(Closed) Emotional…she said I have a very low uterus? (Possible TMI)

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I’m sorry she worried you! I think sometimes doctor’s forget we don’t have the same knowledge that they do, and then say things that leave us going “WHAT?”

I would just call her office (or email her) and leave a message letting her know that you interpreted this as meaning that you might be less fertile, and were wondering if that was correct.

Maybe she meant nothing by it. If it is something, then it won’t hurt to go ahead and know that now.

And from a completely non-medical perspective, don’t freak out. If she was sitting there thinking “OMG this girl is completely infertile,” she would have a) told you and b) probably not gave you BC pills. 

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Womens’ uteri come in multiple shapes and lie in multiple positions- it is not a fixed organ, just like the rest of your organs.  They can tilt forward (anteverted), tilt back (retroverted), flex forward (anteflexed), and flex back (retroflexed).  Not only that, they can lean to the right, or left, or even have 2 bodies, cervices, and vaginas or even split in half!! (didelphic and bicornuate, respectively).

Quite frankly, it sounds as though your GYN doesn’t have a whole lot of experience and definitely lacks in bedside manner!  Let me reassure you, that will have no bearing on your ability to have children!  Just let her dumb, thoughtless comment roll off your back!  Good Luck!!  =)

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Sperm will find your uterus. It is at the end of the vagina just as it is in all women.

Just because she had trouble finding it doesn’t mean that sperm will.

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haha what a silly comment. Because sperm really have brains that go “hmmm, in every other uterus I’ve been in it was the other way…”

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I think she was trying to make a joke. She was probably a bit embarrased that it took her several times to find it, so was just referring to that & trying to make light of it (not make fun, but to help get you more comfortable). I’m not a nurse or anything, but I’m pretty sure everything is all connected down there & nature will have no problems knowing where to go!

If its still bothering you, call or email her for clarification.

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I agree that it meant in a lighthearted manner.  Sperm do not get lost.  Sometimes docs (esp newer ones) forget that you do not deal with this stuff everyday and may not realize that such comments don’t make sense.

For example- I am a vet, when we try to get a urine sample from a cat, we often say- she has no bladder, we will have to let her grow one for a few hours.  Now obviously the cat HAS a bladder, it is just too empty for us to get a sample, but I accidently scared a client once by saying it.

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Maybe she was just trying to make a joke, but either way if my doctor told me that I’d have the same questions you do.  If you can I’d e-mail her right away to see if she can answer all your questions.  If e-mail isn’t possible, then a phone call to ease your mind. 

I had a doctor tell me once that I had a small uterus and I just figured it was because I’m a small person?  LOL

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I think she’s just a big awkward and trying to crack a joke with you. I’m sorry she got you so concerned!

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I would also say that she was trying to crack a joke with you and it failed. 

I myself have a rotated, and retroverted uterus. It sucks, because when I have had to have ultrasounds, they can only find one of my ovaries by vaginal ultrasound, because it hides behind the uterus, and it is so far back. I had this initially diagnosed as a teenager (though I can’t remember why I was having a pelvic ultrasound), and then I had it re-affirmed when my doctor did a pre-conception workup a while ago.

I was told it should have no bearing on me conceiving, or carrying a baby to term.

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I remember one of my friends had her doctor tell her she had a “roomy” uterus!

I wouldn’t stress about it; she was probably just trying to make a light-hearted joke.

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