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Helper bee
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I agree with your Fiance.. its still unique because it was you two!!

Our story:

 Quick backstory… my DH and I talked about engagements for a year before it happened.. he told me I had to pick our 3-5 rings and he would decide which one to choose.. I gave him 4 options but he knew the marquise was my 1st choice and well above any other choice. It was available for about 8 months and then one day I noticed the ring was sold.. I was CRUSHED!!!


Onto the Proposal Story:

We were hanging out downstairs at a good friends of ours house, with a group of friends. DH sort of disappeared upstairs for a little bit and I didn’t think anything of it. Well one of DH best friends, told me that DH texted him and told me to come upstairs because my phone was ringing.

 Thinking it was probably my mom or someone I went upstairs. When I got to my phone and turned it on.. there was no missed calls or anything. DH looks over at me and tells me to come over to where he was (he was sitting in an arm chair). So I sat on the ottoman in front of him and he asks me what did I want to do about the ring situation because I had seen the ring I wanted was sold a couple of days prior. I told him we would figure it out and Id be happy with anything from him. He kept probing about it and even at one point I went to stand up to go to the bathroom. He lightly pulled me back down and told me we weren’t done yet (lol!!).


So he asks one more time “are you sure you’d be ok with anything?” and I responded yes.. So then he pulls out a box and said “So you’d be ok with this one””. As soon as I saw the box I started crying and all I kept saying was “Are you kidding me?”. One of our other friends was sitting on the couch next to us with his 2 year old son and said “I think the word you’re looking for is yes!”. The ring fit perfect and right after we got to share it with some of our closest friends.

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My fiance proposed to me in front of my sorority house. We met in undergrand and he knew how badly I wanted to have a candlelighting ceremony, but financially I knew it was out of the question to get engaged before graduation.  So to try to give me some of that experience, he contacted the house mom and asked her if some of my sorority sisters could come to the house (since it was during the summer and the houses close during that time). They parked away from the house and hid just inside the door so I wouldn’t know anything was up.  The house mom called me in the afternoon and asked me to come by the house really quickly because she had a panhellenic question.  I was a little confused about this but it didn’t really phase me too much because I had been the VP of panhellenic so I thought maybe it was a question about rules or something like that.  We stopped by on our way to dinner and as we were walking up the path, he stopped me and proposed right in front of the house.  My sisters were there to congratulate me and I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect proposal for me! He even made reservations for us all to go to dinner, instead of just the two of us like I thought he had planned, so we could continue to celebrate.  


@gsu02olliff I agree that it was wonderful to be able to celebrate and share the time right after with close friends!!  You have such an adorable story!!

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@bookera08:  Your story is soo cute too!! Thank you!

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Honey bee

My proposal was in the little park behind Notre Dame in Paris. We were on our first big vacation abroad together, and went from staying with family in Provence up to Paris for a couple of days alone before flying out. It was short and sweet, and afterwards we went to one of the little souvenir shops and bought a padlock to lock on the bridge next to the park. Apparently they’re called “love locks” and its been a trend in several different countries for the past few years to sign your name and date and put the lock on the bridge. The cool thing was, my parents went to Paris after us and they were able to spot our lock on the bridge and sent us a pic!


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  • Wedding: April 2015

Fiance proposed to me where we first met. There was a building there for sports but they razed it a few years ago. On NYE, we were taking the bus down to work and he asked me to meet him there. I was freaking out the whole day…I didn’t want to think it was something it wasn’t.

I get there (I don’t work far from the lot) and he meets me with a hammer in his hand. He gives me something balled up – a geode! I thought he was trying to do something fun. Little did we know, that geode would be almost impossible to break. He finally gets the “prize” from inside and starts saying, “You know I love you, right?”

I say of course, and to stop making me nervous. He said I should be nervous because I want to ask if you’ll marry me!

I have no clue what he said because I was staring at my ring. He picked a sapphire ring! I cried and we hugged and we proceeded to ring in the new year engaged. ๐Ÿ™‚

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I knew the ring had shown up that day, but we had a lot of ‘events’ coming up so I didn’t assume. I still didn’t assume anything when he said he wanted to do something special that night. I got home from work and he was waiting for me with roses (a first) and I got a big hug and kiss. He had set up the table in the porch… the anti buggy light is kind of like candlelight at the end of a long day. There was lobster bisque and wine. Which was super tasty. He cleared the plates and I started trimming the roses to put in a vase and we were talking about our day and I teased a bought he was hiding something. J watch too many rom-coms so again I assumed I was over thinking. I put another flower in the vase and he’s kneeling and he said lots of wonderful sweet things ( big regret I was so excited and he was so nervous neither of us remember what he said) I said yay and then I said yes. It was sweet and simple and natural. The next day we went to a ten fair so that sort of upped the romance. I felt bad that I didn’t get him anything so I bought him a beer stein. Not as nice as my ring but he loves beer and can think about how awesome that weekend is ever time he uses it.

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Helper bee
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Dave proposed to me on 6/14/12. Life had been hectic for us as we just moved into our new home and had been getting Dave’s house ready to put on the market. The day before the proposal, our realtor, Mary came over and made a list of what we needed to do to sell the house.

We were going away that weekend to Cooperstown to see my favorite band Cake, so we were trying to get as much off our to-do list before our trip. I dropped Dave off at the old house to get started on work and like we planned the night before, I went to the grocery store to save time.


Right when I was pulling out of the grocery store Dave calls me, sounding frantic, saying he cut his finger and needed neosporin/bandaids. I was a bit annoyed that I just left (I almost didn’t answer the phone) but I went back and got him neosporin. I got back to the old house and the window you usually can see into the house was covered with wood… the only thought that crossed my mind was “oh great, he must have broke the window carrying something out!”


Preparing myself for a broken window and an injured Dave, I opened the door. To my surprise, the once empty house was filled with a pathway of candles! The pathway led to a large box with dinner from our second date, Steve’s, almost 3 years ago. Dave came flying down the stairs dressed in a suit and got down on one knee. Fumbling for the ring, Dave told me he loved me so much but he might not always have the best words to say it so he wrote it down. 


He read a 2 page list and then asked me to marry him ๐Ÿ™‚ I obviously said yes!

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Peter Pan Proposal

HERE IS THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE IT MAKES ME CRY EVERY TIME!!! http://youtu.be/HRlMURMTYPw I know that every girl has a crush on Peter Pan but my condition was serious. I used to have night terrors as a child, nightmares that would keep me from sleeping. They were so vivid. The only break in all these nightmares was this one vivid dream that reoccurred. It was Peter Pan, at my window, asking me on a date. He would tell me that night what adventure we would go on the next night so I would be ready. One day my mom found my sequined ice skating outfit wadded up under my pillow with my skates. She asked me of course what it was doing there. “Peter Pan is coming and we are going iceskating!” This passion for Pan grew as I did and I watched the video (Mary Martin of course) over and over and wore it out twice. For Halloweens, I was Smee, Hook, Pan, Tink, Wendy, you name it!

I grew up but my love never faded and I moved to Philadelphia where I met Chris. It was only a few weeks into getting to know him that he told me he was cast as Peter Pan. His way of letting me know was a text that read, “Will you be my Wendy?” I called my mom and told her that if this wasn’t THE ONE, than it was a cruel joke. It took Chris a while to stop being a “Lost Boy” but one day he decided to move to Philadelphia with me. (He was living in NYC)

He was out of town on work one weekend so I didn’t suspect him home. My friend tells me we should go to an arts/food fest down by the piers. “Get dolled up!” She says. Little did I know Christopher had called my mom and my best friend from Ohio AND HIS childhood friend Tony from Oregon to come down. He got the hook up on an old Spanish tall ship that happened to be docked in Philly this weekend (because he is magic).

We walk down to the pier and apparently Tony was stationed to greet me with a “Wendy Gown” ( I am a costumer, Chris thinks of everything). My friend Kristen says “We should talk to this pirate.” I am thinking “whatever I am hungry” but I do a double take and realize it is Chris’ friend. “TONY what are you doing here!!??” I scream…then it hits me…oh wow… Tony you are dressed as Hook…what. are. you. doing. here? It was then that I went into an elated shock. They try to dress me in the Wendy gown and escort me onto the ship. The rest is a dream.


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Blushing bee
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Mr. Zai proposed to me last week! Was a surprising day for sure! Mr. Zai proposed on our favourite bridge where we went on our first date. The Humber Bay bridge is located in  Lakeshore park in Toronto and is really a beautiful site. Mr. Zai surprised me by taking a day off work, we had a wonderful breakfast at Eden restaurant in the park not too far from the bridge and went to take pictures of our favourite place. Little did I know when we got to our destination that he was going to propose.

He did not let me set up the camera until after he proposed though, because he was shy of all the picture taking but I remember and would treasure the proposal forever as it was perfect and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We took some great pics after, the weather was foggy and cloudy but it was perfect for the occasion as it was only 10am!

Do you recall a bridge in Paris behind Notre Dam de Paris where it has all the love locks? Humber Bay bridge has started the same trend and the locks have multiplied in a month. Mr. Zai and I have decided to hang one of our own in memory of our love and proposal, we made a custom made one from http://www.makeovelocks.com.

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