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i mean i wasn’t really underwhelmed, but i’m sure other people would be.  i got home from work and Fiance proposed after dinner (which was like..pasta or something) in his work out clothes.  lol. i knew the ring was getting there, but i thought it would be the next day.  apparently it was also sitting out on his desk and i was completely shocked still.

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@MissOtter31:  I think mine was quite sweet but I’m absolutely rubbish at telling stories!!

Basically I’ve always loved cable cars, they remind me a lot of my childhood. Also, I’ve always really liked Wales because I went there quite a bit as a child. Well, me and Fiance decided to take a trip to North Wales at Easter and after doing some research what we could do there, I saw that there was a really long cable car ride there so I got super excited and we decided to book for a long weekend. Long story short: my fiance wanted to propose on the actual cable car ride but as we got on the guy who controls it said ‘make sure you stay in your seats, don’t move around too much or it will rock it’ so instead he waited until we got to the top of the mountain (after we ate at a cafe which had HUUUUGE desserts – I mean so big neither of us finished ours which is unheard of – and we played crazy golf which I freaking LOVE! and we didn’t expect to be on top of the mountain. Edit: the golf that is, we knew we would be on top of a mountain as we just took a cable car up there!).

But of course when people ask me I always end up saying, ‘oh we were in Wales and we went up on a cable car ‘cos I like them and he asked me at the top of the mountain’ with lots of embarrassed pauses and umms like I’m making it up! So they look very underwhelmed when really it was incredibly sweet!

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Lol! My Fiance proposed to my on my birthday, as soon as I walked into my house after work lol.. He wouldn’t even let me put my bags down.. As soon as I walked into the house, he gave me a bouquet of roses, and a card. I read the card (it was sweet), and then all of a sudden, I look up, and he’s down on one knee with a box in his hand. All he said was “Will you marry me?”. There was no long speech or anything liek that.. But I didn’t need a long speech. He said the only thing I’ve ever wanted him to say. As soon as he proposed, my mom and little sister jumped up from behind the couch and ran to hug me.. Fiance and I live in Chicago, while our families are in Miami.. SO I then figured out why he wouldn’t let me get settled in to put my bags down before he proposed.. I wasn’t supposed to know mom and sister were there lol..

I do get underwhelmed responses like, “He proposed in your house?” or “he didnt say anything before he asked you?”…but it’s ok lol.
Our love, our proposal, our engagement, and our marriage.. It’s not supposed to be for anyone else. I’m just happy that he asked me to marry him after almost 6 years of waiting! lol 

And for the record, I think the way your Fiance proposed is SUPER romantic!  

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I love mine, but I suppose other people would be underwhelmed by it. We decided to meet after work and grab dinner at a bar we both love. We ate our dinner and then just started talking, and he said something like “I love going out to eat with you and I want to do it for the rest of my life” then got down on one knee quickly and asked me to marry him. I said yes then we awkwardly tried to kiss over the table haha. It was just what I wanted.

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I love all these stories!  My story isn’t the most exciting, so I can relate.  My job as a wildlife biologist entails a TON of travel during the summer and I was working at a site near the Denver airport.  He was going to pick up friends flying in the next day for a backpacking vacation, so came down from WY the night before, just to hang out and stay with me at my work hotel.

I had just gotten in from doing wildlife surveys all day out in the hot sun, and was starving and a little grouchy.  We were going to go get dinner but I had to swing by my coworker’s room first to talk shop for a minute.  Little did I know that Fiance was planning to propose right then before we went to dinner!  Obviously he didn’t want to do that and then immediately go talk to my coworker.  

So after the work talk with coworker, he made up some story about how he left his phone in the hotel room and we had to go back.  I thought this was ridiculous because he NEVER uses his phone or remembers to charge it.  I wanted to just wait in the lobby, but he convinced me to go with him.  We get up to the room, and our key doesn’t work.  Again, I’m arguing about WHY do we need the phone?  The chick in the lobby fixes the key, we go back upstairs (me grouchily), and the key still doesn’t work.  “SEE!  Let’s just go eat!”  He convinces me we should go get the damn key fixed again, and we go upstairs for the third time.  I was being somewhat self-congratulatory about what a good girlfriend I am to keep going up and down, when I really just want to go eat.

We finally get into the room after the 3rd try, he goes over and grabs his phone from the bed stand, and then turns around with a ring box in his hand.  I was totally stunned and speechless, as he got down on one knee and said a bunch of really sweet things that I can’t remember…

So yeah, he proposed in a random hotel room, while I was all hungry and grouchy from getting dragged back and forth to our hotel room three times.  And it was PERFECT!  Especially becase our vacation started the next day and we managed to see most of our friends and both sides of our family, while being newly engaged.  ๐Ÿ™‚

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Hello, my name is Nona99 and I am a Poor Proposal Survivor….Mr. 99 had done everything right, he asked my Dad, he took my parents to go get the ring, he chose something that was perfect, marvelous and just what I wanted AND I had no idea any of this was going on.  Sounds like a great proposal in the making, right?  WRONG?

Mr. 99 had planned to propose to me in our favorite sushi restaurant on Valentine’s Day, my brother and his wife were going with us, but that wouldn’t have bothered me at all…well, I guess Mr. 99 told my SIL and she freaked, and then she told my brother and he freaked, which freaked Mr. 99 out and the whole time I’m eating my spider roll wondering what the hell everyone’s problem is….of course, he lost his nerve, so we headed home, decided that ice cream sounded AMAZING.  Picked up two blizzards and as I was trying to get in the door, carry the ice cream, get out of my coat and boots AND avoid our dogs excitement, I turn around to see Mr, 99 standing there, holding my ring in his big old paws and he says, “Can we do this now?”

That bothered me for years!  So much that it actually took me two years to tell him just how dissapointed I was about the fact that I was a married lady, but had never had anyone ask me to marry them….now, we’re not stupid, you can’t fix something like that, it was a one shot deal and he boned it, but whenever he gives me jewelry, it is present to me from a handsome devil of a man who is on one knee in atonement for the one and only time I needed him to do something and he didn’t.

Now it’s a great story, we laugh about it, but sometimes, when I see someone I’m close to getting this amazing proposal, I won’t lie, it stings a little, but I’m still happy he asked, I still love him to pieces and I live in perpetual hope, that someday he’ll pull of some grand romantic gesture that kinda makes up for it, but won’t mind if he doesn’t.

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Sugar bee

We were baking cookies at SO’s apartment, and were continuing the conversation we’d been having for a couple of weeks about when to get engaged so that we could get married as quickly as possible but meet the 6-month preparation requirement at our church, how soon we could get a ring (we knew we wanted a custom design and we were talking about the possibility of having one of his friends who has a degree in jewelrymaking do the work for us, but we didn’t know how long that would take, etc.)

Suddenly SO just turned to me and said, “How about we just get engaged? And we can do all the ring stuff later? Will you marry me?” And that was it. And then we enjoyed the cookies … and got married in a lovely, warm, traditional but low-key and family-centered celebration about 7 months later.

A lot of women, I know, would be really disappointed about not having a ring and a big orchestrated production, but that’s not my style. We actually opted to only get a single ring for me (no diamond – no stone at all, in fact), which I wore as an “engagement ring” until it was blessed at the wedding and became my wedding ring. I went without a ring for the first few months while we looked at options, worked on a design, and had it made. (Engaged late Feb, and the ring was ready in April.) So, definitely not most people’s style, but absolutely perfect for us.

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I’m sure to some my proposal was underwhelming.  My Fiance called me at work and told me he was going to his favorite store located close to my work.  He asked me to meet him out in the parking lot.  We were having our Christmas party so I told him to stop in. 

So he came to work and hung out a bit.  Then he asked me to walk him out to his truck cause he had something to show me.  I honestly thought he had done something silly to our dog (like put reindeer antlers on her).  So we walked out…he opened up his truck door…and there was the box sitting on his truck seat!  I hardly remember hims asking “Will you marry me” cause I was so excited!

Our proposal was perfect.  It came as a complete shock to me – since I was 100% positive he’d NEVER propose on a holiday or close to a holiday. So I was pretty shocked when he asked 3 days before Christmas.  ๐Ÿ™‚

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underwhelming? Psh. These people have no idea what they’re talking about. The best proposals are the low key ones because they’re so personal and don’t need nor have a public audience.

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mine was very low key

we were downtown to pick up a friend for a road trip and he said another friend asked if we could stop by the club we all used to go to and take some pictures of what it looked like now. (We met there 26 years ago). We took some pictures and then I said “hey, this is the exact spot where we first met” and he came over and asked “right here” and I said “yes”. That’s when he reached in his pocket and pulled out the ring and said he couldn’t think of a better place to ask me to spend the rest of my life with him than the spot where we first met.

That’s it, I said yes, we hugged, and then we picked our friend and went on our trip


oh and he lied about the out of town friend wanting pictures, he just thought that was a good way to lure me down there

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My Fiance proposed to me on Valentines Day. Which we NEVER celebrate. In fact I had given him a Valentines Day card that morning before work that said “Valentines Day is for suckers!” 

We came home from work and I had planned on making chili for dinner, and then going to bed early. Instead he called me on the way home from work and told me to be ready for some action. haha!! 

So after the “action” part, he says “I got you a present today at the grocery store! Close your eyes.”  I imagine that he’s brought me some sort of desert, or candy…but he comes back and tells me to open my eyes, and I see this box laying on my chest, and him above it wearing nothing but a big cheesy smile.  All I could manage to say was “WHAT IS THAT?!”  Poor guy had to ask 3 times before I said yes, and actually opened the box to see that it wasn’t actually from the grocery store.  I was so shocked and confused by the entire thing. 

Then we went out to a local taco stand, ate tacos, had a couple of drinks, and stared awkwardly at each other for an hour.  We were both in shock!

He later told me that he had originally planned to ask me when we landed in Ireland for vacation (2 weeks later) but just couldn’t wait.  He says he’s so glad he didn’t ask me in public because of the bizzaro reaction I had. hah!

So there it is.  He proposed at home while naked.  (we don’t tell the naked part of the story to our family and friends)  It was a private moment just for the two of us to share, and  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  ๐Ÿ™‚


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LOL mine is the lowest of low keys! I was looking through a jewelry store catalog and mentioned how the rings were all so ugly for being that expensive. He made a remark like “why, do you want to go and pick one out that’s nicer?” I was like “don’t tempt me, you know I want to get married” (we’ve been dating 6 years and have a daughter, so I was more than ready! We went to the mall to grab diapers and after we hit Walmart he asked what jewelry store I wanted to go to. I didn’t think he was serious, but we went and picked out a ring! There was no “will you marry me?” or anything, and I had to ask him “is this going to be an engagement ring?”, so it was barely a proposal, but it suits my Fiance to a tee and I couldn’t be happier with the way things worked out. He’s never been a romantic guy, and I probably would have thought someone brainwashed him if he blurted out a cheesy monologue about our love since he’s SO not like that.

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I think as long as neither one of the couple are on the toilet, it’s perfect. Just my two cents. =)

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