(Closed) She’s stealing my THUNDER!!!!!

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Helper bee
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did you talk to her about it?

maybe there’s a reason they bumped up their date and no other dates work?

are the families tight?

also maybe tell her- you can’t attend her wedding if its the weekend after as you will be blissfully lounging somewhere exotic for your honeymoon and you don’t want to miss her wedding… 

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Worker bee
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I know you are dissappointed, but just keep in mind she probably had a good reason for needing to change her wedding date, and she is not doing it specifically to piss you off.  You still get to have your day, and on the bright side, at least you get to go first.

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Sugar bee
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I feel your pain…my sister is planning a shotgun wedding and it sounds like it, too will be in my wedding month!  I’ve been planning mine for over a year and she just announced this 3 months before the wedding.  How can people be so rude?  It’s like a month’s time doesn’t make that much of a difference.

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Her wedding is still after yours and many of the guests (your side of the family and your friends) won’t even be at her wedding. Maybe she changed it to make it easier for traveling family members on her side to attend both weddings?

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Helper bee
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I feel you.  In a similar situation with my nephew.  Thing is, it’s their wedding too and if they want that date, there is no reason they can’t have it.

So basically, I think you have to just stop thinking about.  Note I didn’t say get over it, because you can’t really.  If you try it will just keep coming back to haunt you. So just try not to think about it and focus on your own wedding. You really don’t want your wedding to be sad so make that your motivation for forgetting about it.

Happy wedding planning!

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Forgive me for sounding obtuse, but how is a wedding that happens AFTER yours stealing your thunder? If anything, points of comparison will be made to YOUR wedding, not hers..
And again, forgive me, but this "sharing your month" thing… I honestly think that it’s a non-issue.  

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Worker bee
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I completely agree with mrsallgood. 

You can’t claim an entire month as your own.  She didn’t pick the same weekend. Get over it. 

 I can understand being upset if say it was your best friend that did this, but it’s his cousin… if she’s not in your wedding party, I don’t see how it’s a big deal at all (meaning that if she WERE in your wedding party, she probably wouldn’t be able to help out as much).

 She is not stealing your thunder.  Sorry, but I also think this is a non-issue

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Busy bee
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you’re sharing your wedding month – day, even – with thousands and thousands of strangers. is his cousin’s wedding going to cut down on your guests’ attendance? is she using your colors? is she copying your first dance song? did she book the same venue? if not, then really, who cares? everyone will be excited that they get to see their loved ones and have some fun two times in such a short time span.

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Helper bee
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I can see why you may feel upset, but this person is going to be a part of your family forever. It’s probably best to realize, as others have said, that her wedding will be after yours (and therefore compared to yours). I am sure that you will be so blissed out to be a newlywed that you won’t even notice!!

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Bumble bee
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Ummmm, I agree.  There are literally thousands of people getting married that month; dozens in the same town where you live; a handful on the same day.  Depending on your venue, there may be somebody getting married right before or right after you in the same church, or having a reception in the ballroom next door at the same time.  Just because you are related to one of those women doesn’t take anything away from your event.

And really, the summer is pretty short.  When we scheduled our wedding, looking at all the constraints we already had as far as time and availability of our venues and vendors, we had 2 weekends to choose from.  I would guess that it’s not ideal for your cousin to be getting married a week after your wedding, but the timing was best for her for other reasons.

And I agree – at least she didn’t schedule it the week before, or the same weekend.  If that’s the biggest thing you have to be upset about, then I would give thanks that everything else is going so well and move on.

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sorry but i must say this reaction is an overreaction. it’s just not a big deal. it’s after your wedding. the world does not revolve around only one wedding.

i would just find a way to relax. you might just be stressed from the wedding. get a massage, catch a movie, exercise, etc.

you’ll look back on this and probably realize that it really wans’t important. what is important is a happy and succesful marriage. focus on the things that really matter in life.

ooops! i just read you "update". the reasons are even more absurd now. you are trying to control(!) when someone else gets married! thats absurd.

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Worker bee
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I honestly don’t see why this is an issue.  I especially don’t get why brides think that they can claim an entire wedding month/week/etc…we get one day. 

I don’t think the cousin changed the wedding date to be spiteful.  There are a ton of reasons why she has to change.  Being a bride yourself, you should be more sympathetic than anybody else.  If you are hurt that the change of date makes you unable to attend due to your honeymoon, that’s more understandable, but if you think she’s trying to steal your thunder, I think you should let it go.

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Worker bee
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I think this is a non-issue as well.  You get one day, and that’s it.  nothing more.  And for that day, all eyes will be on you and you will be the center of attention and people won’t be thinking about her wedding, but that’s all you get. 

Do some yoga and relax.  The important thing is you’re getting married on the date you want to the man you want. 

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