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Helper bee
  • Wedding: November 2012

At my friend’s bachelorette a couple weeks ago, one of the other girls (who is also engaged) made the funniest comment the next morning.

“I was really worried I was going to make out with someone last night. I’m SO glad I didn’t. Wait, I didn’t, did I?”

Nothing overly terrible happened, but we all felt like we had gotten a bit out of control. Then we heard what the boys did on the bachelor party side, and we all felt like angels! hahaha

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2013

I still have awhile before mine , but my best friend’s bachelorette party was a little…stressful. Not a disaster, per se, but not ideal. I wasn’t the Maid/Matron of Honor, but I essentially paid for everything. I was very up front with everyone who was invited how much everything would cost if they chose to come and stay at the hotel. People actually EXPECTED me to pay for their cost, too. Bride, yes. Myself, yes. But some girls didn’t even expect to have to pay for their own DINNER!!!?? WTF!? Some people paid me back, but others drank the booze I bought, ate the dessert I bought, and then didn’t pay (or stay) at the hotel that they had RSVPd and told me they were going to be staying and paying for. I ended up losing about 400 dollars on the whole ordeal and I am a college student.

Also, bride was taking some medications because she had come back from a mission trip to Haiti not too long before. I was unaware of this and I guess she just didn’t think about alcohol mixing with the meds. She ended up getting really sick at about midnight and only one other girl and I stayed with her. All the other girls went out partying, because they weren’t “done yet” while we held her hair. I could not leave her side or she would start shivering. I pretty much stayed up all night even while she was sleeping, because I wanted to make sure she was okay and I didn’t need to call an ambulance. I had to babysit one of the other girls when she came home too –she was sleeping in the ONE small bathroom we were all sharing, wrapped around the toilet. Cute : )

Bride was still kind of sick the next day, but her Maid/Matron of Honor met us at her house and stayed with her to make sure she drank water/tried to eat something. We had a great time up until the point that she got sick!

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Busy Beekeeper
  • Wedding: June 2011

For mine, I was pregnant and what Maid/Matron of Honor had planned was we all went up to a resort town and stayed the weekend. It was fine except, after dinner we all who were included went to a known restaurant/bar more bar at night.  Since I was pregnant I couldn’t drink. So everyone but me pretty much got smashed and toward the end of the night I was tired and crabby because I had to babysit everyone else. 

Oh yeah we saw some girls um hoochies since they had such short dresses on and were on the dance floor. Umm if you are going to wear hoochie dresses please wear panties underneath.  I don’t want to see your lady parts.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

Oh lord I have a good story. Not my bachelerette but a friend’s. She was more a friend of a friend. She’s one of my best friends good friends and I’d hung out with her several times so I thought it would be fun to go.

Um, no! First of all, apparently she wasn’t even sure she wanted to get married. She apparently told my friend she’d invited this guy they worked with out to meet us at the bar and it was her job to ‘get them alone together’. My friend was like What?!?! So then the guy and some of his friends show up and he’s dancing with other girls and the bachelerette starts sobbing in the middle of the bar.

Eventually we leave and go back to the hotel. We had 2 rooms. We all went back to one at first and some of the bachelerette’s friends were trying to bring some random dudes back with them from the bar. We were like they are not coming in our room so the one girl got super pissed and was like fine we’ll all go to the other room. Oh, did I mention this girl is MARRIED???

Oh and at this time, bachelerette girl goes off to ‘talk’ with this guy she is crushing on. For TWO hours! We had no idea where she was. My friend knew the guy, they all work together so she wasn’t really worried but it was like 5 am at this point and we were still up. The random bar dudes kept knocking on our door. I just wanted to go home but I didn’t want to leave my friend there all alone.

So she finally gets back to the room at like 5:30 and we all pass out.

Next morning we here from all the other girls that the married girl that brought the dudes back to the room, slept with one of them IN the room while everyone else was still up and on the other side of the suite. It was basically just one big room though, no door to the bed section so she basically just did it right there in front of everyone.

Oh, and a bunch of girls had their wallets and cameras, cell phones stolen.

Hmmm…and this is why you don’t bring random bar dudes back to your hotel room!

Oh, and the bachelerette is now divorced and just had a baby with some other guy.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: July 2013

I went to a bachelorette party a few years ago…I volunteered to DD since I was on new medication…we went to a comedy club first…..the middle comedian saw the bride’s bachelorette get up and asked her (from on stage into a mic) if she was going to find a guy, go around back and suck his cock….Foot in Mouth Then he started to scream cock OVER AND OVER AND OVER…..he was literally PULLED from the stage…the whole club was SILENT…

Luckily the next comedian was funny…..and I recognized him from Much Music

Then we went for drinks at a club…..no one was really drinking though……after that we left and went to another place for a night cap and some snacks….

Besides the screaming comedian it was pretty boring, and I don’t think anyone drank any more than I did….why did they need a DD? (I had 3 beers in about 5 hours)

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2011

So we originally planned to go to a drag show for mine. It was going to be super fun, even the moms were coming along with a bunch of friends and of course the bridal party. All in good fun. Except the night before I ended up concussing myself. I was staying with a friend who has a huge claw foot tub. I got out of the shower, went to flip my hair over to dry it off, and BAM! Threw my head full speed into the side of the tub. Blacked out briefly. Had a terrible headache, sensitivity to light and sound, and trouble focusing for the next day or so. 

Given my symptoms we decided a raucous, crowded drag show might not be the best idea. Instead we all went to a quiet dessert restaurant and gorged on sweets. Of course no alcohol for the concussed girl. Turned out to be really fun, but definitely not as planned. Thankfully the impact with the tub was just above my hairline so no facial bruising at the wedding.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

At my friend’s bachelorette party in Miami, one of the bridesmaids wore a completely backless dress and wound up getting “grinded” on by a guy in a cuban salsa club.  She then proceeded to ruin the night by making racist comments in the club, LOUDLY.  I was horrified.  None of the girls knew what to do, so we took racistgirl back to the hotel to change into something more convent-appropriate, and I had to pay a bouncer to let us into a gay club, because the straight girls were terrified of the guys at the straight-people-club.  AWKWARD.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

wow, some of these are crazy!

nothing really disasterous happened at mine, but i got embarassed and sassed by my cousin’s bitchy girlfriend.

i strongly dislike being the center of attention, everyone knows this- but she went ahead and got me on stage at one of the beach bars to dance through a song. thanks, great. i reluctantly ended up on stage…

i still haven’t decided if this made it better or worse- but i was joined by some drunk girls who rushed the stage. these girls were all dolled up- miniskirts, boobs out, high heels, etc. and i’m in a simple sundress and sandals and my hair looks like shit because it’s so humid out.

so on one hand, great- less attention is on me. on the other hand- wtf am i doing next to all these ridiculous bimbos? they were seriously shaking it and trying to be sexy, and i was just standing there laughing and fake grinding on the lead singer.

i at least hope some people understood my sense of humor regarding the whole thing.

later on in the night, it was getting to last call and i wanted pizza. i decided to get pizza instead of going to another bar and she flipped out on me because i was “holding everybody up”. at that point i basically told her to shove it and went back to my room with my friends. i had a great time otherwise!!

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