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I’d love to do this, but I’m not sure it’d be easy for me considering I live in an apartment.

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I didn’t adopt her from a shelter, but my mom found my cat while she was at the lake one weekend. A guy found a small kitten in his boat and didn’t know how it got there and my mom offered to take it and then gave it to me since I was looking at kittens in local shelters. I’ve also bottle fed a kitten before and had to do that with Callaway.

Callaway then…(next to my 4.5 lb Yorkie) – roughly 1.5 weeks old

and now…around 2 years old in this picture

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Great thread! Your pets are just gorgeous! Opus has such a beautiful gentle face!! Two of our cats have been rescues ๐Ÿ™‚

Name: Smee

Breed: Domestic short hair tabby

Story: I adopted Smee from the Toronto Humane Society when I was in university to keep my other cat Peter company. He was very sweet and cuddly, perhaps not the rambunctious playmate Peter was looking for ๐Ÿ˜‰ I don’t know too much about what his history was, but I’m assuming he was perhaps abandoned or neglected. He was always afraid of plastic bags and men with heavy footsteps. He also HATED the sound of babies crying, even on tv, it would put him on high alert! As he got older though he mellowed out a lot but never liked a crowd. He was a very snuggly sweet cat, set in his routines and always wanted to be close. Unfortunately my lovely Smee passed away earlier this year, I still miss him a lot. He always seemed so thankful for having a happy forever home and someone to love him as much as he loved us!

Name: Glory Bee

Breed: DSH tabby

Story: When we moved into our house, I convinced Darling Husband to let me foster a kitten. I volunteered at the local humane society for a couple years, so I was used to loving a cat, caring for it, and then seeing it go to a forever home, so I didn’t think I’d have an issue with letting a foster cat go. Glory was found in Northern Ontario cottage country by a man who collects all the abandoned cats and kittens at the end of cottage season and brings them to various rescue agencies for to be adopted out. When Glory came to us, she was SO skinny. Literal skin and bones, it was so sad. She had some kind of a parasite that needed two rounds of de-worming/antibiotics get rid of everything. It was terrible. She also had a habit of peeing on plastic or reusable bags. But when you picked her up and held her, she purred SO loud, you could barely believe such a big noise was coming out of such a little kitten!!!

I was upset with the fostering agency at first because I was worried she was going to give whatever parasite she had to my cats, and they had assured me she was healthy at that point. It was frustrating and I nearly took her back, but I stuck it out. We fed her, and loved her, and worked on getting her ready to be adopted. Then we found out Smee had a tumor beside his heart that was growing rapidly and everything changed. Glory had bonded with Peter and although she was a trouble maker at time (she WAS a kitten after all), she was a great addition to the family. Peter stopped picking on poor Smee since he had a kitten who wanted to play, lol!

Darling Husband suggested we adopt Glory to make the transition for Peter easier when Smee passed away. We didn’t know how long Smee had, but we knew that if Peter was suddenly alone, it would be really difficult for Peter, and I’ve had cats in the past that when one passes, the other follows within the year. So Glory stayed, Smee passed away, and Peter was sad, but Glory has kept him occupied and happy. I can’t imagine how we all would have gotten through Smee’s passing without our little Glory Bee! She’s funny and cute and a troublemaker, but she has such a huge personality, everyone just falls instantly in love with her. Her sole reason to exist in life is to be adored and loved. She loves the love, and as much as you’re willing to put out there, she gives it right back. I definitely think she came into our life for a reason ๐Ÿ™‚

Smee and Glory, aka Big and Little

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Name: Joey 

Her story: We don’t know much about her or her previous owners, but we learned a lot about them in our first few weeks on having her. We rescued her in April after she had been at the no-kill shelter for three months. Her previous owners had surrendered her when they moved because they decided they didn’t want to take her with them. My Fiance and I couldn’t understand why until a few weeks into owning her. She is normally really sweet and gentle, and incredibly well trained. But she was chewing a sock and I went to scold her and she tried to bite me. I think her previous owners must have abused her when she did something wrong because she gets this terrified, crazy look and tries to bite when she feels threatened. However, now that we know this about her, we simply changed our behavior a little bit and haven’t had any issues! She is a great dog and I am so glad she got a second chance! 

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@bakerella: That is such a sweet story. I love your cats! Wish I had one!

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What an awesome thread!

Name: Bellatrix

A coworker found a kitten wrapped up in barbed wire out in the country. The only reason they found her was because she was meowing so loudly. The coworker is allergic to cats so she sent a department email around asking if anyone could take the kitten, since there was no room in the no-kill shelters. 

After a little bit of persuading Darling Husband, we took her. It wasn’t an ideal situation since we were in a 500-square foot apartment with a dog. However, we were moving 1 month later to a 3-bedroom place. I’m so happy we decided to take her, she’s such a sweety! 

Here she is the day we got her:

And a more current photo:

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All three of my cats are rescues.  Two of them were strays I found, and the third I rescued from a shelter.  I’ll talk about her, since you’re asking about adoption processes and such.

Penelope (or Pippi for short) is the little one in the front of the picture, and I adopted her from Dog N Kitty City shelter in Dallas last fall.  At the time, I only had one cat, Snowflake (the handsome guy in the back of the picture).  Fiance and I wanted to get a friend for him.  We had a few criteria:

1) The new friend had to be female.  Snowflake doesn’t get along with other males.

2) The new friend couldn’t be shy.  Snowflake is the biggest scaredy cat in the world, and we wanted him to be able to draw some bravery from his friend.

3) The new cat had to be at least Snowflake’s age (eight or nine), if not older.  Fiance and I plan to move abroad at some point in the next few years.  We knew we could commit ourselves to a lifetime of love for an older cat, but not to a kitten.  Besides, we wanted the new cat to have a similar activity level to Flakey’s.

After a bit of a search, we met Pippi.  Though she wasn’t the most outgoing cat I’ve ever met, she didn’t shy away from us at the shelter like some of the real scaredy cats did.  She eventually started purring while we petted her.  She definitely met our first two criteria.

The shelter was able to tell us that she was ten years old.  They knew her birthday to within a few days because although she was ten when we adopted her, she arrived at the shelter as a six-week-old kitten.  She had lived there her entire life.  One of her littermates is still there.  ๐Ÿ™

The shelter was actually a bit hesitant to let us take her.  Because she was so old and hadn’t ever known anything else, they were worried that she wouldn’t be able to adjust to a new situation.  They didn’t let us adopt her outright.  Instead, we were told we had to just be her foster parents for a couple weeks.  They did tell us one thing: no matter how well things went, Penelope would NEVER be a lap kitty.

The first several days were quite rough.  She freaked out when she got to our place, more than any other cat I’ve ever met.  We didn’t see her at all for four days.  She was hidden behind the dryer the whole time.  I don’t know that she even ever ate anything.  I worried that the shelter was right, and she wouldn’t ever be able to become a pet.

After a little while, though, she started coming out of her hiding spot.  Mostly it was just to dart to other hiding spots, but she did do it.  She wouldn’t let us touch her, but we slowly convinced her with treats to come closer and closer.  After about three weeks, I was able to pet her.  After two or three months, she started jumping onto the couch with us, and even sometimes walked across our legs to get from one side to the other.  It was a huge step (though one that Fiance and I didn’t always appreciate because she didn’t seem to understand the concept of retracting her claws.  More than once, she jumped onto the couch, didn’t quite make it, and just used her claws to climb up our legs).  We slowly but surely made progress.

Now we’ve had her for about a year.  Though she still won’t let me pick her up for more than just a split second to move her (and won’t let Fiance pick her up at all), she’s now one of the most affectionate, loving cats I’ve ever had.  Every night, it’s a battle for me to get this “never a lap kitty” out of my lap so I can go to bed – and after I lie down, she plants herself on my chest for the night.  Pippi has gotten a lot better about her claws, too.  She rarely pokes us anymore.  She’s honestly my favorite out of the three cats, and watching her develop into a wonderful pet has been incredibly rewarding.  I love her so much.

I definitely recommend adopting cats from shelters.  We had a bit of trouble with Pippi because she was so old and had spent so long in the shelter, so she was a bit more of a challenge than most.  I wouldn’t recommend that a new cat owner adopt a cat in the same situation.  A younger cat, however, would be fine.

Pippi has brought me so much happiness.  I love her to death, and I’m looking forward to the day that she finally lets me pick her up and hold her.

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@fvsoccer: Glory is just the sweetest thing. We usually call her Little or Kitten because she’s so tiny. I think the malnourishment really stunted her growth, so she’s pretty much a perma-kitten. She’s about 1/3 the size of Peter (who’s 20 lbs), it’s so funny to see them running around together, or when she takes him down when they’re wrestling ๐Ÿ˜‰

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I love this!  Both of our animals are from a no-kill shelter. 

Name: Milo 

Breed: Domestic short hair tabby

Story:  We didn’t know much about Milo when we first got him at four months old.  We wanted to look at cats and actually looked at his brother first.  His brother was completely uninterested in us though so we moved on.  He was sleeping against his cage and I asked to hold him.  My now husband said he wasn’t nearly playful enough but I was in love.  When I picked him up, he leaned into me and kept sleeping.  While I was completing the adoption, I knew my husband had fallen in love when Milo looked into his eyes and put his paws on his baseball hat.  When we got him home, we soon learned he is VERY playful.  Later on, his story was online because he had a few siblings left.  Apparently they had been found on the side of the road in a box without a mother cat around.  I’ve never known a more loving, happier cat. 

Name: Timmy

Breed: Puggle (Pug/Beagle mix)

Story:  First, Timmy is a very strange name for a dog but we didn’t name him.  We adopted him at two years of age.  My husband really wanted a dog so we looked at the website and he was in love immediately.  We went to the shelter and they said Timmy would be there the next day at 11am.  We got there at 10:30am and he was already there.  Immediately we grabbed him up to see if we were compatible.  My husband was in love with him and we ended up adopting him.  They told us that he came from a very good family who couldn’t keep him anymore.  While they said that’s good overall, he would have some separation anxiety.  And he did, for the first few months, he howled every time we left the house.  Now, he’s a lot calmer when we leave although he still gets sad.  He sleeps right next to me in bed and is one of the sweetest dogs ever (although he likes to think he’s a tough guard dog). 


Also, Milo and Timmy get along great and are completely brothers/best friends.

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Name: Khloe

Breed: Lab mix (the genetic test we did said Lab/Puli mix)

We adopted Khloe from Operation Kindness, a no-kill shelter in the Dallas area, a couple days after we returned from our honeymoon.  We had both wanted to adopt a dog for a while but it hadn’t made sense before that point due to moving and travel for the wedding/honeymoon and such.

We went to the shelter that evening and filled out their application form (previous pet experience, living/yard situation, what we’d do if …. type questions, etc) and went back to meet the animals.  We brought a few dogs out to their yard area to play with but just fell in love with Khloe and adopted her and brought her home that night (with a stop at Petsmart on the way to get lots of stuff for her).

The no-kill shelter didn’t know much of anything about Khloe’s history.  They’d saved her from a local kill shelter about a week and a half prior (on our wedding day actually) because she was about to be euthanized.  They estimated her to be 1.5 to 2 years old.  We got her home and she was the sweetest and most playful thing ever.  She had obviously been cared for at some point becausse she was housebroken, knew how to sit, semi-crate trained, etc.  She doesn’t show any signs of having been abused so we don’t know if she was lost or surrendered or what.  We did have some chewing issues with her we needed to work through (she ate/chewed up carpet, a baseboard, some cables, a shoe, DH’s blackberry, etc) but now she is a wonderfully, loving member of our family!

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Awww this thread makes me so sad to see all these animals who had bad owners, but then so happy that they have all found their wonderful forever homes! I honestly think there is a special place in hell for people who abuse their animals.

Here is the second love of my life (after FI!):

Name:  Jiminy

Breed:  Pom/Pug Mix

His adoption story:  I grew up in a house of cats, but I’ve wanted a dog for as long as I could remember. Every year for Xmas, my birthdays, etc I asked for a puppy, but for a long time we lived wiht FI’s sister, who has a cat so that was a no-go. When Fiance and I got our own place he pormised to get me a puppy. Our pets growing up were always rescues, so I knew I wanted to rescue a dog instead of buying from a breeder.

I searched for months on petfiner.com for a dog. We lived in a condo and were first time dog owners so we wanted a dog that was relatively well-trained, because we didn’t think we could handle it if they weren’t. I found Jiminy online and I knew instantly he was my dog. I sent his picture to Fiance, and he agreed we could inquire about him.

After filling out a LOOOONG application (getting a rescue dog is harder than getting a mortgage!), we were allowed to go and visit him at his foster home. Fiance told me on the way there “we are NOT getting a dog today….we are just meeting him, and then we will discuss on the way home”. We walked in and, let me tell you, someone trained this dog. He rolled on his back, and when Fiance bent down to pet him he started licking his hand and fell asleep. Fiance just looked at me and said “so I guess we’re getting him”.

Jim’s back story: Jiminy was a puppy mill dog who was rescued from Ohio. He was brough to a shelter, and then rescued by a no-kill rescue group. He did find a home with an older lady, but she had a stroke and couldn’t take care of him anymore, so he went back to the rescue group. When we first got him he had a LOT of socialization issues, and we’re pretty sure he spent most of his time in a cage because to this day he is PETRIFIED of crates, and when you open the door, he pees on the floor. We’ve worked with him a lot, but this is one thing he just can’t overcome. We also think his owner must have been a man because he absolutely LOATHES men with mustaches.

Training Issues:  Like I mentioned, he had a lot of socailization issues, and to be honest was a lot more work than we thought our first dog would be. That being said, he has come such a remarkably long way in the year and a half we’ve had him, and I can’t even tell you guys how proud I am of my little man for everything he’s learned, and how much better behaved he is now.

Adoption process:  It wasn;t easy, but that being said, I don;t think it should be. These animals have been through hell, and I totally understand wanting to make sure the person that takes them is going to give them a great home, and love them.

Fiance and I always joke that Jim is the opposite of what we wanted: he sheds like no one’s business, we spent a TON on training him, and he can be yappy as all get out when he wants to be. But I would NEVER change him for anything in the world. If anyone is considering rescueing an animal I can’t urge you enough to do it…..I swear they know you saved them, and they will love you forever for it.

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My girl callie here was found during a random nighttime walk down our road, someone had dumped her in a ditch and she was only a few days old. She was crying so loud! we never found any of her littermates so I have no idea what happened to them, but she appeared to have some minor brain damage later in life as she would seem to have petite mal seizures and do things like compulsively lick the furniture.She also had SEVERE separation anxiety and would refuse to eat or drink any time she was left alone so we always had to have a family member stay home when we went on vacations. She was my special baby, I had bottle fed her so it was very hard for us when she passed away suddenly from a blood clot from a heart defect a year ago, at 9 years.

as a kitten and with my little sister lori


Our two dogs are both rescues, one was found by a farmer my mother knew, she was running around on his farm just skin and bones. We took her in, she was 8 months old and had parvo and severe malnutrition. We got her all doctored up and now she is a beautiful dog, a husky, shephed, pit-bull mix. She is the sweetest dog in the world and she loves her little sister gracie, who we adopted as a 5 month old from the shelter a bit later for sasha. They love each other so much that sometimes they forget we are even there! But they are great dogs.


Our mama cat was pulled out from under a woodpile by my brother at his friends house as a kitten, she was so much tinier than the rest of the stray cats that lived there he was worried she wouldnt survive, now she is 16 years old, has never been sick and has the energy and looks of a 7 year old and is the undisputed queen of the house and is spoiled rotten. She is so regal looking that people often ask us what breed she is.

and the most recent addition to our family, a little shelter girl named persephone, who we got this past christmas. She is a black tortishell and the bane of mama kitties existence. Did I say mama is the undisputed queen? someone needs to tell the kitten, she terrorizes all the pets, including the dogs! But she is adorable, sweet, loving, playful, and loves to sleep on top of you purring away to her hearts content.

here she is attacking sashas tail


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@Annabelle86: All your pets are soooo adorable!

@sara_tiara: “It wasn’t easy, but that being said, I don’t think it should be.” THIS! people think it is soooo easy to get a pet and pet/train/feed/love it whenever they feel like it is convenient for them and then a ton of them end up in shelters!

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