(Closed) share your worst houseguest stories. it's been a long week!

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Sugar bee
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I had a houseguest once, who at 8 am said, “it’s okay if we do blow in here, right?” 

yours sounds pretty horrible!!!!   

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Wow. And I thought my Father-In-Law inviting himself to stay in our 600 sq ft apartment with a bedroom door that couldn’t shut and wearing his threadbare tighty whities around was horrible. Just wow.

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Yikes!  That sounds awful.  I hate it when people chew with their mouth open.  And seriously?  Using the bathroom with the door open?  Who does that? That’s just gross.

I once had a high school frind come visit me.  It was terrible.  Here are the highlights from that trip:

– While we were buying beer, he looked at me and said, “You’re going to buy this right.”  He was perfectly serious.  Granted, I was going to buy the beer, but I would have appreciated an offer to chip in since I was hosting him for the weekend.  Or really, he could just not have said anything.

– Called my friend fat.

– Called another friend depressed/sad.

– Kept pulling my hair when I wouldn’t pay attention to him.  He did this at least 3 times.  He was 26.

– Got wasted and flat out REFUSED to pay for his one beer at the bar.  He kept saying that because he was in school and I had a job I should pay.  Of course, this was AFTER he went on about how much he made at his awesome law internship.  And we’ve had conversations about money.  He knows I had a ton of student loans so I was not better off than he was.

– Made a comment about how his Girlfriend was thinner than I was.  I countered with I have bigger boobs.

– Tried to cuddle with me TWICE.  I was single, but he had a Girlfriend.  Also, he had pulled this before, and the other time he ended up trying to kiss me.  So this time I pulled away before he had the chance to do anything more.

– Constantly made jokes about me fixing him a sandwich or tying his shoe because I was a woman.  These were funny when we were 17 and he was trying to get me to hit him (ie make physical contact).  But it’s no longer funny once you hit 26 (or really once you graduate high school).

– Wouldn’t get up in the morning for brunch for HOURS.  He just laid in bed saying he was really hung over.  I think we finally left the apartment at 11 or noon.  My roommate was about to slap him. At this point in time, I was so annoyed with him, I told him he was buying me brunch.  Otherwise, I’m pretty sure he never would have offered.

– I think he said thank you once, when I was taking him back to the airport.  And I’m not even 100% sure about that one.  I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt.

– Never offered to pay for anything.  Not food, not drink, not gas (also had a 90 mile roundtrip commute to the airport).

– I took him back to the airport on a Monday before I went to work.  He was ready, but I was still doing stuff.  So what did he do?  He sat on the pull-out couch where he selpt and just watched me.  He didn’t attempt to put away the pillows or linens for fold up the couch – not until I asked him at least.  Then, after I did, he picks up the pillows, looks at me, and asks where I want them.  So I take them and put them in my room on the bed.  When I come back out, he says, “I’m guessing you’ll want to wash these sheets.”  When I say yes, he balls them up and puts them in the corner of the couch.  (Mind you, it’s obvious our laundry machines are in my bathroom.)  I don’t even remember what he did with the blanket, but I’m pretty sure he just threw it some where.  I basically had to coach him on how to unmake his bed…  Apparently it’s not common knowledge that you fold the sheets and blankets and stack everything in a nice little pile and fold up your bed…


I stopped talking to him for a while after that.  Eventually, when I did.  I called him out on his behavior.  He had NO clue he had done anything wrong or inapproriate… 

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Sugar bee
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@neetaclaw11:  She honestly sounds like an alcoholic.  I don’t have any stories that even come close to that.

@crayfish:  Uhh…that IS horrible!

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@neetaclaw11:  I had a friend stay in my mobile home for a few weeks after I moved to Boston with Darling Husband.

She apparently moved in her TWO boyfriends, and I got a call from the cops requesting access, because there was a WARRANT OUT FOR THE ARREST of one of them!

After her Boyfriend or Best Friend got arrested, she refused to leave! And because of VT laws, I couldn’t evict her until spring… SO she lived in my house for free from January until May!

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Busy bee
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I had a friend (F) and her Boyfriend or Best Friend from my hometown coming in to visit me–a rare ocassion and i think this was their second time to visit me ever. They had already made arrangements at a hotel, this weekend had been planned for at least a month. The day before, another friend (L) from out of town begged to come stay with me because her house was iced over and she needed to do laundry. She said it would be on her way to our hometown. I hadn’t seen her in a while, she knew F and I felt hog-tied because of her situation so I said ok. Mistake.

1. L was completely rude to F, her boyfriend and my own Boyfriend or Best Friend (now husband). Ignored F and her BF–literally acted like they weren’t there most of the time. She knew F–we all grew up in the same town and i’ve invited them both to bday parties, etc. 

2. L dictated most of what we did that weekend. Never mind the other plans we had made–we did what she wanted, and I had to drive. When she did talk, it was AT us… never to us or asking about us, if that makes sense. We were just an audience to her.

3. Our one night out to dinner downtown, she ignored everybody (as in, turned to face the wall when we were at dinner, walked a completely different route from us) and then pulled me aside and said she got a really bad vibe from F and her Boyfriend or Best Friend, and that she’s intuitive–something’s wrong, etc. Zero interaction had occurred other than F and her Boyfriend or Best Friend trying to be friendly and make small talk to her. L was so antisocial it was embarassing. If she did say anything she snapped at us.

After F and her Boyfriend or Best Friend left (long-time friends… didn’t ruin their weekend fortunately) I kind of had it out with Land said that her behavior was inappropriate and rude and I’d be happy to help her pack and be on her way. I’m totally a non-confrontational person and I’ve known this girl for years but I’d had enough. She is ok in small doses one-on-one–but not really in groups.

I don’t think L understood the problem, because she didn’t get why she wasn’t a bridesmaid at my wedding the following year… and she was laughably rude to F (who was actually my MOH) the wedding weekend. I’m talking entered the elevator, saw Fand turned to face a corner. I promise you nothing has happened between them… she’s just… odd.

These days, I still talk to her (we live in different towns) but it’s totally minimal. Honestly, I think she’s undiagnosed with Asperger’s. I don’t go around thinking people have disorders, but she has a lot of characteristics. I don’t think she acts the way she does on purpose, but I still will never have her as a houseguest again.


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@neetaclaw11:  my sister was the worse house guest we’ve ever had!

She lives in another country and cam back home for a month (which was the first time in a decade):

1) She had a baby and only travelled with clothes for him. She was coming from a country where she could get a lot of thing significantly cheaper than where I live. No diapers, no food etc. That meant that we had to buy these things for him. PLUS he couldn’t eat what we ate since she claimed that he was allergic to a lot of things (this was never verified)

2) She bitterly complained about how where we live is almost the same way she left it 10 years ago and that it was completely different from where she lives. She did not have enough money to stay anywhere else so I thought that she could be a little greatful.

3) She criticized my parenting (we both have kids almost the same age). I give my kids breathing space while she hovers. I believe she should have respected our differences. 

3) After a lot of condescending comments. She went back to her home. For the time she was here, she used another sister’s computer and left a conversation she had with her husband open on the screen. The first thing that my other sister saw was a string of lies mixed with complaints about our mom who paid for her trip, gave her shelter, food and sent her on boating and helicopter trips. 

I was done after that. There is no way I would share the same roof with her ever again.



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Not really a houseguest story, but Mother-In-Law watches our dogs whenever we go out of town and there’s always a “used” rubber glove in the bathroom garbage when we return. I have no idea why or what she uses it for, but you’d think she’d at least wrap it up in toilet paper or something! Ugh so gross lol.

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I had my brother and his wife (GF at the time) stay with me while I lived in Orlando. UGH it was horrible. They came up when I had a break from school and we were supposed to do all the touristy stuff. I guess I’ll just bullet point like everyone else 

1. I had a friend who was willing to get them into Disney for free and she refused to go. She said she didn’t have any money, but the only thing she would have had to buy was food or a souvenir, and thats only if she wanted that stuff. (This girl comes from money. I’m 100% sure she had enough to do anything she wanted while she was there)

2. She says she wants to go to Sea World (apparently she found some money, HA) and then the day we’re supposed to go she doesn’t want to leave

3. On one of the last days there my brother was getting upset that they haven’t done anything and that he wants to go to the beach. Once again she refused!

4. The only time she did leave the house (seriously) was to go to my friend’s party where she embarassed my brother during a drinking game. That night I found out how big my brother’s penis was and that she was the only girl he had sex wth.

5. I had food in my house for them to eat, but one night she wanted to bufflo chicken strips so we went to the store and she bought them. I asked her if I could have some and she flat out said no.

SHE SAT ON MY COUCH THE WHOLE TIME!!! My fun week off from school turned into the most boring week ever.

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Related: Once we were supposed to be the houseguests, but the people we were supposed to be staying with invited the wife’s mom and sister to stay as well. In their one bedroom apartment. They were like, “Maybe you guys could stay with our friends?” (whom we had never met, of course.) We ended up getting a hotel, and they were like, “Oh, sorry if you felt like we kicked you out!” Like, hmm, why would we feel that way?! God, I still haven’t gotten over that trip, which was annoying for a variety of reasons, lol.

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@neetaclaw11:  She probably thought that I would share the ones I had foor my daughter but I used cloth diapers. I won’t share those.

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My ex’s mother. She needed somewhere to stay, so we invited her to stay in our home. She started stealing small appliances and pawning them. I found drug related items (for heavy drugs) and some weed in her room. I assume that’s what she spent the money on. And she had her druggie bf coming around the house when she thought we weren’t home. I packed all her stuff and put it outside when she’d gone to pawn my DVD player with him. She cussed me out and left with all her stuff.

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