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Helper bee
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I am currently annoyed that people keep telling me I have plenty of time to plan my wedding. Yes, I am aware it’s July 2013, but I graduate from grad school in December, then I have to write my midwife board exam in March, then we’re moving in June. Is it such a crime that I get everything done before December if I can? LEAVE ME ALONE. *grumpy face*


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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: October 2015

I’ve been very irritated lately when I try to skype with Fiance (LDR) and I have to keep moving from room to room (unplugging and replugging my laptop as I go) because I have 4 roomates and they’re always occupying different rooms, and I feel weird having a private conversation in front of them. To top it all off, the internet in our apartment likes to randomly go out for no reason. I like being able to see his face every day but it’s such a hassle, I honestly like IMing him better.

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Bee Keeper
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Ooooh, I’ll play 🙂  My biggest workplace irritation is when my coworkers try to “help” me when I am at lunch.  I work in a lab & the nurses will come in and draw someone because they don’t want to wait the 20 minutes until I get back.  But then they draw in the wrong tube, or put the label on upside down, or don’t write the time on the paper, so I have to aliquot the sample, find the paper, put a new label on it, and track down whoever drew it to ask them what time yadda yadda… so basically they have made more work for me by trying to “help”… thanks, but no thanks!

My biggest Fiance irritation is that he forgets to shut doors so our very rambunctious great dane doesn’t get into certain rooms and make confetti out of all sorts of stuff.  Seriously- IT IS A DOOR. SHUT IT!

Other general irritations include crappy grammar, inconsiderate people, idiot drivers, and people who run to the gorcery store if the forecast calls for flurries and purchase every loaf of bread in the entire state as if the rapture were coming.

Sheesh, I seem like a really irritable person.  I swear I’m not, I’m pretty happy and outgoing- I promise!

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: January 2013

Im a big bad of irritation today… i should be under lockdown or maybe in a padded room. lol
first of all, we’ll start off by saying i’m getting my visit from aunt Flo… so everything is amplified 100X. I’m at work battling a nasty tummy ache and dealing with difficult customers… and ps… customers arent always right!
I am trying to get the last of our guests to commit to booking in for our Destination Wedding so Fi and i can move onto the next step and that is posing to be impossible.
and on top of it…i’m stuck trying to change my wedding colors!  
I’ve been working out hard at the gym lately and my body just doesnt feel right… AND… my arthritis has decided to show its ugly face!


Vent over, thank you ladies 

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: December 2016

my biggest work irritation is when my coworkers, along with my supervisior sit in her office and joke and laugh loudly while there are other people (like me) doing work. i understand that yea we should be able to socialize , but it is a diffrent thing when i am trying to ask a work related question, and when i go to ask it, i get looks like i am disturbing their conversation and then i am kicked out quickly so they can continue their conversation. 

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Bee Keeper
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Nascar.com has been down all day…..when I’m at work and want to follow the Duel races. Argh.

Then, at the end of the race my driver was in, he’s fighting the lead guy for the win, on the final lap, and stinking Danica Patrick (who I wish would get the F out of NASCAR) crashes, and brings out the caution, ending the race.

My driver totally would have won.

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: October 2013

@random7890:  I totally know how you feel on this one!

Seriously? I get that its not until October of next year but I get stressed easily and actually want to enjoy my engagement by not getting too caught up doing last minute projects! We just booked our venue and they were already booked up until August of 2013! My other vendors that I’ve met with so far have done nothing but praise me for doing things early and spread out!

I guess its mainly my family. They seem so disinterested and dont want to discuss anything because “its sooooooo faaarrrrr aawwwwaaaayyyy!”

Good Lord.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: August 2012

I have very little work irritation now, I quit my last job that was FULL of it.  Now i work with one other person, my boss, who is a super laid back guy and we get on really well.

HOWEVER there a lot of things that irritate me, I am an irritable person by nature, I like calm and quiet…drivers in my city are rude and ignorant.  CIBC bank keeps calling me every fricking night asking if I want their stupid insurance, even though I have declined it 5 times already!  My Fiance is forever leaving his shoes in the middle of the floor, right next to the shoe tray where they have their own cozy little spot.  Starbucks can’t make a cup of tea to save their lives, and I got sass form one of their employees (I called the main customer care line, had a chat.  I’m getting free vouchers so it;s all good, but man was I angry!)

The list can go on…the wailing child in a nice restaurant, the line budger who conveniently ignores the other 12 people before them, the person who doesnt flush (or wash) in a public bathroom (ew god so gross, I often want to follow them out and make a public spectacle of them), annoying radio announcers, repetitive annoying sounds (read 80’s metal bands lol) etc etc…

ETA:  My biggest one right now, the assholes who take up 2 or 3 parking stalls, near the door by parking like a jackass, and you KNOW it’s just becasue they can.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: November 2013

My irritation right now is having to take the blame for someone else’s mistakes. Not that I don’t make my own mistakes, but having to deal with it because of other people, sucks.  Just by the nature of my job as an executive assistant, it feels like I have to be perfect, and make sure that EVERYONE ELSE does their job correctly, so that my bosses don’t get screwed.

Ex. 1: I sent them on a trip to LA this week, and included in the little travel packs I make them is the printout of a map and written directions to a particular office where they’re having a meeting.  I didn’t compare the two (the map and the written directions), since I figured I could trust the person who sent them to me, seeing as how this person WORKS AT THAT OFFICE!  Turns out, they didn’t match, and my boss was like, “You should have looked that over before giving it to us!”  Excuse me for having a million things on my plate and trusting that I have received the correct information, from the original source!

Ex. 2: Having to check DVDs before they’re sent out, because I can’t trust the post department to check them for me, even though they should.  Because you know who gets the blame if they go out and they don’t work?  ME!  



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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: April 2011

I’m irritated that for the second time this week, someone scheduled a conference call for after work hours.

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