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These are all such sweet stories πŸ™‚ My kitties are the offspring of the stray, wild cats at my friend’s shop. The cats there end up having a ton of kittens because they can’t be caught and spayed, and most of the kittens die because the moms don’t take care of them very well and abandon them a lot. After I gave my cat to my ex (it was ‘our’ cat and I let him have him because the cat is crazy) I wanted to adopt a new cat so I was waiting for the newest litter to be born and weaned. The litter was two gray and black striped kittens with orange spots, and they were abandoned at 3 1/2 weeks old. My friend sent me a facebook message telling me to bring them kitten food, so I took them in. They’re almost 5 weeks now and weaned onto wet food and litter box trained. πŸ™‚ Here’s Pistachio and Penelope. Penny’s tail is in Stache’s mouth πŸ™‚


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My SO and I rescued our bunny in November of 2010.

I went to the shelter with the plan of coming home with a cat but my SO isn’t a cat person. We I looked, snuggled, and tried everything but he just kept looking through the glass at the biggest bunny I’d ever seen. Finally, I agreed to go look at the 12 pound rabbit.  When he picked her up she snuggled into his neck and I knew that she was the one (and that I’d been replaced. lol). When he handed her to me she kept giving me the evil one bunny eye (any rabbit owner must know what I’m talking about).  Needless to say she wasn’t initally in love with me.

When we he had snuggled for a while I knew that she was the one. They had named her Alice so we went our front to inquire about her. She had a rough life before they had rescued her. Her past owner had broken 3 of her toes and because they weren’t cared for they never worked again. The break was so severe that even the ligaments had snapped. She had a scar on both sides of her mouth, where someone had taken a knife and cut her. The best assumption the vet could give us was that she had bitten her past owner and he/she extracted revenge. Her owner had just dumped her outside in a cage and when she was found she had nearly frozen to death. With the help of an amazing vet they brought her back. The people kept telling us that she was going to be a tough one (for obvious reasons) and that she never took to anyone. They were all shocked at how much she loved my SO that I knew she was the one for us. It was like we were all meant to be together. They let us take her home that day without filling out half the paper work. 

That night we introduced her to our dog and that was an experience. Over the next 2 years they became best friends and often snuggled while we were at work. 

Sadly our girl passed away this July. It still hurts. It’s true what they say, that pets make our lives whole. 

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Scorpious was 8 weeks old when he became part of the family. I knew this girl who was going to send him to a shelter because she already had 2 adult cats and he was the only kitten she couldn’t get rid of out of the litter. Scorp is a biter; but not hard at all. I walked into her house and he clawed his way up my sweatshirt sleeve and bit me on the ear, licked it and then meowed. I brought him home that night to my other two rescue cats. Figero (who is now deceased) and Garfield, ( no I didn’t name him, and no he doesn’t eat lasagna). Garfield and Scorp are both tigers and its so adorable when I catch them doing things like the above picture  


He will be three on halloween and weighs 12 pounds. I’m a proud momma 

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When I was about 10 this random cat started showing up at our house. He was this beautiful grey and white cat. He would come up to people but not me. Probably because I was a kid and desperate to pat him. Anyway we found out that he lived across the valley, about 500m straight line. Mum called the woman and she came and got him back. Then a few days later he would reappear. Same thing over and over. Mum would call the woman and the woman would get annoyed. Turns out she was locking him in her shed and he was escaping. Eventually Mum said ‘if you don’t want him we’ll keep him’ and hung up on her. She never came to pick him up. FYI this woman was a vet nurse!!! I was already putting out a bed and food for him but he was always really shy. Eventually he came up to me and I became his owner. I was one of the only people he would approach in the end. He was such a good cat but would never play. If he did reach his paw out and touch a toy he would run away like he was about to get in trouble so I think he was punished for playing as a kitten. He was the sweetest guy though. When he wanted to go out at night he would sit on the bed and poke either mum or I in the face with his paw. Adorable!! He died of old age a few years ago. That was my darling Casper.

I have rescued two other kittens that I ended up giving to my aunt. We had a huge stack of bricks at the back of our house (we were building) and his tiny black kitten would appear and eat the scraps we put out for the birds. So we put out cat food for him. Eventually he got brave enough to come up to us. My aunts cat had just been hit by a car and died and we had two cats already so we gave him to her.

A few of years ago we were at FI’s Gran’s for tea. She lives next to a cemetery which is apparently a popular dumping ground for strays. This ginger kitten had appeared at her door earlier in the day. It ate the chicken she put out in about 10 seconds. She was starving. She was desexed so obviously was a pet at some stage. Being the big animal lover I just couldn’t leave her there. I wasn’t ready for another cat though. I was still getting over my Casper’s death but we took the cat home and gave her to my aunt again. She said she would take her to the RSPCA which I doubted. She never got that far and they still have her.

Eventually I starting thinking about wanting another cat. We had a dog, Mia, who hates other dogs but LOVES cats!! Fiance wasn’t so sure. Eventually he started to come around. Then on Christmas day he made me get up early and I walked into the lounge to hear a tiny meow!! He had got a tiny kitten from the woman he works with. She had two cats that got pregnant about the same time and was just going to send the kittens up to the farm to live off mice. Stupid!!! So Fiance took one. A beautiful, naughty ginger cat. Just like we said we wanted. We called her Milo (as in Milo and Otis). Mia was in love. Milo hated her having never seen a dog before. Eventually she came round and now they are best friends! I’m pretty sure she was the only one adopted from the litter and the only one desexed and properly looked after. She’s a total terror but we love her!

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I was driving on a highway in the middle of nowhere (like only farmland around) when I saw a small kitten standing on the side of the road. I was worried he would get hit by a car, so I pulled over to see him. His face was bleeding. It looked like someone had thrown him out a car window, and he hit his face on the fall.

I picked him up and drove w him half an hour to a vet. The vet had to give him stitches in his mouth and glue a hole in his face above his eye. They said they had no idea what his injuries may be (could be brain damage) and that I may have to put him to sleep:/ 

I’ve never had a cat before, only rabbits and dogs. I have never considered myself a cat person, but I quickly fell in love with him! Cheeto healed within a month! He and my dogs get along well… the dogs actually seem to like him. I had a feeling he would heal when I saw him,  and he really is a sweet kitten. He loves to cuddle and get his belly rubbed!

here’s Mr Cheeto!

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i went to a vet appointment with my old roommate for her dog. i was sitting in the waiting room and there were a litter of kittens that were climbing all over me. there was this itty bitty gray one that was meowing its head off and wouldn’t leave me alone. i casually asked whose kittens they were and the lady at the front desk said someone left them on the porch a couple nights ago. we went home that night and all i could think about was that little gray kitty. so with some begging, my two roommatas said i could get her, so i went the next day and she was mine! she was the runt of her litter, but now she’s a big fatty!


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My boy Blue was “adopted” from the no-kill shelter I was working at at the time. But the story starts a couple weeks before he even got there…

Our shelter was helping out a small rescue group that had to downsize their animal population and they were bringing in dogs of all sizes, when a little white puppy with the bluest eyes I had ever seen was brought in.  She was adorable and SO tiny!  They called her Frankie Blue Eyes because her eyes were so blue.  Immediately my boss asked if the dog could hear (because of the all white and blue eyes that is usually an indication of genetic deafness), they weren’t sure because the puppy had been with other hearing dogs, so it seemed the dog could hear ok, but they weren’t sure.  But it quickly became apparent from a couple tests that this dog was deaf.  The rescue group told us they had picked up the puppy from a farm that had an Australian Shepherd and a Blue Heeler that they were just letting breed even though they were both merle colored and were breeding deaf puppies.  Even though they offered to spay/neuter their dogs for FREE the stupid owners just let them do their thing.

I have a soft spot for the “special” cases and I wanted this puppy to have the best shot at getting adopted (being deaf is scary for some people to take on) so I spent a LOT of time with this little pup, and a ton of time researching how to train deaf dogs and I got in contact with a few deaf dog owners through a message board to get ideas on how to help get this pup adopted…  But I liked her and wanted to make sure it was the best home for her.  After working with her for a few weeks I realized that this wasn’t just any pup, she was super smart and head strong and liked to be the dominant one… While she was adorable and I really loved her, I knew she wasn’t the right dog for me.

Here’s Frankie as a puppy:

Then, that rescue group called us a couple weeks later…. They had her brother and were wondering if we would take him too… Frankie already had an adoption application on her with a wonderful family so we were confident we would be able to adopt out another deaf puppy.  Then a little pink nosed sharp toothed, funky eyed puppy that resembled an opossum more than a dog came in… I couldn’t help but laugh, he was so goofy looking! Not to mention his HUGE ears.

But it didn’t take long for me to realize that this pup was different.  He was calm and mellow and even smarter than his sister, he wasn’t dominant at all and got along with all of the other dogs.  I spent a lot of time with him teaching him tricks and manners, and I QUICKLY fell in love with him.  There was a lot of interest to adopt him, but none of them were the right fit. And he got bigger and more awkward by the day, I was worried he would stay at the shelter for a long time so I asked my husband (he was my boyfriend at the time) if I could take him home for a weekend “vacation” from the shelter…  Well the weekend came and went and it was time to take him back to the shelter and my husband kept saying “just do it tomorrow, another day won’t hurt” and then I was supposed to go house sit for a family with a bunch of dogs so he had to go back that day or my husband would have to take care of him and he said “He doesn’t have to go back… you could keep him”.  I just about died with happiness and we haven’t looked back.

Little Blue on “vacation”

Blue now: (3 years later, well, this was last year… but you get the idea)

ETA:  We still see Frankie and her wonderful family, they happen to go to the same groomer/doggie resort that Blue goes to when we go out of town… Even the owner of the place says I got the better dog. πŸ™‚  But we would never tell Frankie’s parents that! πŸ˜‰

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Our matilda is half japanese chin and half pug. She’s got the body of a chin but the face of a pug. She’s black with white paws and white on her chest. I don’t have a photo here on my work computer πŸ™

A few years back we decided to get a dog but were highly against pet stores. I started looking at different shelters and on craigslist. I saw an ad with matilda’s picture and for some reason just decided right then that she was the one for us. I went and picked her up from her previous owners not knowing what to expect. their home was clean and well kept but had far too many animals for one family to care for. Turns out the home next to them had been abandoned and when the people left they left 6 dogs and 4 cats there unattended. These nice people took in all the animals and got them all cleaned up and healthy. They attempted to care for all of them for as long as possible but it became to much and matilda was one of the dogs that was chosen by them to be rehomed. We sat and talked for about 45 min and the woman decided that I seemed like a good fit and thats when my tilly came out. She was so quiet and sweet and nervous. The whole way home she rested her head on my lap and I just knew she was going to be a perfect fit for us. She is my son’s best friend and she adores him more than myself and Fiance lol. She’s just incredibly smart and loving and is kind of a strange little dog πŸ™‚ she collects socks. She will swipe your socks if you leave em on the floor and she will even go into the hamper to search for socks. She hides htem around our house and has one main spot where most of them end up. I think it’s a game to her lol. Either way, I took a chance on a craigslist ad and really really got lucky to find our sweet girl. My heart hurts thinking of her ending up in a home that didn’t really want her and im so thankful she ended up with us.

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This is the story of Charlie, the Bengal Cross.

Charlie was born of the streets of Essex, London and abandoned by his mother at a very young age. He learnt to hunt for himself and developed quite a character.

Charlie was picked up by the RSPCA when he was 5 weeks old and nursed back to health.

All charlie wanted was a loving family to take care of him. The other cats in the shelter came and went but poor Charlie was left time and time again. Poor Charlie began to get sad and became withdrawn when vititors came. He hated the humiliation of people walking past him only to be told ‘no’.

When Charlie was 6 months old a lovely couple approached the shelter and after looking at all the cats and kittens were drawn to Charlie. The RSPCA worker cautioned the couple as she opened the cage, ‘carefull, Charlie is quite the character’. This didnt put the couple off and they approached the cage. Charlie cautiously opened his eyes and slowly walked towards the couple. The gentleman put his arms out to Charlie to which Charlie responded by playfully nipping his hand and running around in a circle and bowing down like a puppy looking to play. We will take him the Gentleman said.

The couple were my parents.

My dad was after a cat with character and that is certainly what they got. Charlie is a beautiful cat with the longest tail i have ever seen and back legs like Charlie chaplin, hence the name. They renamed him Jenson after Jenson Button because he races around full of energy all the time.

Jenson has lots of fun chasing the dogs up and down the road and has developed quite a reputation in the neighbourhood.

He might be feisty but he is one gorgeous cat who just needed to be noticed and given a chance.

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I love all these stories, shared my own a while back, but I always love reading new stories, not going to lie….have been tearing up on some of these stories…keep them coming!

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Meet Gizmo!

We rescued her from under my future brother-in-law’s house! Someone had dropped off about 20 cats and kittens on the side of the road who migrated and made a home under his house. There was something wrong with probably 90% of them, and then out comes this bright eyed kitty! She was SO friendly and had such an outgoing personality. My Fiance hates cats, well animals in general, but I couldn’t let her be taken to the humane society so after some begging, my Fiance let me bring her home to our new apartment.

He quickly fell in love with her just like I did. We named her Gizmo because she makes the same sound “Gizmo” from The Gremlins makes! When we first got her, we thought it was the cutest thing we’ve ever heard. But now it’s just a normal sound she makes. Whenever she gets scared, or hyper, or just for the hell of it she makes this “thrilling” sound. She seriously has the funniest personality and she is VERY dramatic. If she’s doing something she isn’t supposed to (which is quite often) and we go to pick her up, she cries out like we are killing her. Or if Fiance tries to pet her when she’s in a bad mood, she will hiss at him. She’s such a girl lol. Here’s a couple more pictures to leave you all with πŸ™‚


She has spots all over her, and when we got her fixed, the spots were actually on her skin, too!

Oh I’m also a weirdo who dresses my animals up on occasion…

She loved this dress, though!

But not so much the Santa outfit!

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Stories like these are what make me so pro-animal adoption. It’s an amazing gift not only for the animal but for yourself. 

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@BakerBee16:  omg your kitty is SO CUTE!!

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