’m living in the shadows….everyone else my age has a car, a house, etc…I can’t buy any of that because I’m not a legal citizen here…I wish I were…I would love to buy a house with you…”

Or the other day, this couple we kind of know through friends, apparently had gotten married and we didn’t know so when I found out I said “Oh, I can’t believe so & so got married…that’s so sweet……and she’s a year younger than me even…wow…”

Or the other day when we were driving and passed a wedding dress boutique I blatantly like craned my head to look out the window at it. He caught me and was like “what are you looking at…” (with a half smile, he knew it was the dress boutique). I was just like, oh nothing…

I’ve also signed him up on a local jewelers email list….

I drop about ten hints a day. Nothing has worked so far. :-/

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Busy bee

I like to be straight forward no hints. He was actually the first to bring it up about getting engaged lol

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Bumble bee
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We live together and I call him my ‘roommate’ whenever I want him to get the point that it annoys me he’s just my ‘roommate’… that’s how I listed him on our census form and on my credit application for the car I just got.  And he saw them both when I filled them out. ha

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Busy bee
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Boyfriend or Best Friend was at a wedding and sent me a pic on his phone of the first dance…I said “getting ideas? πŸ™‚ lol”

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Buzzing bee
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I had told Darling Husband that I would only move in when we’re engaged… well I guess I had not used the word “engaged” but “committed” and that created confusion..
Anyway, we were travelling every day to see each other and it was getting tiring and expensive and ridiculous!
So one night of december I told him “I wish that by the end of the year, we figure out our situation with travelling vs living together”.
The discussion went from there, and later in the discussion he realized that I would move in once engaged and he said let’s do it.
So….. only one hint, but kind of an obvious one I guess!

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Bumble bee

@Sesame… Haha!! The catalog thing is too funny! Love it, love it, so sneaky πŸ˜€

I ordered a book on Amazon, and he saw it in the mail and laughed.. “His Cold Feet – A guide for the woman who wants to tie the knot with the guy who wants to talk about it later.” Didn’t mean for him to see it, but oh well…… πŸ™‚

He saw me reading it the other night and said “hun, I don’t have cold feet”.. aww πŸ™‚ I know he doesn’t, and the book is really great for frustrated women who have been waiting years and years.. Not quite for our situation, but I would definitely recommend it for others!

Another thing.. I was at a bachelorette party this past weekend for a good friend and the favors were those HUGE diamond ring keychains.. I put it on my finger, took a pic and sent it to him.. I said, you’re too late, the bachelorette already proposed to me, LOL.

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Bumble bee
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My nickname for him is Mister, and sometimes he calls me Missy, but every now and then he calls me Mrs… and I always say “HEY you cant call me that yet! We arent married!”

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Helper bee
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LOL love the catalogue thing. Went by my parents’ house earlier today and they had a jewellery catalogue on the junk mail table. Yoink! oh now look what has arrived in our mail box today. Quelle surprise?!

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Blushing bee


I leave hints EVERYWHERE! I’ve got two photo’s of the ring I love sitting on my desktop of my laptop. Also, last night my b/f asked me what I wanted for my b-day and I said: “You don’t know?” He said that he wouldn’t be asking if he did, so I replied, saying: “I think EVERYONE knows what I want for my b-day”. He joked around and said: “Really? Everyone? So if I ask that couple over there, they’d know? hahaha”. And I said: “Actually… Ya, they’d probably know!”

Oh, and I also told him that I wanted to start trying for kids next year (we’re very open about talking about our future). I guess that wasn’t a very subtle hint, but oh well, lol


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