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Your daughter just turned 2, she’s still very young. I’ve found the more you push the issue, the more they resist.

All I did was when I felt my daughter was ready, I’d put the potty chair in a private corner of the house, take away her diapers and let her figure it out. At first she got frustrated with the wet clothing when she’d have an accident, because it was uncomfortable. Then she began taking off all her clothes when she needed to go, which helped her become more away of her body and when she needed to go. There was a lot of running around naked, but it worked. One day I grabbed her when it looked like she needed to poop, and when she went on the potty I made a BIG deal celebration out of it. After that, good to go, no bribing necessary. She was about 32 months, and she was potty trained within a week.

Also, she HATED the little kid potty, after a few tries on her own she began just using the regular toilet.

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I followed her around like a hawk waiting for the signs of her going to the bathroom, then plunked her on the toilet and gave her a lot of praise for going “by herself”, that really helped. But yeah, messes are just part of the process! It’s annoying, but once you get past it, it’s over except for occasional bed wetting.

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Getting my daughter to pee on the potty was a total breeze. The number 2s however was a different story, lol. She refused to wear diapers or pullups once she was pee trained, they are for babies she’d say. She was terrified to poop on the potty and would hold it in till she was bawling saying her tummy hurt. She’d finally go hide and poop in her panties or put a diaper on to do it. It was a nightmare. What finally worked? You Tube videos of toddlers pooping on the potty. Seriously. She loved them, saw that it wasn’t scary and wanted me to make a video of her doing it too, lol. Probably a long shot but videos or books about going potty may help.

What does your daughter say when you ask her to go on the potty? Is she talking clearly enough to have a conversation about it? Sometimes it’s easier to wait till they fully understand the concept and communicate clearly.

She started peeing on the potty off and on when she was 18 months and would go sit on it if I let her run around naked. I didn’t pressure her at all or try to put her in panties till she was a little older. One day I got serious and took away all the diapers and made a sticker chart. We had maybe 2 or 3 accidents in a few days. Then came the pooping issue, took about a week to tackle that. By that time she was also night trained, which was her own idea.

I made a big deal out of letting her pick out panties (Dora and Disney Princess ones) and that seemed to help. She was completely trained where I could take her anywhere in public and on long car rides when she was just under 2.5 yrs. We also ditched the baby potties and switched to the big one about that time. She can go without any help at all. Goes in the bathroom, uses her stool to turn on the light and climb up then goes potty and wipes on her own. I usually have no clue she’s even gone unless she occasionally yells for help lifting up a long dress.

Just lay off the pressure for a bit but try to make it as fun as possible and talk up being a “big girl” and “just like mommy.” It’s so nice not to worry about packing diapers or wiping butts anymore. Oh and pullups are a complete waste of money and prolong the process IMO, I’d go right to panties. Good luck 🙂


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Our DD’s potty training was a little different than other children’s adventures (that I know of, anyway). I tried training her just after she turned 2, with very little success–potty in the corner, no diapers–she’d sit on the potty as a chair, but when it came to go-time, she’s do her business near it, lol. After a week of cleaning up messes, I couldn’t take it anymore, and gave up. At about 33 months she decided she had had enough of diapers on her own, and was fully trained that same day.. sort of like a light switch just turned on*, or something. It was kind of bizarre, really. Since that day she only had 2 accidents–both in different houses, before she made it to the bathroom.

* In junior kindergarten, she was the same way with her printing. Although we practiced at home, most of what she’d put on paper was scribbles and illegible junk. One day, however, it turned into actual words, and written pretty straight (on unlined paper). Her teacher said she had never seen anything like it, before, and showed it to many other teachers/coworkers who thought it was amazing.

We have a weird (but, totally awesome) girl. :]

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i bought a potty for my son when he was 2 years old he used it for 3 days then went back to diapers befor he turned 3 he said i dont like my diapers anymore i want to go to the big potty meaning regular toilet like mommy and daddy he is 4 and a half now he was pottytrained in one day no diapers  even in the night. my opinion is let them be the one to deside wether they ready or not

@MsPanda: maybe she wants to use the toilet and not the potty does she sees you going to the CR? my son sometimes went in the bathroom while fi and i are in thats why he decided to use the toilet insteat just an idea

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I am in the same situation, my son is 2 and 1/2 .. and he HATES the potty, every time we try to put him on he throws himself backwards and starts screaming, I may try what KatyElle said!

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@alyssa742: Kids are funny like that, and very stubborn. But they really do figure it out quickly if you just take the diapers away and say “This is what we’re doing now.” I know some people swear by candy, but I really wanted her to go because she should be going without diapers, not for the promise of candy. Because sometimes, we just have to do things because we’re old enough to do them! 

Also, if you wait until they are ready and fully commit cold turkey it goes much faster. Some of my friends have dragged it out sooooo long, because their kids just weren’t ready, and after weeks of messes and frustration they gave up and went back to diapers to “try again later.”

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Let her go at her own pace, forcing it is just going to make her not want to use the potty. It amazes me how parents try to force things like potty training.  I worked in day care for years and saw this.  I am now a parent myself when the time comes, the plan is to let kiddo let me know when he is ready.

Also give her a choice she A either uses the potty or B she has to wear diapers.  There is no other choice in the matter.  Make it so either way she “wins” .  Just make her understand it is one or the other no other choices.  I have seen to many parents belittle their child when trying to potty train when the child is not ready.

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My son HATED sitting on his potty for the first few weeks. He would scream and cry and try to stand up and run away but then I figured that since he liked music and dancing I should try a fun song to get him to go potty. I started putting him on it and singing random words like “potty like a big boy” or the potty song from Two and a Half Men and now every time I take him potty he starts to dance while sitting and singing “potty” over and over again. Maybe you could try something like that or reading a book to her while she is sitting on the potty if she likes to read. 

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