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  • poll: Do you and your partner share passwords with eachother?

    Yes! We're basically an open book with no restrictions

    Uhm No! We prefer to retain some level of privacy

    Other, I think I should explain further

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    Helper bee

    His are too complicated and my memory is bad so I never remember, lol. He knows two of mine but not where I use them! He does know my atm pin though because of all the times we’ve stopped at the atm drive-up and he was driving.

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    Helper bee
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    We share PINS for banking purposes, but not passwords. YIKES. Slippery slope. One day you’re bored, the next your pissed about an email he wrote 2 years before he met you. I have enough drama in my life without adding potentially more.

    If there were an illness,accident, emergency I would share them. But for every day, I think it’s okay to have some private space. I have over 8k emails in my account dating back to 2006. I don’t need him to know exactly what I got myself into before we met Innocent

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    Buzzing bee

    He and I both have one password each that we use for virtually everything, so it’s not exactly a secret. I have a few log-ins saved on his computer for convienience, and he has a few saved on mine. Add into that the fact that we both keep everything logged in constantly, and it’s a non issue.

    The only thing we don’t share is our banking passwords. Of course, we both know each others PINs so it’s a little bit of a moot point, but we just have never shared bank passwords.

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    DH knows some of my passwords and I know some of his. If I asked him for one of his passwords he would tell me and vice versa. We dont really care and have nothing to hide and arent going into each others accounts!

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    Buzzing bee
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    He doesn’t know my PWs and I don’t know his, BUT they are automatically saved on our computers, so if he NEEDED access, it’s available.  That said, neither of us are into checking on the other.  I had a bad experience with a controlling ex boyfriend who demanded access to all of my passwords….then went into my emails looking for drama.  I felt watched.  I felt pressure to say only things he would approve of.  It was traumatic.  I think that a person needs to maintain some part of their life that is private.  I appreciate that Fiance has the same outlook.  I trust him 100%, so I don’t need to be in his email.

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    Neither of us have anything to hide. I change my password regularly because I don’t like other people other than my Fiance knowing it, and find that my account gets hacked sometimes. if Fiance asks me for a password, I’ll give it to him, and same vice versa. We don’t feel a need, however, to go on each others accounts. We both have full trust in each other.

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    Busy bee
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    I don’t think we’ve ever officially told each other any passwords, but since our are saved on both of our laptops, if we really wanted to we could look at the others accounts.

    I’ve only used a password of his, so to speak, once…  I wanted to see his ex’s facebook page, and since I’m not her friend, I used his account so I could view her profile.  It’s just morbid curiosity – he doesn’t like talking about her (which I am fine with) but I just wanted to scope her out a bit more.

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    Sugar bee
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    we share the password to a shared email which is linked to our paypal/amazon/ebay etc accounts.

    Other than that we maintain privacy, not because we’re worried about the other prying, it just hasn’t come up, nor has it been an issue.

    We share our computer passwords though haha.

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    Sugar bee
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    He knows mine and I know his.  Our passwords were given to each other when he’d have me look at something or vice versa.  We keep our passwords the same for just about everything so it’s not hard to remember.  He’s always said that he has nothing to hide so he doesn’t mind my knowing.  I feel the same way.  All I ever do is come on here and e-mail my grandmother.  He plays a video game so his life isn’t that exciting.  He does have a FB, but rarely goes on.

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    Helper bee

    hells no!

    wow, I’m surprised by how many people share their passwords! That’s just something I’m not comfortable doing. I don’t like the “snooping potential.” 

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    @PitBulLover: Yeah – DH and I are the same way.  We each know some of each others passwords but not all of them.  But if we ever needed one for something, there would be no hesitation to share it.

    We have nothing to hide and we don’t regularly check out each others accounts or anything but sometimes it’s useful to be able to pull up their email for something or whatever.

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    Sugar bee
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    We know each other’s passwords. Facebook – we wanted to update our relationship status so he got my password and I got his… it was a confusing process that took about 20 minutes. E-mail – he wanted me to read something so he gave me his password. At some point I gave him mine for the same reason. Everything else, we use the same passwords all the time, so we just know each others. We don’t “check” on each other. But we do mess with each other… sending e-mails/status updates that are just silly 🙂

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    Honey bee
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    We have each other’s passwords for most things virtual. It just naturally came about when he wanted me to sign on something for him or vice versa.

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    I do know most of his… but we never go on each other’s e-mail or anything. We have a joint account for the wedding, so of course we both have to have the password for the online banking account 🙂

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    • Wedding: June 2010

    As soon as we became serious, my husband gave me all his passwords to his e-mail, Facebook, MySpace, banking, etc.  When I told him I didn’t need all that, he said he wanted me to be able to access any of them if I ever needed to.  I can remember being stunned that he would do that. 

    So we have each other’s passwords for everything (except Weddingbee — he doesn’t know I’m here!).  But I’ve never been tempted to snoop.  I guess I could read his e-mails and his FB private messages, but I know he has nothing to hide, and I’d feel funny doing it anyway.  We do go on each other’s FB and email occasionally, but only if the other one asks us to (e.g., “Can you post these pictures to my Facebook for me?”)

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