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@kmarie719:  My periods are terrible for the first two days, so I can totally understand why you might want to go home and curl up in bed.  In fact, sometimes it’d get so bad that I’d actually get nauseous.  However, I’ve recently switched to using softcups instead of tampons and it seems to make the cramping slightly less horrible.

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I have PCOS and used to have really heavy periods that last for weeks at a time and cramping that almost made me sick. I became really anaemic and had to do something. I now use Nuvaring which has worked miracles for the periods but now I suffer migraines the days before and during my period.

Poor you, I feel your pain.

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@kmarie719:  I can tell almost exactly when my period starts because my back starts hurting SO BAD.  That usually lasts 2-3 days during which I do nothing but act miserable at work then immediately hook up to my heating pad when I get home.

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My PMSing is pretty awful (EXHAUSTED, irritable, food-cravings, no concentration). I always get a pre-period migraine and some cramps beforehand. Once I have my period my biggest complaint is UTI-like symptoms (burning with urination, frequency, lower back pain). All go away right after my period. I’ve mentioned it to my mom and other female friends and no one has heard of that associated with a period. Lucky me!


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Well, as for this time around, it was me being woken up at 3 am to horrible cramps as mother nature took her wrath out on me for not recycling as much as I should, or something. However, since about… Monday at least, I’ve been wating to eat everyhing in sight and breaking out at the same time. WOOHOO!

Weight loss, smeight loss. I want chocolate.

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The first day is always worst for me.  Extremely heavy bleeding, horrible bloating and severe cramps and don’t even get me started on the bitchiness.  I tend to get really moody/emotional at day 18 of my cycle with day 18 being the worst.  Then it gets better except for occasional crabbiness.  Then when my period hits OMG its like World War 3 with my hormones.  And lucky for my family Aunt Flo is scheduled to arrive a week from today.  Oh joy.

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@kmarie719:  Thankfully as an adult my periods are not nearly as bad as they used to be. But all through middle school and high school they were BEYOND EXCRUCIATING! The first (and sometimes second) day I was pretty much guaranteed to be a vegetable month in and month out. So it was just a fact that there would be at least one day a month where I would miss school, dance class, soccer practice, parties, church, work, or anything else that was going on during the first day. There were times when it would start while I was already at school and I would always try to tough it out but end up having to call my mom to come pick me up. And besides the constant writhing pain I also dealt with shaking, cold sweats, vomiting, and not being able to even stand sometimes. It was ridiculous and I hope my future daughters will never have to experience that!

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I have endometriosis and get really heavy, painful, and long periods. I’m on medication now so I don’t get a period, thankfully. I still get random cramps and have been having ovarian cysts regularly lately. I use a heating pad when I’m at home, try to drink plenty of water, take warm baths, and do some yoga. I also take medicine for it, but I try to not take it too much b/c it makes me a little out of it and drowsy

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@kmarie719:  Oh, well, I just got done with mine so it’s fresh in my mind, lol. Mine truly sucks. Yes, I know they all suck…anyway, the more kids I have the worse mine gets (luckily I’m not having any more kids!) The current situation is about 3 days before I get diarrhea. Then I feel really shitty. Then the first day is usually spotty, the second day is a flood and I mean a flood. Day 3, still a flood. Day 4 still flooding, but slightly less. Day 5 it pretends to be over. Day 6 or 7 it comes back for one last death rattle and just to be a giant PITA it’s too much for a panty liner, but not really enough to need a pad. Day 8 FINALLY done. I get ridiculous aches in my lower back, lower abdomen and legs.

I use the heating pad, take lots of Advil and curl up into a ball. Every damn month. It’s lovely. Even sitting upright kills my back. Sometimes I want to die (no, not literally). And thank you mother nature, ever since my 3rd child was born I cannot get a tampon of any size to actually stay up there for more than an hour. My favorite part is that I don’t even get a 28 day cycle, no mine is 24-26 days except for when it decides to come twice in the same month or skip a month just to freak me out.

I cannot wait for menopause. My mother had the same issues, hers was actually worse. She used to have to use two pads (one on top of the other) because one was never enough. Now that’s she’s in menopause she’s happy as a clam.

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Magnesium!! The first 2 days of my period are a nightmare. I usually don’t sleep the first night because the cramping is so bad. I started taking a daily magnesium supplement about 5 months ago and since then, I have only had ONE period that kept me up the first night (and I had forgotten to take my vitamin that morning). I also crave chocolate less. Wink 

A good probiotic also helps, because I tend to get gassy & constipated during my period (I heard that this may be due to my retroverted uterus swelling during my period and pressing into my rectum? I don’t know!). The probiotic keeps things “moving” so the gas & bloating aren’t so bad. These 2 things plus ibuprofen and heating pads are how I survive the beginning of my period! By day 3, most of the discomfort has subsided.


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My periods were wonderful (as can be anyway) on the pill.  Super light with little cramping and no pms.  I was on BCP for 16 years.  I did have to go on because I had really heavy periods every couple of weeks when I was young.  I was so anemic I could have had a blood transfusion!  I missed about a month of school.  That was my only misery, and it was awful!

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Oh man I hear ya.  I do 400mg of ibuprofen every 4 hours for days 1-3.  Works like a charm.  If I skip a dose I’m in a ball on the floor throwing things at DH because the cramps get so bad.  

Anyone else notice that if they have an orgasm during their period the cramps and flow intensify?  I always thought getting off was supposed to help with all that but it seems to make it worse for me.  Lucky duck lol.  

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