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@MlleBrielle:  One that’s WR for me is my photographer who was recommended to me through a friend was babysat for as a child by my mom’s best friend!

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Guy I dated in High School (almost 10 years ago!) is best friends with my FI’s sister’s baby daddy. My brain almost exploded when I found this out! FI’s niece is 7, and I have been around since she was 4 months old and NEVER met her dad. But I was talking to my guy friend one day and her dad was in the background because the two were working on a job together. WEIRD!


OH! And my mom’s current husband, they went to high school together, but reconnected after her last divorce and his late wife passed away. This wouldn’t be weird except we used to live in WI, and moved to VA 10 years ago, turns out he lives only an hour away from us!!! So, she only moved an hour away to marry a guy she went to school with in a state 14 hours from here! AND, he knows my real father and had a shop class with him where they made a “night light”, and he still had it and was able to give it to me. Pretty cool as I have zero contact with my bio-dad!

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On New Year’s I went to a party at a good friends house.  My friend asked me how wedding planning was coming along and I said great.  Then she says “This is my friend B. she’s wedding planning too” I turned to B and asked where they were getting married (assuming its in the town we live in) and she says “Well we’re marrying in Nebraska because that’s where I’m from” I was like “No way I’m from Nebraska, where at?” and she says “Kearney” I was so excited (and drunk lol) and start going on how I’m from a small town 30 miles from there “Shelton” and come to find out she’s best friends with my good friend from middle school.  Crazy small world. 

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I work in aviation and travel for work.  I was about 5 states away when I met a guy who’s a mummer!  Its defintiely a philly thing and if your not from here you have no idea what it is, but it was my small world career moment.

While in Vegas last month, our limo driver was from south philly and so was a comedian who went and saw.  So she picked on me the whole time =P

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Before my SO and I met, we added each other on FB and I noticed we had 5 mutual friends. On our first date, we discovered that not only did we go to college during the same years, but we had friends in common, a class together freshman year AND his engineering partner that year lived next door to me in the dorms (and he was always there working on projects).

So we probably saw each other dozens of times before we actually met! Craaazy stuff.


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Also, one of my neighbors here in Syracuse, NY and I are both from the same small town in Ohio. Freaky!

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A new girl started at work last year in my group of 20 people who it ended up was also moving in as roommates with my cousin who she went to school with.  Weird!  And the same cousin has a Boyfriend or Best Friend who works very closely with the husband of a girl my Fiance works with.  So weird!

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I was at a conference in West Africa, and met a man with a very distinctive name working in East Africa. As we were on our shuttle back to the airport for everyone to catch their separate flights home, he happened to mention that his wife comes from the same province as I do, which I thought was funny. He said she’d be flying back there soon to have her baby and he was hoping to get to visit there again. I mostly forgot all about it.

A month later, I see an acquaintance from my home province post a congratulations to his sister-in-law and her husband on their new baby – the husband had the same very distinctive name as the man I met at the conference. Turns out his wife is the sister in law of this guy I used to know – so even though she and I weren’t from the same city, we had a number of connections in common. I ended up getting to visit with them in East Africa the next time I was there and we got along so well, and I never would have met her if it wasn’t for these neat turns of events.

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I have two stories. First story: My in-laws went to Mexico on their honeymoon. They were climbing some random pyramid in the middle of the jungle and when they reached the top they were greeted by their neighbors. Weird.

Second story: Darling Husband and I booked a car service to the airport for our honeymoon. We found the company by randomly searching google. Turns out the company we chose is owned by my FIL’s best man. They had a falling out over 25 yrs ago and never spoke to each other since. The owner recognized DH’s last name on the reservation and ended up giving us our ride for free as a wedding gift!

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Oh gosh I have tons of these!!! but Fiance and I kind of have this going on. its rather bizarre.

As a kid my family used to go camping about an hour away from home. It was a small indiana town (much bigger now and not really a super tiny town but smaller than chicago by a long shot). I went to denny’s alot when we would leave there because my cousins and I would drive together and get breakfast on the way home. One of these times I was skipping like a fool in the parking lot and I fell pretty badly and ended up bleeding horribly from my knee and chin. there was a group of boys in the lot that had been riding bikes and skateboarding. I was humiliated!!! a few of them came over just to see if i was ok and then left a few minutes later.

Fast forward to when I was 19 and visiting Fiance in his hometown an hour away from where I lived, the same town I used to camp in. We decided to get a quick bite to eat at Denny’s. I then start telling him about camping in his town and about the breakfasts at denny’s. Of course I had to tell him all about this one time I fell and busted my s*** in the parking lot and the oh so cute boys who saw it. He looked like he seen a ghost and I thought maybe he was choking or something. But no… turns out he was one of the boys that walked over to see if I was ok. that was about 4 or 5 years before we started dating. And about 3 years before we met through mutual friends. He said as soon as they left he kept telling his friend how cute he thought I was and for like a day he regretted not asking me for my number, but he figured since I was all bloody it wouldn’t go over well lol. Neither of us made the connection. Granted we both changed quite a bit in those few years before we seen each other again so it makes sense. But it is just super strange to think of the possibility that we may have seen each other more than once during those summers I spend camping in his home town.  

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