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    @petalpetal:  The wife should be thanking the women that sent her that text. She proved that the wife should dump her cheating husband. Why would you want to be with a man that would cheat on you with someone who would send a text like that?

    Women who get cheated on really need to stop blaming the other woman and start blaming the man who cheated on them.



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    @j_jaye:  They both are euqal to blame. So I feel like the woman should get some of that heat, too. You can’t just participate in the cheating and feel like you owe nothing to the wife or their kids involved. That’s what’s sad. These women a lot of the time try and make that their justification. 


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    I don’t blame the wives for “publically shaming” those other women. Although, I’d be publically shaming my husband a lot more! He’s the one who took the vows!

    I feel like if you fuck around with a married man, you get what you have coming to you. Karma’s quite a bitch, and it doesn’t care about class or trash.

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    @Sunsetmrs13:  I agree. This is senseless garbage and it makes me feel bad about the human race. If your boyfriend or husband has strayed with some single woman, it’s HIM you should be shaming, not the woman who does not know you, owes your relationship nothing, and frequently doesn’t even know that your relationship exists because the asshole CHEATER is lying to everyone involved. 

    Why don’t these women shame the men who fouled up, instead of the other woman who got tangled up/ran afoul of the same asshole? 

    Like, hey idiot, no one’s putting roofies in your husband’s drink or hypnotizing them with magical powers. If he chooses to step out, HE CHOOSES to step out. Some woman didn’t CAUSE him to step out. He did it 100% of his own free will. I wish I could rescue the poor women being posted on this awful website. 

    Even if they DID do something wrong, they do not deserve to have their FULL NAME, CITY, AND STATE posted online with multiple clear face pictures. This kind of information and posting could actually completely ruin someone’s life. People don’t realize the impact that this kind of internet presence can have on a person, and once it’s hurt someone, that can’t be taken back, it’s forever. It can stain someone’s reputation permanently, and they don’t even have a chance to state their side of the story.

    It’s frightening the impact something like that could have on someone’s life. If they were using pseudonyms, not including location, fine. I wouldn’t care. But having their full first and last name, where they live down to the town they live in, and pictures of them is just too much.

    This website makes me queasy. I hope it gets shut down.  

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    Personally, I don’t believe in airing your dirty laundry for all to see. Keep your business to yourself.

    Yes, these women have done something awful, but unless they are rapists, the men were willing participants, and have done the worse thing, in my opinion.

    In any case, why sink to their level?

    Case in point: my husband’s cousin’s marriage is on the rocks right now, for reasons I won’t go into here. Anyway, she has posted a bit on FB about the problems, the details, things that I don’t think people need to know. Recently I heard they may be trying to sort things out again – and now everyone knows the nitty gritty. Awkward.

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    I dont agree with it, but man, this site is entertaining!

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    Is this even legal based on privacy policy ?

    There was another site like that a year ago or so and it got taken down. I can see some law suits popping up especially if those names come up in the google search and that website popps up. Could cause someone a job even as companies now search the internet for potential employees and check stuff on them too.

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    I think shesahomewrecker.com is malicious filthy trash site. The people who post stories and replies on there are vindictive cyberbullies who deserve to be sued. If their husbands were decent men in the first place, then they wouldn’t allow themselves to be lured away into the the arms of some slutty vixen. If a home foundation is strong, it can’t be wrecked by anyone. In reality, it is the husband who is the real homewrecker always. Why aren’t they posting their husband’s pictures and slandering his name? What. .their husbands are mind controlled by the other women’s evil charms?? C’mon…get real!! These husbands know very well what they are doing. And many of the husbands actually pursue the other women and lied to them, not the other way around. It’s time to stop blaming women for this crap!!

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    @Lovemelovemyhorses:  my thoughts exactly!  It is sickening that women are having their names dragged through the mud publicly while the real culprits (the men who vowed to be faithful in their marriage) escape unscathed!! Why aren’t these men exposed for being the pigs they are??

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