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  • poll: Do you and your partner share passwords with eachother?

    Yes! We're basically an open book with no restrictions

    Uhm No! We prefer to retain some level of privacy

    Other, I think I should explain further

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    We know each others – its a fluke!  I have a junk email address which is where everything goes that I have to fill out an email address for = grocery store club cards, photo uploading sites, etc… So that email address and password are used for everything and he knows that.  Thats also my facebook log in, and other log in info so while he may not ‘know’ that its not hard to figure out.  I have a different account for personal emails and he knows that password too bc sometimes I ask him to check my email if he’s on the computer…

    Our knowing each others passwords just came about over time!!!

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    We both know each other’s for pretty much every site. We both use the same one or two passwords so it is super easy to remember his, plus mine. We really only know because sometimes we sit next to each other while the other is logging in on the laptop and sometimes he has logged in to a site for me or vice versa to check something out by request. No biggie for us.

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    Yes, we share passwords…well, mainly I know all of his, but I doubt if he knows mine. lol Me knowing his was more of a convenience and necessity when he was out training in the field and wouldn’t be accessible for weeks at a time.

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    I know a couple of his passwords and he knows my computer password.  I don’t really care because even if we knew all of each others passwords we wouldn’t do anything with that information.  I’ve only used his password to FB with his permission to look at someone’s profile & something else I can’t remember, and obviously he uses my computer password to turn on my computer when he’s visiting.  If we had our passwords to everything, it would just be fore safety’s sake, like he’s stranded somewhere and needs a bank transfer, or needs me to send an e-mail for him, who knows!

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    We don’t share passwords. We both like our privacy and respect the other’s privacy. if the need ever arises so, say, I need to check his email, he will change the password on his email account to a “MissHobbit-specific” password, and then (usually) change it back afterward.

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    I have his bank password and he has mine. But I haven’t given him my facebook or email passwords. Is that strange? I feel like email and facebook are really personal. Although we’ve agreed that our hesitation to share facebook passwords stems more from fear of sabotage than anything else! He’s constantly trying to comment on people’s stuff when I have my fb open. And he usually makes really stupid comments – so I don’t ever want people to think it’s me!

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    I have no problem sharing passwords with my fiance. I have nothing to hide.

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    He knows all of my passwords, I have nothing to hide from him.. I’ve never been very secretive anyways though, I’ll tell any of my close friends/mom/whoever my password if I need them to do something for me

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    We’ve told each other some passwords, just because we occasionally need to hack each other’s computers in emergencies and “emergencies” – he forgets his homework and I have to email it to him, I ask him to post on my friend’s wall for her bday, etc. But we’re really not the type to snoop, and honestly I can barely remember all of my passwords, let alone another person’s.

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    We know both of each others passwords. Overtime we’ve actually started to use each others passwords for things and some of them are a mix of both because we don’t like to use the same password for everything. We’ve always had an open book policy with each. This makes things easier because he knows that I have nothing to hide, despite the fact that we don’t actually log on to each others accounts. It’s always just been nice to know that there are no secrets, especially since we’ve both had scummy exes. It’s also easy to just say something “oh ya that quote from the florist is in my email can you print it off at home because I’m on the run!?”

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    We don’t like… keep a list of each others’ passwords or anything, but we’re open about what they are whenever it comes up. I think that I know most of his at this point, and he probably knows most of mine.

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    I have all of his because he asks me to log into things for him all the time. Takes all the fun out of snooping.

    Mine are all saved on my IPad so when he’s being nosey he just uses that lol

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    I know all of his because I do the bills.  I have his email, but I never use it.  He doesn’t have a facebook… as for me… I’ve told them to him before, but I guarantee if I asked him right this second he would be totally blindsided and wouldn’t be able to tell me what they are even though I haven’t changed them.  We’re just not that invested in eachother’s stuff I guess.  I know he belongs to forums and has usernames, but I couldn’t even tell you what they are.

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    I know all of his, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know any of mine. He asks me to look things up for him a lot while he’s at work (not an office job), and I have a pretty good memory (plus he uses the same 3 passwords for everything). He doesn’t know mine, but if he asked for them, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell him. No secrets here.

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    He knows all of mine (I use the same one mostly), and I know his major ones.   He uses random complicated ones for security and those I don’t know but I’m happy to say that I don’t care 🙂  We trust each other.

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