(Closed) Shedding for the wedding! Diet buddies?

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  • poll: How much weight are you trying to lose before the wedding?
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    1-10 lbs : (17 votes)
    24 %
    11-20 lbs : (21 votes)
    29 %
    20-30 lbs : (13 votes)
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    31-50 lbs : (10 votes)
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    50+ lbs : (8 votes)
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    • Wedding: April 2014

    If you like to cook, I’ve had amazing success with “eat shrink and be merry” and “looney spoons” (same sister chefs). The food is healthy and so delicious. I make a couple meals and a soup on Sunday that gets us through most of the week. Good luck!

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    Hi Peanut, our situation is so similar, I just had to post!

    I am also 25, and am also getting married this September! The 6th to be exact πŸ™‚

    Wow seems like you have a great game plan. Very specific plans work well for me rather than wishy-washy eat less bad foods, eat more healthy ones…

    Am lacking motivation right now. And I seem to go in between: oh 7 months, I’ve got ages, to wow its coming so quick, I’ll only have time to lose a few kg anyway…

    So yeah…a bit all over the place πŸ™


    Anyway, goodluck with your plan. I’m interested in talking more or becoming buddies πŸ™‚

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    • Wedding: October 2014

    Age: 28

    Wedding date: 10.11.14

    Goal: to fit into my dress!! I fell in love with a dress at a bridal outlet and bought it even though I can’t zip it all the way! I would like to lose ten lbs and get a bit leaner but I’m moslty concerned with losing about four inches to get into the dress comfortably. Before Fiance moved in a year ago I was going to the gym consistantly and was in great shape, I’d like to get back to that. 

    Plan: cut out processed foods. I bought a person training package and will continue to do classes at the gym.

    Biggest obstacle: working long hours and being exhausted when I get home.

    Favorite exercise: pure barre and hot yoga

    Favorite healthy food: loads of veggies.

    My kryptonite: salty foods and cheese, wine

    Fads I’ve tried: i bought a cleansing tea but haven’t tried it yet. I also do a lot of juicing.


    Read more: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/shedding-for-the-wedding-diet-buddies#ixzz2sDsZltZy

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    • Wedding: August 2015

    Age: 24 (will be 25 for the wedding)

    Wedding date: 08/22/2015

    Goal: Lose 20 pounds..just want my flat tummy back..I did this 2 years ago and it came all back

    Plan: eat half of what I normally eat (instead of 2 slices of bread eat 1 etc)

    Biggest obstacle: I do not buy my own food..Fiance does and buys a lot of junk

    Favorite exercise: pilates

    Favorite healthy food: raw veggies

    My kryptonite: chips and dip

    Fads I’ve tried: none


    I need to go from 144 to 125 ! In the past week ive lost 3 pounds already yay

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    • Wedding: October 2014

    @peanut88:  pure barre is no joke but it’s fantastic for conditioning your muscles, gaining muscle tone and getting that long, lean look. you do need to do it multiple times a week for best results but you do start to feel stronger as you go. It’s not a huge cardio workout but muscle helps burn fat so that’s a plus. I bought a three month unlimited package so after I do my six sessions with a trainer, I’ll combine multiple barre classes a week with a cardio class like Zumba and my hot yoga (It’s a vinyasa flow)

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    • Wedding: May 2014


    Age: 28

    Wedding date: 05/24/14

    Goal: I would like to lose 10-15 pounds of body fat before my wedding.  I think I would look awesome if I could think out a little bit of flub.

    Plan: Record my meals (I find I make better choices if I am accountable after the fact), clean eating and be active daily.

    Biggest obstacle: Stressful office job with long hours and only a few months to achieve my goal!

    Favorite exercise: Yoga/pilates fusion and Body Pump

    Favorite healthy food: almond butter.

    My kryptonite: Pizza and cocktails!

    Fads I’ve tried: I’ve tried tons of at home workout programs with little consistency.


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    • Wedding: October 2014

    I’m jumping on this bandwagon in the hopes that I can find some motivation through others!!

    Age: 28

    Wedding date: 11/22/14

    Goal: Lose about 15 lbs

    Plan: Weight Watchers points, cut carbs, exercise more!

    Biggest obstacle: Long exhausting hours at work, all I want to do when I get home is crash on the couch (I’m an educator!)

    Favorite exercise: Interval training, dancing

    Favorite healthy food: hummus and carrots

    My kryptonite: Pizza, pasta, cheese, wine… WAY too many temptations that can lead me astray!!

    Fads I’ve tried: I cut carbs completely about a year ago for 3 weeks and it helped me lose a few pounds, but that was hard to maintain such a strict diet.

    I’m sick of feeling so bloated and pudgy all the time so I think I’m going to attempt cutting carbs again, at least for a few weeks, to jump-start my metabolism and force myself to eat healthier things. I also need to be better about working out 5-6 times per week, even if it’s just at-home with online videos (I hate the gym!!).

    I started weight watchers online program a few weeks ago, and it has helped me lose 3-4 lbs already. However I would like to speed up the process at least a little for engagement pics in a month or two!

    Any recommendations for great free online workout plans? I’m going to start this 4-week plan beginning next week: http://www.bridalguide.com/beauty-fitness/health-fitness/bridal-body-prep-plan-four-weeks-to-go Has anyone else tried this one? My plan is to go through the whole 4 weeks then possibly repeat til I’m where I want to be.

    Thanks for the support and motivation!!



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    • Wedding: September 2014

    @peanut88:  Hi! Here are my stats




    Age: 23


    Wedding date: 10/11/14


    Goal: Lose 10 ish pounds


    Plan: Continue tracking with weight watchers and get back into my 5 day a week exercise routine. 


    Biggest obstacle: Stress and it being cold outside. I don’t like to leave the house any more than I have to in the cold. 


    Favorite exercise: I’m a yoga fanatic and I really like zumba as well. When it’s warmer out I enjoy swimming. I’ll run as well, but I really don’t enjoy it. 


    Favorite healthy food: Peaches!


    My kryptonite: Carbs. I effing love carbs. 


    Fads I’ve tried: I haven’t tried any fads in the last 5 or so years. I’d tried pills before but they made me jittery and I figured that wasn’t good! 



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    • Wedding: July 2016

    Age: 20 ( will be 23 at wedding)


    Wedding date: 2/7/2016


    Goal: Lose at least 30kg more (66 pounds). Have already lost 10kg πŸ™‚ Currently trying to rush down to below 80 before going bridesmaid dress shopping for a friend (to minimise the need for alterations when I do get to my goal weight!)


    Plan: Lose as much as possible before engagement party in July (as well as being maid of honour in a wedding at the same time) and spend the next two years comfortably maintaining and toning. Counting calories using myfitnesspal, tracking activity duing fitbit.  


    Biggest obstacle: University student with a history of emotional eating and binge eating disorder


    Favorite exercise: Walking. I have really bad knees and have to skip mot exerise classes that I love πŸ™


    Favorite healthy food: fruit, especially berries, salmon


    My kryptonite: Take away, potato gems, eating when FH is out with friends


    Fads I’ve tried: Celebrity slim (not strictly, just to limit calories and try to shrink stomach back to normal size after binge events)




    Would love to see if there are any bees on fitbit! Feel free to add me and we can compete on daily steps πŸ™‚ http://www.fitbit.com/user/2B5SHH







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    • Wedding: September 2012

     Today is day one of healthy eating for me

    Age: 39

    travel date: 9/19/14

    Goal: lose 50+ pounds & gain muscle;  become healthy; get stronger; be able to walk all day without getting winded or sore

    Plan: count calories, limit sweets, do workout videos, meal plan, use my strata gym; go for walks when it gets warm out. 

    Biggest obstacles: office job with lots of sitting, motivation, living with a teenager, cravings during pms

    Favorite exercise: swimmimg

    Favorite healthy food: apple with natural peanut butter 

    My kryptonite: chips

    Fads I’ve tried: hcg diet, Visalus, cabbage soup diet

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    • Wedding: July 2014

    Age: 30

    Wedding date: 10/12/14

    Goal: Lose about 40-50 lbs (or as much of that as I can)

    Plan: going to new apartment complex’s gym, and go Paleo (since Feb 1st)

    Biggest obstacle: work at home, easy to snack!

    Favorite exercise: none, ha!  Trying to like walking/jogging and weights at the gym

    Favorite healthy food: sliced apples with a tiny bit of peanut butter after the gym

    My kryptonite: sweets, chocolate, etc

    Fads I’ve tried: Juice clease, vegetarian diet, B12

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