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I rescued my two cats in sort of a traditional way: for the first, I called a no-kill shelter about a really cute Russian Blue cat from their website, but by the time I got to the shelter, he was adopted! Doh! So I picked out the second runner up: a cat named Olive. Olive was extremely shy and basically feral, but the shelter lady promised me that she would warm up quickly. Uh, not so much. After three weeks of Olive hiding under my bed and barely even coming out for food, I gave up and told the shelter worker I’d have to return her. So she came and took Olive back, but brought another cat in her place. This cat jumped out of the carrier and into my arms! I loved her instantly and re-named her Pickles. 

After a few months, Pickles had settled in but she seemed lonely. She was waking me up every hour at night wanting to play, so the shelter lady suggested getting her another cat friend. I drove back out to the shelter and picked up Jack, a teeny super soft little black kitten, who has since grown into a giant, pushy, still super soft black cat. 

My next two cat rescues weren’t keepers. A few months ago, my fiance was at his friend’s place when they noticed a small gray kitten in the backyard. They scooped him up and took him inside to feed him. He was super friendly and didn’t want to leave! So Fiance brought him back to our apartment and I found a coworker who was looking for a kitten. Brought kitty to her, and it was love at first sight! 

Then a few weeks later, we noticed a new cat hanging out with the feral cats in our backyard. We opened the window to give him some food and he hopped right in! So we kept him segregated in the bathroom til we could get him fixed and tested and then found him a new home with another coworker. Yay!

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I love these stories!

After I moved to a new city, I decided I wanted a rabbit friend.  I contacted the local rescue rabbit chapter, was approved, and went to a bunny meet and greet.  There were 7 great rabbits, but I was drawn to Stella.  I’m not sure if there was any one thing, but her story touched my heart- someone had dumped her in a park in a busy city and luckily someone found her and she was at a vet’s for a week before being taken to the rescue group.  She’s mostly good, but does have a princess mentality!  I love her.

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@bunnyharriet:  I’m always happy to see happily- homed rabbits!  Harriet and Spencer really lucked out with you!

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My Father-In-Law took pity on a feral cat who only had one eye. He would put food out for him and let him sleep in his garage on really cold nights. Well, turns out he had a mate who had a litter of cats in his garage. The Mom got killed by a car when the kittens were very young. We had to feed the kittens canned cat milk from a syringe. Eeeeewwww, canned cat milk is just too gross for words but because they were never socialized by their mom, the now cats act more like dogs than cats. We adopted two, and found homes for the others. I’m not a big cat person, I actually prefer dogs but I will admit that these two cats are cute, they greet us at the door and play fetch. I know, unbelievable. I have no idea why this picture rotated but here is a pic of one of them waking up from a nap. What cat sleeps with their front paws hanging over the arm of a chair?


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I had just had to put my 17 year old male rat terrier down and still had a 3 year old female puggle.  She loved him and was lonely so I waited a couple months and then started checking PetFinder.com. 

I found a sad little female puggle (named Biscuit) that had been rescued from a kill shelter.  The story was that the owner gave her up because she wasn’t supposed to have pets in her apartment.  The rescue, my own vet, and I are pretty sure she was turned over because she has severe allergies.  Pollen makes her dig herself raw and one bite of the wrong food will make her itch for hours.  By the time she was rescued she was a mess–her eyes were swollen shut, her ears were scarred, and the skin on her belly was what they refer to as “elephant skin”.  She was in medical care for over a month before she was ready for adoption.  My own puggle (Georgia) had allergies (although very minor allergies in comparison) so I was familiar.

I applied for adoption and added a note that I was very familiar with puggles and allergies.  The rescue called me and we set up a meeting between Biscuit, Georgia, and me.  We went to meet her and ended up bringing her home with us.  The lady at the rescue told me that because she got along with us so well and the fact that I was familiar and willing to deal with the allergies sealed the deal that I was the right person for her. 

Today her name is Maribel and she’s as happy as she can be.  I spend a small fortune on food but it’s worth it.  She and Georgia are like two peas in a pod and absolutely love one another.  We’re all very lucky to have one another.  =)

Oddly enough…she has some of the exact same quirks as my 17 year old that I had to put down.  It’s a little weird but a nice feeling too. 

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When I got Cosmo (2005), I first went to the humane society. However, I wasn’t sure about the idea of bringing a grown or partially-grown dog into the house, especially since I prefer big dogs, when I couldn’t be sure about how he would act with a cat. I’d had a really sweet dog before, totally submissive, wanted to please, and the day I brought home a rescued kitten, she had that kitten in her mouth in a very bad way within seconds. She didn’t hurt the cat, but it was a very, very close thing. I couldn’t do that to this cat, who had had such a miserable life. So I looked online in the paper for puppy ads. Not breeder ads or anything, but mutt puppies from people who, yes, were too irresponsible to get their dogs fixed. My “rationalization” was that if I didn’t adopt one of them and give it an amazing home, it could very well be a tortured dog or neglected or end up in a shelter. I felt guilty about not “rescuing” a dog, but over the years I have come to truly believe that it still counts. I guaranteed him an incredible life, and he has had exactly that.

Fawkes came around in 2009. Same situation as Cosmo. I opted for a puppy to avoid grown dog drama and potential heartbreak if they didn’t get along. I knew that, like getting Cosmo as a puppy, I had a better chance of raising him to be a dog who loved other dogs, who was never abused or mistrustful, who loves people. It’s not that I don’t believe that’s possible with shelter / rescue dogs. I know very much that it IS possible. But I admit to being afraid that it wouldn’t work. My whole life, my parents had (lots of) dogs. And seeing them not get along, not trust us, not truly enjoy themselves because of the other dogs was heartbreaking. And I knew myself. I knew that if I got a dog and it just didn’t work with Cosmo…I knew who I would choose, and I hated the idea of sending a dog back to the shelter. Now, I don’t know if any of this would have happened. It could have been amazing. But I got Fawkes from a family that had taken in an abandoned dog who turned out to be pregnant. I don’t regret it for a moment, especially because they bonded at first sight, but I feel guilty, still, about not going the rescue / shelter route.

Paul got Kloe from the humane society in December. She was happy and daft and sweet and excited. She was perfect for him (we didn’t live together yet, weren’t engaged) and ADORED (ADORES) him. The first time she met my dogs, she slammed them to the ground AT THE SAME TIME and had her jaws on Fawkes’s neck in a heartbeat. It was exactly what I was afraid of, not least of all because how could I have a future with him, with our dogs, if they couldn’t be in the same room? Thankfully, Fawkes got her over it. With a lot of visits and sleep overs, he pulled her out of her shell. She had been bounced back and forth between homes and shelters and didn’t know how to play with other dogs. Hell, she didn’t know how to play. Fetch, that was all. I have a video of Fawkes trying SO HARD to get her to play and you can actually see her finally starting to get it. She started to understand that he wasn’t trying to hurt her. He was bouncing around, leaping off of / onto furniture, doing the “downward dog” play stance, reaching out and bopping her and running away, and she just followed him around trying to figure it out. Now they’re amazing friends. They run and “fight” (wrestling with lots of noises and teeth and not an ounce of real hostility) Fawkes cuddles with her and cleans her face. He totally transformed her. It’s kind of amazing.

Rigby was an unexpected addition. We were going to OfficeMax for white Sharpie paint pens and we walked by a PetSmart adoption. She was just sitting there, totally overwhelmed and shy and uninterested in everything around her. I knew right then. I kept trying to get someone’s attention to take her out and someone tried to cut in front of me to get her out first, but we “won”. (I don’t feel too bad because the woman we beat to the punch fell in love with another dog there and said she was actually glad we got to Rigby (then PollyAnna) first because she bonded with the one she brought home instantly.) She was a submissive little thing. Didn’t really care about us one way or another. Quiet car ride, happy to get out to pee and meet my mom when we stopped by. Got her home, let her inside, introduced her to Cosmo (who was very excited) and then she jumped on the couch and turned into a raging bitch. That couch was HERS and any dog to come near her was slated for decapitation. Really, it was all attitude. I know she was overwhelmed. I was a bit worried that her unintimidating aggression would set of Kloe’s VERY intimidating aggression, but Kloe never did anything more than sniff her. Like I said, Fawkes changed her. Completely changed her. Like with Kloe, he got Rigby to open up and play and become a “proper” dog (excited and loving and happy and playful). Now they all run around the house together being insane. 

Like I said, I still feel guilty sometimes about not getting a dog from the shelter back when I got Cosmo. And guiltier still about doing the same with Fawkes. But I like to think that if I hadn’t made that one decision years ago to get Cosmo where I did, then I wouldn’t have made the decision to get Fawkes where I did, and then he wouldn’t have been the amazing dog that he is to completely bond our family together, showing our two very nervous, scared girls how to be happy and let themselves be weird and crazy and that we’d all love them just as much for being themselves. I know it’s a sappy spin on things, but I really do think that the four of them were meant to end up together.

OMG so long. I know I’ve said it before, but I should not post on pet threads!

And now, Fawkes the miracle dog! …afer eating a bowl of glitter. 

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Kai was rescued off the streets as a kitten by a coworker of mine. He had two cats already, so we adopted him. 

Penny was taken straight off the street. We had been playing cards on a friend’s porch in West Philly one night, and Penny came up to us (there were probably 8 of us that night?) and jumped into my lap. Done and done. 

Zelda we adopted from a family who was giving away Calico kittens on Craigslist. I only say we rescued her because when we got her home the poor tiny thing was teeming with fleas, and when we took her to the vet to get her shots they told us she was too young to be away from her mother–she was barely 4 weeks old, if that.  She was also pretty malnurished, poor baby.

Kai and Zelda napping in the sun.

Penny enjoying the Moses basket we got for “her”. (originally intended for my son–it was free–now is a cat bed)

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I love this thread!  My pets are my kids, no matter what anyone says!

My first rescue was my kitty Gizmo.  I was at a friend of a friends house and they literally had hundreds of cats and kittens running all over their property.  They were giving them food and water, but their food was basically an entire bag of cat chow poured between two trees every couple of days, and same concept with the water except in a kiddie pool.  Not the worst situation, however not the best either.  I could have chosen from about a hundred different kittens, but Gizmo chose me!  I was just walking along and he would not leave me alone!  He would literally chase me down and  claw his way up my pants, so I just had to take him home.

Gizmo, playing on christmas morning.

My second rescue was our dog Skyy.  She was a pretty basic rescue, we had put our dog Misty who was 19 down about a week before, and the house just didn’t feel like a home without a pup running around.  So, we started searching petfinder and Skyy (then Monique) was just perfect because she was a shar pei mix just like misty had been, and she really needed a good home.  We got her from the SPCA, she was accually in a foster home doing really well so she wasn’t in the worst of conditions, but we were really happy to be able to give her a forever home!

Skyy and gizmo laying in bed,  one of my favorite pictures its just so silly!

Soon after Skyy had joined the family, our druggie neighbors abandoned their run down house after years of not doing essential repairs because, well, they were more worried about their drug use then having a home.  Unfortunately, they decided to leave many of their cats behind.  My mom took in one of these cats (Peanut Butter) but the rest we just couldn’t handle and many of them were taken by Animal Control.  A few that were left behind continued multiplying, and eventually Aurora who we had been feeding but she still lived outside, had a litter of kittens on our back portch.  Sadly, about a week later she was hit by a car, and my SO and I were left to hand feed 6 newborn kittens.  Let me tell you, if you think you can’t sleep having one baby, having 6 kittens that need to be fed every 3 hours is a task to say the least.  We lost 2 in our struggle to keep them all fed and warm which devistated me, but we did what we could and when they were all old enough we kept the little white one (the rest were tigers) now named Firefox, and the rest we were able to find homes with from co-workers and neighbors.  Firefox and Gizmo are seriously best friends!

Firefox being naughty up on my boyfriends DJ speakers.

Our final addition to the family to-date is Breezy.  I currently work at a pet store, and we have a local adoption group who comes in on the weekends.  Breezy was living with an animal horder, who thankfully Joyce, the owner of the local rescue, was able to convince to let her take a few dogs for the weekend to try to find homes for them, and she agreed but if she couldn’t find them homes over the weekend she wanted them back.  So, I couldn’t let Breezy (then Muttley, worst name ever) go back to a horder so I just had to bring her home.  Her and Skyy did not do well at first, alot of fights, one of which my mom got in the middle of and accually had to go to the hospital because she got bit down to the bone (who knows which dog it was, and it wasn’t their fault, my mom just didn’t know better than to break up a fight with her bare hands).  I wasn’t willing to give up, and thankfully after 2 months and alot of stress, Breezy and Skyy are now happy sisters and our family is complete…until someone else catches ahold of my heart strings ;]

Breezy comfy on the couch!

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Oh man, my little weirdo is my favorite thing on earth (sorry, hubs). I went to the shelter and she was in the very last row, the very last cage. Every other dog around her was barking and screeching and clawing at the cages. Not her. She was just sitting there, staring at me with these huge eyes, very calmly. I took one look at her and was like, well crap, I can’t resist those eyes! The shelter told me a little about her. She was born in a puppy mill, was most likely abused, and had a lot of strange little quirks (I’ve had her nearly 3 years now and she’s STILL terrified of hallways). It’s been hard, but so rewarding. I got her during a particularly low point, so I like to think she saved me as much as I saved her (cheesy, but so true).

And seriously….how could I have said no to THIS FACE?? Probably my #1 most frequently posted pic, but whatever:

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I LOVE these stories!  I am super passionate about animal rescue, so these stories and pictures make me so happy!

I will tell my story later, but I’m keeping an eye on this thread!

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