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@Lily_of_the_valley:  omg, i know what you mean.  i popped into the grocery store and ran into my ex husband a couple of years ago after not seeing him for 10 years.  of course i had no makeup, yoga pants and a ballcap on.  i pretended i didn’t see him but then he got behind me in line and i could feel his eyes piercing the back of my head.  too funny.

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I ran into my ex and his fiancée at one of those cocktail parties for engaged couples things that the Knot emails about. It was weird, but not like suuuuper weird cause it wasn’t an awful breakup and it had been over for ages at that point. But it was definitely a little weird! Like, hey, I haven’t seen you in years…. Uh, guess you’re engaged too, huh? Well, enjoy the champagne! 

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I moved far away from my hometown so I haven’t had any run ins with my exes. I did run into SOs psycho ex though a couple of times because she moved within walking distance of him after the break up. Both of the times I saw her cheating, desperate self, I looked nice and she looked like she just rolled out of bed. She also gave me the dirtiest looks, like she couldn’t believe I was still dating SO! Normally I’m not this mean but she caused a lot of pain for me for a long time so I’m not sorry 🙂

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I didn’t bump into him me Fiance did! He was going to an office in the city for client work and saw my ex outside his building. My Fiance is an ex-vegan and had put on alot of muscle since they last saw eachother and my ex had put on weight of a different kind and has taken up smoking. Fiance knew who he was at a glance but didn’t have time to stop and say hi (they used to be friends).

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@Lily_of_the_valley:  Pretty much same situation. Was supposed to a party with friends, but I had a bad cold and had to cancel. My friend and I decided to go to Blockbuster instead to rent a movie. Middle of winter, stocking hat, raw red nose. Heavy eyes, pale as a ghost. Went to the new release section. And there he was. The boy that broke my heart. Put on my best face (ha!) and made a little small talk. Excused myself to find (inform) my friend. Went back to the house and drowned myself in NyQuil.

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Unfortunately, I live in the town where my Ex is a police officer. He works nights, so I (thankfully) don’t see him all that often–three times in four years or so.

1. A few weeks after I moved out, I met Fiance (we were just casually seeing each other back then) and a good friend of ours who was in town for the weekend at a local pool hall. I walked in the wrong entrance (never been there before, had no idea the entrance in front was for the pro shop and they were closing) RIGHT past the table where Fiance was playing with a couple that he was friends with. Naturally, the boyfriend was like, “HEY, IT’S BRANDY!” ARGH. Ex has a very distinctive car, which I didn’t see. I was so flustered that I almost ran to the table where Fiance was and immediately ordered a drink (I “wasn’t allowed” to drink when I was with my Ex). Apparently he got mad that I didn’t stop and say hi and gush over him or whatever, so he stomped over and was like, “NO, THAT’S OKAY, I’LL COME SAY HI,” and then stomped away to one of the really trashy waitresses. He made a big show of getting her number and then had her go put in Eminem’s “You Make Me Sick” (he was a white rapper and huge Eminem fan) while he made his exit. I just laughed.

2. I’d switched cars twice since I left, so I was thankful that he’d never recognize my car…until I drove past him in his squad car on my way to work one morning. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck. I’m pretty sure that he recognized me, too.

3. When it was still warm-ish here, Future Mother-In-Law wanted a new cell phone, so me, Future Mother-In-Law, and Fiance headed to the Sprint store. I looked reeeeeeeally cute that day; for some reason, I’d done my makeup more than I normally do, tried a new outfit, and my hair looked good. We walked in, and Ex was up at the counter with a woman in ill-fitting jeans, Doc Martens, and a hoodie with a GIANT Abercrombie logo on the front. That should have been a clue, but a quick glance made me think that it was his mom who’d gotten a hair cut. He saw me and put some swagger into his walk (lmao) and swaggered out of the store past us (I may or may not have flashed my ring a little?), and I realized that the woman was NOT his mom, but probably his new girlfriend! She looked OLD (his mom was in her 50s, but was a lifelong chain smoker)! She was dressed EXACTLY the way he’d tried to make me dress, same chin length hair cut, everything. I had to wonder if she dressed straight out of the early 2000s when he met her, or if he convinced her to do it (like he tried to do with me).

I also ran into FI’s ex once, and nearly hit her with my car. I was with a friend from out of town having lunch and I saw his ex sit down at a table near us with some friends of hers. She glared at me the whole time (two years later!), and then gave me dirty looks when they walked past us to throw their garbage away. My friend was like, “Wait, he dated HER? WHY? Bitch has buck teeth and the body of a 12 year old boy!” It made me laugh.

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Two weeks ago I was at a fashion show with a couple of girlfriends.  It was the first time I’d seen them since i bought my wedding dress, so I’m sitting at the table showing them the pictures on my tablet, and talking about being measured, specifically about how the size they ordered was actually smaller in the bust than the measurement they took.  I was saying something like this…

“So I was surprised that they ordered me a dress with a bust measurement of 34 when the measurement she took was 37. Of course, it was over my clothes and I was wearing my bra. If they wanted my actual bust measurement, I could have taken off my bra and they could measure around my knees”

…when right over my shoulder a familiar voice says “What’s this about taking off your bra?”

Needless to say I turned a million shades of red, but we had a good laugh.

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Not exactly an ex run in. But I dated a guy for a few months way back in ’09. It was my first dating experience, and it ended on a day in april when I saw on facebook that he was in a relationship with another girl. While it was not “technically” cheating, since we weren’t exclusive, it broke my heart, as it was my first relationship.

The girl he started dating was a nice, slightly homely girl. They worked together and played softball together. After they had been dating for a year or so, he invited me to his house with his friends and his gf for a game night. I brought a girlfriend along, and we had fun, overall, though he was being creepy and saying weirdly complimentary things to me, right in front of her!

Needless to say, we played a game, where I had to sing a love sonnet to  his gf. So awkward.

Tonight, while I was working my second job, in retail, she came to my register. I think she recognized me. I don’t think she ever knew he was dating me at the same time they were dating. They had broken up a year ago (and he had tried to get back together with me, about 4 months after I started dating SO). It was awkward. But I laughed for the rest of the night thinking about it!

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I was overseas when I met my #1 ex (#1 as in best, not first). Our relationship was a whirlwind that never had a chance to go bad before practical things (location & religious differences) broke us up. 

It’s been ~2.5 years since I last saw him, but a few weeks ago I got a post card from him. It was kind and then at the end he said he couldn’t stop thinking about me. For 24 hours I kept it hidden in a drawer. I didn’t know what to do. I had “feelings” but couldn’t sort them. 

On a wise friend’s suggestion, I wrote a postcard back, including the truth (“I really cherish the memories of the good times we had”) AND information about my SO (“I know you’d be glad to see me with someone so talented and who treats me so well”). I showed my SO both cards before I sent mine off.

It was very satisfying and closurely. 

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I ran into my ex while at work.  Thank god I rock my paramedic uniform!  He was working in an ER that isn’t really local, but we take a lot of patients to.  When I went to register my patient, there he was.  We had seen each other a couple times in there, but NEVER spoke…mostly because he refused to speak to me…our breakup was bad on both sides and at fault of both parties.  That day, I forced him to speak to me, so when we encounter each other it is a little less awkward, but he still won’t talk to me, which sucks…

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Not unexpected since I rsvp’d, but I just saw my college ex at his father’s memorial service this past Saturday. We didn’t precisely stay friends, but see each other every so often at larger gatherings of friends and I wanted to pay my respects.  His mom remembered me and even gave me a hug.  (Not in an “I wish you were together way” but rather the standard “thanks for coming it means a lot” way).  He’s engaged now and I even like his fiance.

Now my other ex after him…the one who cheated on me and lied about where he grew up, where he lived, went to school or how his dad died…he, I had to see at a recent gala fundraiser for the non-profit where I’m president.  I managed to ignore him most of the evening, but had to make nice when he came over and stuck his paw out at me.  My parents were there with me and we all made nice and chatted with him & his wife.  Well, I chatted more with the wife.  My husband didn’t recognize him, wasn’t really near at the time, so didn’t have to make nice.  That wasn’t entirely unexpected run-in either though, since on facebook the wife had RSVP’d so I was a little prepared – though still hoping he still lived overseas.  Mostly it just made me make Darling Husband dress up extra nice for the gala.

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For WEEKS after Fiance and I got engaged we would travel to his parents 2 hours away on Sundays and as we were headed Out of Town, ex-bf and his wife would be travelling the same road into town to see his grandparents for Sunday dinner (I assume, that’s his normal schedule.)

It was so awkard having my heart do a little flip and hide when I saw his super obvious/bright blue car coming at us.

So glad I haven’t yet *knock on wood* seen him in person, it was an abusive relationship and I have no idea what I would say or do.  Probably blather and run.

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I ran into my ex of six years, working at the grocery store by my house. Needless to say, I switched stores. 🙂

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