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I love threads like these! 

Vader was adopted from a shelter in IL.  He’s a giant, black tuxedo siamese mix.  He apparently had been returned a few times for being a jerk to his adoptive families.  He came home, decided he liked it there and he’s been my snuggly lap cat ever since.  Total momma’s boy though – he’s an unholy nightmare at the vet, and we’ve been fired as clients once, and I’ve been asked if he’s a trapped feral more times than I can count.

Tae was adopted from the Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue in Kenosha (psst!  If you’re in Wisconsin and looking to adopt a cat, they’re really awesome people!)  He’s a snowshoe siamese, and was found because a bunch of ‘kids’ were tormenting him.  Fortunately, the rescue picked him out of the shelter, and our friends (who foster for the rescue) had him.  My fiance spent hours in their foster room coaxing this cat to eat, and was hand feeding him individual kibbles.  Obviously, it was fate, and he came home with us after he was vet cleared and neutered.

After an initial 24 hour hiding period, Tae attached himself to Vader, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.  They eat together, sleep piled on top of each other and play all day.  The downside is they’ve taught each other all their naughty habits!  So now when they’re at the vet together, Tae hides behind Vader and acts like such a tough guy. 

Here’s Vader (excuse the mess, he decided I didn’t need to go through the mail after all):

And Tae, looking like a sir:

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Sorry this is late in the game but I thought I’d share our story..


When my boyfriend and I were starting to get serious we get a call from his mom one day saying she found a kitten stuck under their house asking if my boyfriend could keep it. We are in college and I already had a dog so I really didn’t want to get a cat but I told him we could give it a try. 


He lived in a frat house so he didn’t want to keep the kitten there so I ended up agreeing that the cat could stay with me if he paid for the vet/food bills. This was the first day we got him:

Tommy had to be bottle fed as he was only 1-2 weeks old. It was miserable taking care of a little baby but he is older and better now. The experience pretty much forced my boyfriend and I to move in together early on in the relationship, which worked out really well for us.


After a few months we began talking about getting a new kitten to keep Tommy company. We decided when it was the “right” time we would know. About two weeks ago we were walking back from a bar and a stray kitten came up to us and nuzzled us. I was pretty tipsy so I picked up the cat and took him home with us. We realized he was neutered, about 6 months old, and was very friendly and litterbox trained. We assumed he was someone’s lost pet so we took him in to be microchipped. He was. Turns out he was part of a catch-neuter-release program in our city since our shelter was so overpopulated. He never had a real owner so we adopted him ๐Ÿ™‚ We now have 2 cats and 1 dog, live together, and have only known each other since January!! Oh well, these things happen for a reason I suppose.


Tommy and Ricky ๐Ÿ™‚


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I’m sorry for your loss, I know it hurts so much when you loose your bunny…a lot of people don’t count rabbits like pets. They put them below cats and dogs. To me my rabbits are just as much family as my cats. I’m very happy to see other people who also have so much love for their rabbits.

One of our rabbits my fiancé found online for sale, she looked a bit like my old rabbit that had died and my fiancé bought her as a surprise for me. When he saw her he couldn’t leave her there. The man that sold her came with her, holding her in one hand…I’ve also seen pictures of her that the man had used, and I could see there was no hay in the cage. Anyways when my fiancé came with her, she was the most afraid rabbit I have ever seen…When I took her up on the sofa for the first days she peed out of fright. She was so afraid the poor thing, but slowly she got used to us and became such a sweet and adventurous little lady ๐Ÿ™‚ Unfortunately she died in January this year. It was so horrible but I keep thinking of the transformation she went through, and that even though the first year of her life was crappy, the time with us I’m sure that she knew she was part of our family, I’m sure that was the case with your rabbit to ๐Ÿ™‚

This is my beloved fakey

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I’ll share. Sorry if it’s a bit longish…

Back in 2006, I was in a very bad space in life – which included frequent thoughts of “being tired of life and just not wanting to be here anymore”. My friend and colleague suggested I join her at the barn for some horse therapy. I hadn’t seen a horse up close in nearly two decades – despite them being my all-encompassing love during my childhood and teen years. I said sure, why not.

Within a few weeks, I had decided that I was going to buy a horse! I started taking lessons with a few trainers and let them know that I had a small amount of money for a purchase. All three suggested that I slow down, perhaps lease something and save up some additional cash.

One day, I was at the barn with my friend and I noticed a dark bay in the end pen. I said to her, “What’s the deal with that one on the end?” To which she replied, “That wing nut? He’ll kill you!” As it turns out, he had a reputation of unpredictable, dangerous behavior – and no one would go near him to handle him. He was “on his way to Fallon” – which meant his owners were going to send him to the slaughterhouse.

Something about this animal – his presence, and the look in his eye – whih was deep and soulful, not crazy, made me ask for his owner’s number. She informed me that yes, she needed to get rid of him – but I could have him for $800. I asked if I could pay for his board for a month. She said yes.

And I started to work with him. And he wasn’t untenable. he was just neglected and unloved. Turns out, he’s smart as the dickens, and he took to my novice training qyite well. I had the vet out to check him over – and she said that he had a low grade unsoundness in his right hind – but nothing specific was showing on the images. My heart sank. Did I want to spend $800 on a three-year old horse that might be lame? So I asked the owner for another month, hoping that I could figure something out.

The next week, I recieved a phone call from the owner and I will never forget the words she spoke to me: “My husband just asked me for a divorce. I am giving Cody to you. I know he will have a good life with you.” Every time I tell the story and I get to this part, I tear up. The horse – that she was intending to send to slaughter – was being entrusted to me.

Fast forward seven (!) years, and Cody is still my heart and my light – my touchstone. He has progressed to Novice level eventing and I am hopeful that we will move succesfully up the levels to training – and perhaps, someday, Preliminary. His show name is What a Steal.

I like to say that his and my stars crossed at just the right time and place… And this is him and me.


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